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Salute to folk heroes   [Copy link] 中文

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Living in transient China, we often decry money worship and lament moral crisis.

However, real life is not so gloomy. We are always moved or inspired by ordinary Chinese with firm hearts and capacious minds. People that are glad to help others without asking for anything, they stick to a high moral standard and they persist in following their dreams without bowing to misfortune.

We’d like to share such inspiring stories with you, and if you know those who deserve to be respected, please share your stories here.

In the era of suspicions, let us listen to our heart and never be a follower.

3 villagers stop a running train to avert danger (vincent01)

Man’s daring rescue of a 3-year-old child (LoneAcorn)

82-year-old woman collects trash to pay dead son's bill (vincent01)

Teenager hailed as a hero for saving girl (voice_cd)

'Foolish old men' transform barren hillsides(voice_cd)

Man died in vain after saving 3 (Rearwindow)

A rich second generation was burn to death in rescue (DSseeing)

Man maintains the rescue position till death (voice_cd)

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Man maintains the rescue position till death

On June 19, a man jumped into water to save a drowning woman in Fuzhou city, but neither he nor the woman made it back to shore.

When his body was found, the man still kept the position of rescue with his arms raised and teeth clenching.

“I never forget the scene when he kept pushing up the drowning woman but later submerged in the river,” Huaxu, a witness at the scene recalled with tears.

Until now, the hero’s identity has not been verified; the man became the first unknown man who was awarded the honorary title of bravery.

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these unknown heros around China are real HEROs,who inspire us helping others at anytime!
Heavens bless you & me!

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Though he haven't saved the woman ,but his behavior set an example for us..An unknow hero  real hero.

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A rich second generation was burn to death in rescue

A rich businessman and future inheritor to a big wealth died in a factory fire after trying to save his employees.

The fire broke out early Monday morning in a room on the third floor of a real estate company in Yantai, east China's Shandong Province.

Zhou Jiangjiang, the 28 year-old owner of the company, lived nearest to the stairs. He ran out of the smog-shrouded building first, but dared to go back to wake up his employees then sleeping on the floor.

All the employees went through the accident unscathed, but Zhou collapsed on the stairs and never made out of the fire for inhaling too much smoke.

As one of rich second generation who are always criticized as being idle, arrogang and depraved, he was special, for he devoted his life in saving people.




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Man died in vain after saving 3

On July 3, 27-year-old Deng Jinjie, was drown to death in Sunshui river park in Loudi Hunan province after saving a family of three. When his body was finally found, his two dogs were still waiting for him to take them home, but the family of three had driven away.


Unexpectly, when people were trying to search the body, tbe three who got saved chose to leave quietly. When they were about to start the engine, someone stopped them and said the man hadn't come out yet, a woman replied, "It's none of my f*cking business"

While condemning the indifferent attitude of the family, we are still motivated and inspired by his heroic deeds.

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'Foolish old men' transform barren hillsides

Shi Jianquan, a 71-year-old farmer from Lintao county in Gansu province, spent more than 10 years transforming a bald mountain covering more than 10,000 mu (666.67 hectares) into productive land.

Lintao is arid. The county is part of Dingxi city, which is one of China's poorest regions.


Thirty years ago, United Nations experts said Dingxi and surrounding areas lacked "basic conditions" for humans to survive.

However, the locals have had to carry on. And they have been trying to do something impossible, like the "foolish old man" who moved mountains in an ancient Chinese myth.

In the story, Yugong smashed apart rocks, dug up the ground, and transported the earth to the seaside in baskets.

His neighbors laughed at him, but Yugong said, "Even when I die, I shall have sons surviving me. My sons will beget me more grandsons, my grandsons in their turn will have sons. My descendants will go on forever, but the mountains will get no bigger. Why should there be any difficulty in leveling them?"

The god of the mountains was moved by Yugong's sincerity and helped him level the two mountains.

Mao Zedong wrote an article "The Foolish Old Man Who Removed the Mountains" in 1945, saying he believed that "any task could be accomplished through sheer will."

Shi faced the same dilemma as Yugong when he signed a contract to manage a piece of barren mountain land.

Shi moved to the mountain, and only returned home every few months. He grew crops, fruit and trees and bred sheep and cattle on the hillside.

Later, the villagers expressed their surprise when the arid land turned green. Shi profited financially from his hard work.
"Even when I die, my offspring will continue to plant trees," Shi said.

Another "Yugong" in the city of Dingxi, named Wang Yongrui, has planted trees for three decades.

In the 1980s, Wang signed a contract to manage another piece of barren hillside, but he found that the poor environment make it difficult for plants to survive there.

In order to prevent animals from eating saplings, Wang slept in the open, with his big black dog beside him. He and the dog warmed each other during the chilly nights.

Though the trees struggled to survive, Wang remained hopeful that the barren hill would one day turn green.

Local officials were moved by Wang's determination and decided to construct a pipeline to his land so the trees could be watered. At last Wang's dream of making the land fertile will become reality.

With faith, you can do anything impossible.

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