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Jesus In Beijing 2 : David Aikman's second interview ( Christianity's evil desig [Copy link] 中文

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I have been posting material on christianity in China & Asia . This is an effort to create awareness among asians about christianity's evil intentions . David Aikman has been Time Magazines China Bureau Chief , and i believe that during his long tenure in China he has blatantly abused the hospitality of the Chinese people by means of  psuedo-intellectual pursuits in the august shroud of journalism & scholarship to foward his mission of christianizing China by any  means . Now with his book " Jesus in Beijing " this psuedo - intellectual has bared his fangs , he has shown that he is indeed an evil cobra with a filthy agenda , that of christianizing  the great nation of China so that it loses its unique character in the polity of nations. We need to understand what this faith christianity stands for , what its intolerable & exclusivist views on other world religions & cultures is & how it wants as part of its evil designs the breaking -up of the worlds unique , living , continous & ancient civilizations like China & India that do not confirm with its belief systems, world -view & ideas. This is my personal crusade against falsehood & deceit practised by both protestant & catholic arms of christianity.

China, the Growing Stronghold of Christianity

China has often been described as a sleeping dragon. Well, that sleeping dragon has awakened, and it is expected to dominate the world politics and economics in the years ahead. But some extraordinary spiritual developments are underway that could be making China the most Christian nation on the face of the earth.

China is a country in the midst of economic and cultural change, but for nearly 60 years, this Asian giant has also been undergoing another revolution, one from within, one of the Spirit. In 1947, there were just 700,000 Christians in China. Today, conservative estimates put that number at 70 million. And this dramatic spiritual change has taken place despite more than 50 years of Communist rule and repression of religious belief.

In his new book, Jesus in Beijing, David Aikman points out that at the present rate of growth, Christians will constitute 20 to 30 percent of China抯 population within three decades, a number well able to influence the future course of a nation. With China抯 more than 1.2 billion people and its growing body of Christian believers, Aikman says it is poised for the moment of its greatest achievement and of the most benefit to the rest of the world, when the Chinese dragon is tamed by the power of the Christian lamb.

For more on the future of Christianity in China, Pat Robertson spoke with David Aikman.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, joining us from Washington is the former Beijing bureau chief for Time magazine. He抯 the author of the new book called Jesus in Beijing. David Aikman has traveled all over the world. He抯 been a Jerusalem correspondent. He抯 been a Moscow correspondent. He抯 been a Beijing correspondent. He speaks several languages. David, it抯 a pleasure to have you back with us on The 700 Club.

DAVID AIKMAN: Thank you very much for having me on your show, Pat.

PAT ROBERTSON: Your book is very encouraging, called Jesus in Beijing. It抯 amazing that as we are gripped by political correctness in this country and struggling against Islam, that the Chinese are moving forward into what looks like very vibrant Christianity. Tell us about it.

DAVID AIKMAN: Well, it抯 been an amazing development, Pat. I think the most striking thing is when everybody thought Christianity had been almost wiped out in China during the cultural revolution in the 60抯 and 70抯, that抯 when the seeds were being planted of the current revival. And it really has been a revival. I mean, we抮e talking about a total number of Christians in 1949 of maybe one million to four million Catholics and Protestants to about 80 million today, Catholics and Protestants, throughout China. And that number is continuing to grow, not only in the countryside, but also in the cities.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, when I抳e been over there it seems like some of the repression is easing up. Of course, it抯 from province to province. But what have you found when you抳e talked to some of these people in the house churches and also the Three-Self Church?

DAVID AIKMAN: Well, there抯 no question that persecution is still continuing in different parts of China. Some of the people I抳e met have been arrested even in the last few weeks. It抯 sporadic in that some provinces seem able to coexist with the Christian faith much more easily than others. One of the interesting things is that in the cities of China, particularly in the universities, you are beginning to see a really strong Christian presence, quite overt, quite specific, which you didn抰 see 10 years ago.

PAT ROBERTSON: The Chinese leadership, when I talked to people over there several years ago, were afraid that what happened in Russia would happen to China, there would be just a complete collapse.


PAT ROBERTSON: And they attributed some of the problems over there to Christianity, and I抳e tried to assure them that that抯 not the case, that Christians are good citizens. Is that what you抳e found when you抳e talked to leaders or the people themselves?

DAVID AIKMAN: Well, I think there are two thoughts here. The first is that indeed it is true that the rise of the Christian faith in eastern Europe really helped people turn away from communism and undermined people抯 belief in communism as a system. But the fact is, even Chinese officials know that hardly anybody in China believes in communism anymore anyway. So the question is, which community of people in China are its best citizens? And that is something that both communists and sort of government officials really understand, that the Christians pay taxes, they don抰 commit crimes, their families hold together better, juvenile delinquency is much lower. There is a real understanding that, purely from a utilitarian, ethical point of view, Christians are good for China.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, what about some of these faithful saints? You抳e written about the underground movement. Allen Yuan, for example. What about him?

DAVID AIKMAN: Well, he抯 a wonderful man. Even at the age of ?I think he抯 88 now, he抯 under fairly tight surveillance. He抯 not allowed to have Christian meetings in his home, which he did have when he lived in his previous apartment. But every year he faithfully goes out of the city of Beijing to a lake about two hours away and he baptizes about 300 people. And he is still the mentor to many other Christian leaders in the city of Beijing, and he抯 highly respected in China.

PAT ROBERTSON: Did you find those Christians really understand the biblical truth? Are they being seduced by some strange doctrines or not?

DAVID AIKMAN: Well, there really are some strange cults, and one of the worst of them, which is called Lightening from the East, has actually gotten into kidnapping and even murder of Christian groups, because they understand that the biggest threat to any cultic activity is when the Gospel is preached truthfully and strongly. But now the Christian house churches, as well as the Three-Self Patriotic Church, which is the communist approved Protestant body, have come together in a very strong effort to resist this cultic activity.

PAT ROBERTSON: The Chinese, from what I gather, are poised to begin to take Christianity back toward the West, I guess桰抦 thinking which way it goes back梚nto the Muslim world.

DAVID AIKMAN: Yes. They have a movement called "Back to Jerusalem." And this is really one of the most exciting things about China. Chinese Christians uniformly, this wasn抰 just a small group here or there, believe that they are called by God to take the Gospel back to Jerusalem. Now, they don抰 mean to evangelize the Jewish people or the Israelis. They mean to take the Gospel to every country on the way back to Jerusalem. And, of course, if you look at the map, that抯 the 10-40 window. That抯 the Muslim world. And they are really determined to do it.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, they would be acceptable?they抳e got those so-called Uighurs out there in the extreme part of China who are Muslims, but the Islam has not had much of a foothold in China itself.

DAVID AIKMAN: Well, Islam has maybe 25 million Chinese, if you include the people in the West and some people of ethnic Hun-Chinese background called the Hui, who are Muslims. But the fact of the matter is that Chinese Christians are active in every part of China, including the areas where the Uighurs and the Muslims are fairly strong. But they抮e absolutely determined, Pat, to complete the Great Commission. It抯 the most astonishing thing I抳e seen in any church in the world.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, it looks like we may find ourselves with a very strong ally in China, which is what I抳e preaching for a number of years now. But if those figures that we said in the set-up piece are correct, if you抮e talking about 30, 35, 40 percent of the Chinese, that would make that the largest Christian country on earth.

DAVID AIKMAN: It would indeed. What I have said is, you don抰 need to see the majority of the population becoming Christian believers. You only need about 20 to 30 percent. We saw this happen in South Korea. When you get 20 to 30 percent of any population of any country fervently Christian, the whole culture changes, politics changes, the legal system changes, the media changes, etcetera. And if that happened, China would essentially be a nation with a predominantly Christian worldview, and that抯 what I say in the book.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, David, I appreciate what you抮e saying and your work. You抮e a great friend and a terrific scholar. David Aikman, ladies and gentlemen. This will encourage you. We抳e got this on our website, by the way, Jesus in Beijing, and it抯 also available in bookstores across the country. It抯 published by Regnery Press. And you don抰 want to miss this one. David, thank you again.

DAVID AIKMAN: Thank you.

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Thank you, Masterkung

You did a wonderful thing.

I have had Christian influence and training all my life.  I even scored the highest in examinations about biblical studies when I was a kid.

Yet after all these years I still have not been converted.

To me, it is all a pack of lies and it takes someone who is inside to know why the facade is just a veneer to trap people into adopting a Western outlook on life.

I totally agree with you and thank you again.

I will write a post shortly to support you.

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I had great fun in catechism class.

I remember when I went to Catholic school and had catechism class when I was a child.  My parents are Christian and I love them, but I just couldn't accept some of the ideas taught in Catechism class.  it was a hoot!  I got to ask all kinds of questions to stumble the teachers!  Great fun, really!  And in the end I've never accepted the Christian faith yet.  Having said that, however, I want no christian to think I'm attacking their faith.  I've found Christianst as friendly as anyone else.

The message to the Chinese here is, Relax!  In the end, even the youngest child or uneducated peasant will be able to make up their own mind about religion.  Despite going to catholic school and having Christian parents, I still made my own decision in the end.  So why would it be differrent in China.  Do you believe that Chinese are more feeble-minded and gullible than westerners?  If so, then maybe there's an issue with your education system, no?

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"To me, it is all a pack of lies and it takes someone who is inside to know why the facade is just a veneer to trap people into adopting a Western outlook on life."

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Cristianizing China

I had been to a church service not too long ago in my South East Asian country. They had a guest speaker from a corresponding church in US. He suggested that their role is to Christianize the world and for now the focus is China.

He advised from his experience that it is not permitted for preachers from overseas to do that openly, so he encoraged the church members to enter China as English teachers, computer teachers, bird watchers, cultural lovers etc.

The church has a special group that focus on such an activity for China.

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Christianity is (show business + crime syndicate)


Glad we had some experience in common.

Religion is show business.  It is not rational.  Therein lies the danger.

You only hear about Christians going into China, not Confucians or Daoists going into America. Why?  

Because Christianity is in fact an organized crime syndicate that needs to make a profit for survival, while most Asian religions are not systematically organized yet.  The most terrible things are done in the name of Jesus, whose exploits are themselves a Big Lie.

Look at your local TV channels.  Only Christian missionaries spread the faith and then ask for donations hat in hand.

No other religion does that on TV.

Where does the money go?  No one knows.  Remember Jimmy Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart?  

What they cannot conquer with the sword, they will try with the Bible.  One African said when the missionaries went to his country, they asked him to have some gold ready in his hand while being blind-folded.  When he opened his eyes, he had the Bible and the missionary had his gold.

That of course is a joke but it illustrates a point.


There you go.

It had started in the early 1990s.  Another reason why I said many of  those English teachers in China are suspect.

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the Christian virus

"You only hear about Christians going into China, not Confucians or Daoists going into America. Why?"

There are appx. 40,000 Daoists in the U.S., but Daoism is difficult for most Americans to grasp (it takes too much patience).  Confucianism draws conservative minds, and most conservative minds in the U.S. are very strong Christians.  

Buddhism has appx. one million adherents in the U.S., and is growing.

"The most terrible things are done in the name of Jesus, whose exploits are themselves a Big Lie."

Ha, ha.  If he were alive today, he would be in a mental institution.

Christianity offers a blissful afterlife.  The idea of an afterlife is very appealing, especially to the poor and hopeless.  In Christianity (and Islam), this afterlife is easily attained.  Monotheism spreads like an epidemic for this reason.

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