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The day the president renounced.
Author: AntoniGutiérrez-Rubí | 09 jun 2012

Published: El Pais (Digital Edition)

Translation: Longzhou

Rajoy(Spain’s president) has avoided naming and asking for the rescue. But in the end it has been imposed, although De Guindos (Spain’s minister of finances) denies that. They have wrongly explained to him the theory of the bad frames of mind. To ignore the word is used, at times, to prevent a certain frame of mind, but when it is very installed, silence or ignorance does not serve to clear it. On the contrary: you are exposed and you worsen the solitude and disorientation. And the lack of courage in the words becomes a serious burden for political leadership.

Scrabble is apopular board game in which each player tries to gain more points by building words. These can be formed horizontally or vertically and can be crossed as long as they appear in the dictionary. With the same letters of the word rescue (rescate in Spanish) you can build the word prescription (recetas in Spanish). Whimsical coincidence ... and unintentionally revealing.

This rescue will involve some tough prescriptions. Rajoy, who did not ask for the first, will have to impose the second ones to the Spanish society through the conditions to be imposed on financial institutions. A sad fate. "Just should not pay for sinners” has asked the opposition leader, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba. But the sin belongs also to all.

Mariano Rajoy has decided to hide away in the most important day of his presidency. He has chosen the worst possible option. It is not the first wrong communication decision in this crisis. Citizens are not going to forgive him for this. Neither the European partners. Instead it seems that, finally,  he will keep his planned trip to Spain's opening game at the Euro football championship. So far, it is confirmed his attendance in the public agenda of La Moncloa.

His challenge to reason and sensibility is unworthy of a ruler. Either he has lost his common sense, that he so much boasted about, or his ability to insult the intelligence of his fellow citizens is higher than any nightmare. With his arrogance he has lost respect. He will receive in exchange the same currency by the public.

Is there anything worse than hiding? You look away and pretend to be clueless. A leader can’t afford to do this. But Rajoy seems that he can. By doing so, he waives the political leadership to take refuge in his natural condition, which he never seems to have abandoned: the recorder. Rajoy becomes, simply, a notary of the crisis and the bailout. When you renounce to be a president, you can not expect anyone to respect you as such. The open pit is at his feet. The president has resigned from his responsibility. You can not maintain credibility. A sad day for Spain and politics.

Antoni Gutiérrez-Rubi is an advisor to
communication and political consultant.
Professor in the Masters of Communication
policy of different universities.

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Welcome to Europe.....the land of "ALL IS PERFECT"

Politicians asking for "rescue" measures for the banks (not the citizens) and then hiding away and denying it! Of course, there is nothing that a good trip to Poland and a football match (with the dinner and wine included) cannot solve!

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We heard Spanish Banks will need up to 100 bllion euro bailout.  Thats a staggering amount of money.

Spain already has 50% youth unemployment so god help them with further ' tough prescriptions '
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St_George Post time: 2012-6-10 13:21
We heard Spanish Banks will need up to 100 bllion euro bailout.  Thats a staggering amount of money. ...

It's a just in case measure by spain that goes much further than just rotten loans, but also requires them to recapitalise for any potential further rotten loan, still affecting just a few of spanish banks, particulary the Bankia.
Now Spain, being less indebted than Germnany or France actually, wants to have them recapitalised, but not on costs of own tax payer, but on the costs of tax payers from the rest of europe.
Flawed Understanding of Solidarity if you ask me.
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