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70 reasons to mourn for America   [Copy link] 中文

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emucentral Post time: 2012-7-12 18:54
1. Most Americans know much more about Kim Kardashian than they do about the Federal Reserve.

This  ...

"Dipsticks like yourself just don't understand the system, it's the "vested interests" in America who stand to lose if "Obamacare" gets up."

Possibly but with a nationalised heathcare, taking the UK as an example, it is likely that healthcare will be sacrificed for vainglourious reorganisations that argue efficiency but reduce the numbers of beds, buying computer networks that don't do the job and employing administrators rather than doctors and nurses.

(mostly harmless)

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fatdragon Post time: 2012-7-12 21:57
"Dipsticks like yourself just don't understand the system, it's the "vested interests" in America  ...

So you want to keep a system where health care costs remain high due to all the uninsured?  

And you have to love how our emergency rooms have turned into free health clinics for the uninsured.  

I love waiting hours and hours to be seen for a real emergency because there is nowhere else people can go for primary care.

Great system!!!
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

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To save space, you have to look back at the originals if you want to figure out what I am commenting on...

1. When Bernanke starts dating professional athletes and releases a sex tape, people will start being interested in him too.
2. The TSA only messes with economy passengers.  Don't like it, fly first class.
3. Congressmen have crappy sneakers.
4. People deal with serious economic issues every day.  They like to escape it by watching bad TV.
5. Should that number be higher or lower?
6. 83 percent of people who say Obama is the worst president in history can only name 3 presidents.  The other 17 percent admit to lying when asked who was the worst president.
7. The Supreme Court is all about partying and having a good time.  The whole constitution thing is just something they pretended to dedicate their lives to in order to score chicks and dudes.  
8. Wall Street is crazy good.
9. America has great policemen and respect for the law.  Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.
10. Highways of America are high tech? Are you sure you aren't watching a DVD of Logan's Run?
11. Child labor is illegal.  That is a good thing.
12. Family is valued in America.
13. Americans are no longer hungry.
14. Since when is Mexico one of the major industrialized nations?
15. To kick start the economy, you don't want people to save.  You want them to spend.  Way to go America!
16. Just another thing America does better than the rest of the world.
17. Nobody is going to want to be Secret Service if they don't have a little fun.  They aren't the Swiss Guards.
18. In many areas of the country crime is getting better and thieves aren't stealing anything.
19. The other 30 percent are pissed off that Jefferson plagiarized the thing.
20. Television is a thriving industry in America.
21. You are about as likely to win a lottery jackpot as you are to have a kid get shot at school.  Schools are safer than they have ever been in America.
22. Don't worry, we catch those thieves and put them in jail (see number 9).
23. Free trade.  Thank you David Ricardo.  We all benefit.
24. Coke, Pepsi, 7-Up... Great American companies.

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This post was edited by madden at 2012-7-13 00:32

25. We value education and the law.
26. Damn, you would think that after Roe v Wade they could have just aborted the fetus rather than wait to slaughter the babies.
27. What media do you watch?  Try going with the main stream ones.  They are much less psycho.
28. Who makes a blank map?  I would hope that 100 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 would ask for their money back when given a blank map.  They are being ripped off!
29. Great healthcare.
30. Again, great healthcare.
31. We have made lots of drugs illegal.  
32. We like proof.
33. 29 and 30 showed that this was false.  Obamacare is going to make it even better.
34. Genetically modified?  Just shows that America is behind scientific advancements of society.
35. Great mental healthcare.
36. Love thy neighbor.
37. Science and math indoctrination isn't repressive.  That is actually the point of schools.
38. Freedom baby!
39. Again, freedom.  America has figured out that marriage isn't always good.  Although if they would allow gays to marry that number would go up.
40. Freedom.  Free to change your mind.
41. When you consider the great recession was in 2008-2009 this makes sense.  
42. 75 percent of teen girls are clean.  Good news for teen boys.
43. That is just factually wrong.
44. Got to have food for an eating disorder.  America has food.
45. If America works hard, those thugs can grope men too.  We can only hope.
46. But that works out to a small minority of the American populace.  That seems quite normal.
47. Less nukes!  That is good.
48. But we have lawyers to help you figure it all out.
49. If this is true, you can sue.  It is illegal to ban prayer.  Luckily, there are plenty of lawyers in America to help you get this suit done.
50. Another great thing about trade.
51. With our great police and respect for law, we find the child abusers.  That is why we lead this statistic (in developed countries, not the entire globe).
52. We have money, and we can import lots of goods.  Great for us.
53. Actually we are somewhere between 6 and 9 depending on what agency is reporting.  The countries ahead of us are quite small, so it is very understandable.
54. Freedom
55. It is better than standing in traffic.
56. Maybe with Obamacare the bottom 150 million won't have to spend all their money on healthcare and we can close that gap.
57. Americans have a grasp on reality.
58. Some schools are also replacing teachers with robots and classrooms with spaceships!
59. With all the prescription drugs, we can help those psychos and the paranoids who think everyone is a psycho.
60. Luckily, people in poverty still live pretty good compared to much of the world.
61. We care about looking good.
62. Many young people in America in the past were not afraid to viciously verbally abuse those that are elderly.  Kids will be kids.
63. Poverty isn't all that bad in America.  Adults had their chance with a free education.  They chose not to learn.  Freedom.
64. It isn't waste if it is being spent.
65. All over America, people are being showered with money and love because of the color of their skin.  Just as BS as yours.
66. I am guessing Mexico doesn't qualify as a major industrialized nation here.  Regardless, work is work.  Nothing wrong with that.
67. God doesn't belong in public life.  We are moving forward.
68. Yes, with fires you have opportunities for looting.  Many people usually is code for a tiny percentage so this is completely understandable in any country.
69. Define recent.  It seems to me that there is less hate and division today than at any time in my life.
70. As long as the debt grows slower than the economy, it isn't a problem.  Our economy is huge, so our debt can be huge.

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JFenix Post time: 2012-7-12 22:17
So you want to keep a system where health care costs remain high due to all the uninsured?  

And  ...

Both systems are flawed.

With healthcare financed by insurance it creates a problem for those who cannot afford the premiums. You can have surgery in the US be visited by healthcare professionals who you have never met before, have no idea of their speciality and who greet you with "Good morning! And how are you today?" To which you reply, "Fine thanks!" A charge of $2000 or whatever will then be added to your bill.

With healthcare financed by taxation then it becomes a problem for those who are denied healthcare for political/fiscal reasons because the available money is not directed at healthcare to the extent that is necessary. Money in the UK's NHS is being spent on reorganising the health service every 5 years because the last reorganisation attempt failed to control the expenditure and the ever escalating costs of administration and reorganisations that never meet their objectives (assuming that there were any). Standards of healthcare are sacrificed in contracts with hospital cleaning companies and the like. Healthcare is simply denied or postponed indefinitely because there is not enough money in the budgets and deaths are the inevitable result. The alternative is to take out insurance and get treated privately which many people do - often in the same hospitals and by the same doctors as were available to you on the NHS.

The health service in many countries is seen as a gravy train not as a source of primary health care. Until that is brought under control then it is irrelevant how the system is financed if it doesn't provide universal healthcare at an affordable price.  While Obamacare might work in the short term as the NHS did once in the UK it is inevitable that the system will degrade and become corrupted.
(mostly harmless)

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But i do believe the leadership, government, bankers and Capialists in the US are the worst and most corrupt of all the Western democracies.
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