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West follows China gov't on Bo's case?   [Copy link] 中文

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JFenix Post time: 2012-4-25 22:12
Who are you referring to when you say 'the west'?  Governments of the west or people?

I think you ...

Well, you forced me to log-in again although I'm tired and want to go to bed early.  

Never mind, question:    do you read western newspapers on a regular basis?

If so, how can it be that essential messages/articles escaped your attention? Yep, I agree, the expression 'the west' is not really correct. Governments in Europe do not back a destabilization of CN. But look at the U.S.  Do you really believe the encirclement of China is by default or to protect allies? I believe CN is not interested in conflicts - still, everything is done to destabilize the status quo. I believe you cannot deny this.

Having said this, I wish you good nite. See ya tomorrow.

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satsu_jin Post time: 2012-4-25 21:33
Well, you forced me to log-in again although I'm tired and want to go to bed early.  

The media tends to mislead.  Like I said, it's all lip-service.  The hype in the media (on both sides) is meant to gain political points at home.

The facts are that the US & China have been working quite well together despite the press.  Just look at actions.  You don't invest that amount of money into a country that is your enemy.  I do not believe the CPC is that stupid.  Nor do I believe the US is that stupid as to have our economy so entirely dependent upon an 'enemy'.

I think politicians are gaining from this rivalry.  They think it's what the people want to hear.  They have to make a situation where there is a guy with a white hat and an obvious bad guy.  Basically, I think our governments treat us like children.

The reality is (I think), both the US & China have more respect for each other than they let on publicly.   But if they say that - it will alienate their base as they have built up this rivalry.

It's complicated, but I do not believe there is any plot.  It's smoke and mirrors to distract us from seeing what is really going on.

Why would the US care what government you have really?  Except to gain political points like Ronald Reagan who totally used the SU situation to his advantage and took credit for something he had nothing at all to do with.  

Right now our economies are so inter-dependent, a move against the other would be suicide.
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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seneca Post time: 2012-4-25 20:17
Although you are living the comfy life of a typical Chinese expat in Usania, you seem to be pickin ...

Why do you always say I live in the US?

I live in Beijing. It's a city in China in case you don't know.

If it's not because I feel your friends in CD don't like me, I could visit their office anytime to prove I am in China.

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Does this mean no more Red songs now?

What will next First Lady sing now with no Red Songs.?

Will they persecute Saltyballs and Net tigress next?

Interesting times these.
I've made my living, Mr. Thompson, in large part as a gambler. Some days I make twenty bets, some days I make none. There are weeks, sometimes months, in fact, when I don't make any bet at all because ...

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Revolutionar Post time: 2012-4-25 22:15
Does this mean no more Red songs now?

What will next First Lady sing now with no Red Songs.?

What will next First Lady sing now with no Red Songs.?

That's a good question. The next First Lady became famous for singing patriotic songs. In fact all her songs are patriotic songs.   

Maybe she can now start singing "yellow" songs.

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'I did it':

Powerful Chinese 'mistress' accused of murdering British businessman 'confessed to police chief after poisoning'

Wang Lijun told American diplomats that Gu Kailai said 'I did it' three times
He fled Chongqing and job as city police chief in February 'fearing his life'
Claims Neil Heywood, 41, was force fed cyanide in 'gruesome' poisoing
Mrs Gu's son Bo Guagua hits out against playboy claims while in hiding

The powerful alleged mistress of murdered British businessman Neil Heywood confessed ‘I did it’ to a former Chinese police chief, it was claimed today.
Gu Kilai, the wife of the former Communist party boss of Chongqing, is said to have told Wang Lijun she was in the hotel room during the ‘gruesome’ poisoning, according to American diplomats.
Mr Wang, who ran the city’s police force fled there in February, apparently in fear of his life, to the U.S. consulate in nearby Chengdu.

He is said to have told diplomats that fixer Mr Heywood, 41, was held down in a Chongqing hotel room in November and forced to drink cyanide.
Afterwards, Mrs Gu – the wife of former rising star **, who has been has been stripped of all his roles within the party - allegedly confessed to the crime.

'I am a solid student': Harvard son of Chinese power couple in murder scandal hits out at claims of playboy lifestyle
Born to be grilled: Chinese scientists create genetically modified lamb with a 'good' type of fat in its meat
‘Gu said ”I did it” three times to Wang,’ a diplomatic source told The Daily Telegraph.
‘It was a gruesome scene. Heywood spat the cyanide out and they had to give him more.’
Mr Wang reportedly gave an almost identical account to the Chinese authorities after he left and these accounts have spread in official circles within and outside China.
The ease of access to rumours spreading on the internet in China has prompted speculation that the Communist Party was trying to smear Mr Bo.

The latest claims about Mrs Gu came as the couple’s son publicly commented for the first time since his mother was named as prime suspect in the case.
Bo Guagua, who is studying at Harvard after graduating from Oxford, denied rumours about his perceived playboy lifestyle but declined to comment on the probe.   
In a statement published by the Ivy League university’s student newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, he said he felt compelled to provide ‘an account of the facts’ in response to speculation about his private life and family.  
‘I am deeply concerned about the events surrounding my family, but I have no comments to make regarding the ongoing investigation,’ he said.
The 24-year-old, who is studying at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, is no longer at apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has not divulged his current location.     
Bo Guagua has been the subject of intense media scrutiny over his purported extravagant lifestyle as a student, including a love for luxury cars.      
In the statement, he wrote: ‘I have never driven a Ferrari.’   

He also sought to dampen speculation about financial improprieties over his costly overseas tuition, explaining the fees had been covered by ‘scholarships earned independently, and my mother's generosity from the savings she earned from her years as a successful lawyer and writer’.      
Mr Heywood, an Old Harrovian, had been a friend of the Bo family for a decade and before his death had been raising cash to build an £80million shopping centre dedicated to British goods.
Mrs Gu is alleged to have started an affair with him after she was denied ‘any normal passion’ from her husband, Wang Kang, a Chongqing scholar with contacts inside Mr Bo's circle, told The Times last week.
They are even said to have occasionally shared a Bournemouth apartment, which was registered to Mrs Gu, when he visited Britain.

An early theory put forward into Mr Heywood's death suggested he was killed after Mr Bo found out about the affair.
The businessman was said to have confided in a friend about the alleged affair with Mrs Gu, saying it had ‘left his life under threat’.
British friends said that last year he appeared nervous before travelling back to China, where he had lived since the late 1990s and had married a Chinese woman, Wang Lulu.
But, more recently, claims have emerged that Mr Heywood had quarrelled with Mrs Gu over an ‘economic matter’.
Mrs Gu asked Mr Heywood late last year to move a large sum of money abroad, and she became outraged when he demanded a larger cut of the money than she had expected due to the size of the transaction, two sources with knowledge of the investigation said.

Read more:
h ttp://w

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Does it spell "Death Penalty" ?

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