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Story:All those years in college [Copy link] 中文

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Ah class…it is the reason why you came to college, as in to learn, right? Well we all have crappy general education classes to take like English , History and math and of course ones that ACTUALLY pertain to your major. But there is also a way to make a boring class work in your favor socially. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get her attention, notice you and maybe seem attractive to her BEFORE you even go to a party and she’s drunk?

Before we go any further I want to put a little disclaimer. Go to class, for the most part pay attention, do your homework, study and get good grades so you can continue to be a college student. Don’t turn into a ****ing bum who dropped out college  .

The reason why we want people to notice you IN the classroom is because there is a good chance you will see these people OUTSIDE the classroom. So like I said no matter what class you are in there is going to be cute girl(s) or girl(s) who will then talk to their cute friends about random ---- and hopefully you. You want to make sure that the girls know that you aren’t just another guy in class. If you only understand one thing out of this article then understand this: Never…NEVER become so bland and bent in shape with everyone else on campus. Separate yourself from other guys.

Last year one of the FIRST things I did on the first day of every class was be the most vocal person. What’s the reason? The first day of class is usually the most awkward and quiet day of class. No one really knows what to expect from the teacher, class or for that year of college for that matter, so everyone is kind of doing their own thing. Understand this: the most vocal guy in the class is usually the “alpha male” (I hate saying that) of the class and girls like the “alpha male”, teachers will also realize this and be nicer to you. Some of the things that I have done in the past are (this is all before the teacher is in the room by the way):

-Getting up and saying this: We’ll I hate this quiet; “My name is Wes I’m from the North, I play lacrosse and I enjoy long walks on the beach” (someone will most likely continue on the charade)

-What’s up ya’ll

-Yaaa parttyyy

-Ya this class should be SWEET. (semi sarcastic)

All of these things should be said whenever you first walk into the room or as in the first one just stand up say it and smile. If no one says anything then don’t worry, just say something like “alright don’t say anything” and people will laugh and the tension will go away. During or after you say anyone of these you should find the nearest cute girl, make eye contact and smile.

So you made it apparent that you are an outgoing person, most girls like outgoing guys soYAY FOR YOU.

Now time to find a seat. Try to not sit in front of the cute girl, most cute girls will actually sit towards the front of the class because they are all studious and ----. Sitting behind them is OK but ideally you want to sit to the same horizontal (left to right) row as them. Not immediately next to them but within a seat or two of them. If you sit next to them, it’s clear that you are a random guy who is going to hit on her the entire class.

1. Being outgoing

You can do this by asking questions in class, volunteering during discussions, debate things, being a group vocal leader etc. Anything to get out of the mold of sitting in class all quiet and to make you stand out from everyone else. ( Do not be the kid that is always asking stupid questions, always challenging the professor on the material or complaining about homework…everyone will hate you)

2. Interacting with the girl

Part One: If you are sitting in the same row here is how ---- goes down. Tilt your head to the side a bit trying to get eye contact with her (DO NOT stare at her) make eye contact, smile, look away while still smiling and look at the board. Then you WILL go talk to her after class or you can do part two.

Part Two: You may be sitting behind or to the side of the girl and you want to talk to her. Grab a piece of paper and write something like “Hey what’s your name?”, “This class is lame, what’s your name?” She’ll look at you, you will smile back. She will probably ****ing love it because it brings back memories from like second grade and whatever else(and because she’ll know I told you to do it). She’ll write back, talk to her after class get her number and do whatcha do.( If you don’t know whatcha do there’s articles on that too)
- Don’t breathe annoyingly heavy so that everyone around you can hear your breathes

- Take up space and relax. Have one foot in the isle and don’t be afraid to put your feet on the empty chair in front of you
- Walk, enter and leave the room slowly.
- “Can I borrow a pencil?” Is an excuse to start a conversation, so do it if you are scared of doing the above.

You have girls thrusted (pun intended) in front of you every day in class, use it to your advantage. Show them that you are a outgoing friendly guy and soon you too may become a manw##. =D

Life is what you make of it

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i usually just expose myself

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cherish your time.

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Life is what you make of it

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