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Wife of gay in China   [Copy link] 中文

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Wives of gays deserve more care than gays themselves.

Wives of gays (同妻), of course, means the wives of homosexuals. They are a group of women who suffer ignorance, cold violence, husbands’ affairs and even the domestic violence.

The existence of gay’s wife is a phenomenon full of Chinese characteristics which are not so popular in other countries. Continuing the family line as a goal of marriage is a main reason to cause the difference between China and other nations. Chinese people regard having babies as a duty of a human beings is Chinese culture which have already showed coercion for thousands years.

The women who married with homosexuals are a group of victims hurting by gays who are a vulnerable group in China. These women, however, are even victims who are more vulnerable than the gay men.

There is a wife of gay who is in her 60s, and is still a virgin. And a lot of wives of gays, tragically tolerant homosexual husbands during their entire lives for protect their children, families and also their reputations.

According to the statistics, there are 20 million male homosexuals in China and 80% of them are married or will be married with women. The reason why they are homosexual but still married with females is the pressure from their families and society. Most parents of gays never know their sons sexual orientations, they want grandsons, and even if they knew the truth they would still have the same desire and force their sons to be married.

In rural area of China, people cannot imagine a man still single in their 30s or 40s, they might have a huge amount of rumors about them, and even their families will be defamed by others anyway. Facing the grandchild-desire of parents, not a few gays will get married without love in urban areas.

Yu Rong finally knows her identity of gay’s wife when she is 67 years old. Her hair almost turns gray and asked her husband whether he was a gay or not. Her husband said “yes”, and even didn’t dare to look her in the eyes.

“How can you treat me like this?” she cried.

“I’m sorry,” her husband answered stiffly.

“Sorry” is the answer she spends all her life to wait to.

Those women who are the wives of gays are either a tool of fertilities or a perfect cover of their husbands’ true sexual orientations.

Wen was a wife of a gay. And her gay ex-husband is a HIV positive. Although they only had sex three times, she still became a people living with HIV which forced her gave up remarrying with someone.

In China, there are 16 million women are in the high risk of HIV because of their gay husbands.

No love, no sex are not the saddest part in those women’s lives. Some of them should bear violence from their husbands.
When they realize their husbands cheat on them, they can do nothing and no way they can fight against the male mistress.
In China, there are still no legal to define the compensation the wives of gays can get when they decide to divorce. The reality is those wives of gays cannot submit strong evidence to prove their husbands’ sexual orientation.

Gays and the wives of gays two social issues which are tangled together in China.

Source: Sohu, Beijing shots

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Let those gay watch Jinxing movie. Hopefully they can learn something from it.

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Same sex marriage couldn't come soon enough.
Put out your right arm, hold back your left arm... <(=^.^=);

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They are the victim of social mismanagement.A no social order bring many bacteria in and let the disorderness play itself.The leader,intellectual,teacher,priest are overall failed to command properly.

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CVHuan Post time: 2012-7-7 15:43
Same sex marriage couldn't come soon enough.

I'm against same sex marriage

But not against homosexual civil union

The issue for me is the immediate problem of immigration of same sex partners from overseas

It will be massively rorted
(beast ex machina)

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I respect homo, but I have to admit that those who marry a women just for face are truely f.. says a lot about the status of women in the society. Just an ornemental plant.

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Where you got this report? I am looking for such website which can share the real china.

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