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Public fury over govt charity drive [Copy link] 中文

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A woman attempts to clear up her devastated house in Beicheying village, Fangshan district Monday after the rainstorm. Photo: CFP
Web users are furious over a charity fund launched by Beijing Municipal Government Monday night to aid storm victims, insisting the move is a way to cover up major failings in the city's infrastructure, which contributed to the severity of the damage.
The fund information released by Beijing Daily was forwarded more than 90,000 times by Sina microbloggers by press time Tuesday. Around 1,000 Web users left comments, most saying they are unwilling to participate in the government scheme.
Su Meng, 25, a resident of Chaoyang district, said that charity donations are not a solution to disaster relief efforts, and the government would be better off considering some of the factors that led to the disaster instead.
"It seems the government is using the fund to divert the public's attention from questioning its responsibility about the destruction," she said.
Su would prefer to personally go to the disaster areas to give food and clothes to the suffering people.
"I don't trust government-led charity drives because I'm not sure whether my donation will get to those who really need it," she said.
Zhu Lijia, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance, said now is not the right time for Beijing government to launch the fund.
"Thirty-seven people died in the flood disaster. The first priority for the government is to hold someone accountable for the deaths," said Zhu.
Once the storm warning was released, said Zhu, government employees, such as firefighters, should have put warning signs in places vulnerable to floods, and put pumps there. There should have been traffic  police directing vehicles, he said.
"If the government had made these preparations, there would not have been so many deaths," Zhu noted.
Beijing Municipal Government has earmarked 100 million yuan ($15.66 million) as a relief fund to relocate the affected people, the Beijing Times reported Tuesday.
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Disasters happens, finding a scape goat is pointless, there's no quick fix to every disaster and such disaster will happen again sometime somewhere else, China is still a developing country no where near a developed country, it's a 3rd world country, even Beijing is not a developed city and there's still far more development that needs to be done especially in the Chinese inland, not just Beijing or Shanghai or Guangdong. People's expectations are simply too high, contribute to the Government fund if you could, help fix this problem for the unfortunate badly affected by the floods instead of crying over spilled milk all the time, there's enough dead and homeless people affected by this flood already.  This is the problem with a society who suddenly grow too quick and missed out on the fundamentals of growth along the way. Not everything can be solved by the Government. People's expectation become so ridiculous that they have forgotten China is no where near developed status, and will not be even in 20 years time.  Expect such disasters to happen again sometime, somewhere else least expected, there's some things you cannot be prepared for, the only way forward is to fix what has gone wrong, and contributing to help relieve these victims will be a good start. China let the ball down when it revel and bask in its own success too early, when they should have thought the people the value of tolerance and perseverance and other more important values important to a country that is developing and growing, now it is reaping the pains of people's whose expectations are those of a first world country and out of order with the rest of the country. That's the evil of triumphalism, it breeds ignorance, and lack of tolerance and compassion, and over dependency. Now is not the time to point fingers, the effect of natural disasters can never be anticipated, don't compare yourself to others, China has it's own problems and the problems are big, and the Government alone cannot solve these problems without the help of the people.

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