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Salute to folk heroes   [Copy link] 中文

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Glod Medal

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Never Let Anyone Outside The Family Know What You're Thinking.

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when i was a young teen aged boy i had a friend that i would some times trade bicycle parts with. the thing was he was a thief so trading whole bikes was out of the question. ok that being said that was the bad  about him there were very many good qualities also not the least of which was his younger sister i used to go with. my first love. the definition of a blond haired blue eyed beauty to young for me though as i was 14 and would not have been satisfied with any thing that would have been legal in most states. but thing was i was over at my friend Johns house after school a lot that year, johns dad was a plumber and a contractor and had massively over developed fore arms the guy literally looked like like pop eye the sailor . and he scared the stuffing out of me because ,well lets face it i had ill intentions for his daughter and i helped make his sons criminal endeavors more profitable. now about that john was a thief's thief he was an artist at taking things that did not belong to him and you really had to marvel at his manic energy. this guy would steal stuff just to leave it in another guys back yard so he could tell victim A that victim B had A's property because one of the two pissed him of, did not matter which. he would sit back and laugh his fool head off. some times john would stay out all night stealing stuff and show up at my house telling me he had told his parents he was staying over with me.this guy worked at it he considered it like a calling or a job or some thing but he was also compulsive, he would only steal high end bikes and if some one had a better bike than him ... well not for long. what ever bike he rode had to be tops which meant that he spent hours stripping and sanding so that he could put the perfect paint job on his latest frankenstein . he did all this in his dad's shop off of the side of the house it was a pretty small shop and the door opened inward. so one day i came over after school after i dropped off my  back pack at home. he was in the shop . painting bike frames. he had been at it a while because fumes in there were very thick . i had just finished looking at a hanging frame and turned to see him hit the switch on his dads bench grinder so i grabbed the door open with one hand his shirt with the other and thew myself out of there. he was angry at first and confused as to why then the brushes in the grinder sparked off the paint fumes and slammed the door in our faces. the blast blew the one window in the shed into the side of the house and left us half deaf. john's dad came running out of the house in his underwear and i could see he was yelling some thing but i could not hear what so i jumped the back fence cut through their neighbors yard around to the front where i grabbed my bike and headed for home.  the next day his sister dumped me , i figured john would blame the explosion on me it was kind of what he did.
every body writes on walls but me

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Salute to Heros

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Heroic Field fire rescue

Three of a San hunter’s kinsmen died as they shielded an Australian tourist from a field fire.

San 01.jpg

The blonde Australian woman guards the Namibian “San” hunter’s hospital bed in Windhoek like a protective tigress. But when she softly strokes the pink scabs on his face he can’t help but chuckle.

When you hear their story you realize why their bond is so strong – it was literally forged by fire.
The woman is Jane Bean (52), a tourist. And if it weren’t for the San Hunter Cgunta G/aq’o (40), the man in the hospital bed, and four other San of the Ju/’hoansi tribe, she probably would’ve perished in a conflagration while on holiday in Namibia.

Three of the men, all Cgunta’s relatives, didn’t survive after shielding Jane from the flames with their bodies. The fifth, Cgunta’s brother, Bertus G/aq’o, escaped with less serious injuries than his brother.

It’s a month later and Jane, an official of the charity Oxfam, should’ve returned to Australia by now but she’s postponed her departure to watch over her rescuer in a Windhoek private hospital.

Twentyfive percent out of nothing is still nothing!

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Five brave Men!
San 01.jpg
Twentyfive percent out of nothing is still nothing!

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Many unnamed heroes, that need to come to light.

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