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India missile. Beijing in range.   [Copy link] 中文

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robert237 Post time: 2012-4-22 04:23
The whole point is India is now able to send nuclear warheads into Beijing and Shanghai.
They've b ...

Indeed Robert237. There are several loons up here so I am limiting my responses to a few now

The day India threatens West, will be her end. You know the day will never come:) Not in my lifetime anyways.

You have got to read the account of a Chinese person through their own eyes. Unless you arebzcjinese in which case, if you are not descendants of peasants, you'd know the score.

Anyways off out for a stroll :)
No, I live above Sunset Plaza, it's a little house I rent and it's a little rundown but has a beautiful view, what about you?

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My concerns deepen.

First, we note that their Agni-III predecessor of this Agni-V had suffered a simple design failure.  If this is as they themselves had admitted, what about the firing control system for the Agni-V?  There has been no assurance from them that adequate measures have also been taken on the electronics and security protocols for the launch system of the Agni-V.

Secondly, they said they didn't want to go for a 5,000-km range because they didn't want to alarm the US.  This means they could have but instead deliberately drew down to a 3,000-km range reaching Beijing and Shanghai which are the only major targets in that range.  That implies the Agni-V was designed specifically to target China's cities. This is premeditated nuclear targeting.

Consider then the situation arising from the above two points - the missiles are fix-targeted at our cities while their firing control system may suffer the same simple design failure as admitted by them for their Agni-III.  What happens if they make a second mistake and miss-launch?

Now, that second mistake might be human in origin.  Note how they had gloated over their success with the Agni-V.  It is as though the entire motivation was to erase some psychological illusion. Who is to know whether they have a backup self-destruct mechanism on the Agni-V should any be launched prematurely and by human motivation based on a psychological imbalance?

We are talking here about a successful launch amidst much juvenile hoopla of a nuclear missile with a delayed development history and that missile was designed to target specific named cities in a neighbouring country, trade-and-relationship friendly at that, deep civilizational values if we want to be hopeful of rational sanity.

India must now rise to its own civilizational values.  Being nuclear-capable is not something to gloat about.  If it had shown a true sense of global responsibility, it would have issued a parallel statement that the missile is endowed with multiple and cross-locking safety features that will nullify electro-mechanical and human errors before or at worst within seconds after any miss-launch.  Because if it's minutes after a miss-launch, retaliation will be swift and conclusive to no one's benefit. In nuclear parlance, there is no such thing as 'alright you made a mistake.'

Which remains the basic issue.  We have gone over it before.  What is India's gripe with us?  If it's loss of face, that's stupid and juvenile. The border conflict started because its troops had encroached into our territory. If you disagree with this assertion, then explain why we had retreated AFTER winning the engagement, and then RETURNED not only prisoners but ALSO their arms.  Which explained why their political and military echelons were flabbergasted when it happened. Never in the field of human conflict has such a magnanimous act of national and military chivalry taken place before.  And China did it a SECOND time in Vietnam.  If we have never gloated over both wins, why should the losers feel the need to treat us as bitter foes in all but name?

The world has become more complex. It is needless to add to tensions by doing things without more careful thought and wiser perspectives.  India needs to buck up her sense of history and humanity.  Her neighbour China remains a good friend and the relationship can be raised to even greater heights because there is so much that both - together with the other newly emerging giants of this century - can do to change the landscape of how the peoples of the world can progress together.

In my earlier posts on this topic, i had alluded to the malfeasance of a certain superpower behind the statements made by India on its launch of this nuclear Agni-V.  It is to give India a chance to retrace its steps but on its own.  Meaning, independent of the westerners which had in living memory conquered its country, society and peoples.  India's leadership and military should take a more candid look at themselves to see whether their need to be nuclear-capable is not founded on some psychological schism outcome of that unhappy experience now twisted against a friendly China which has again and as with Japan, never done NUTHIN' wrong to no one (in midwestern US parlance).

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Let me add one more equally chilling point.  

Did India develop completely in-house the Agni-V firing control system?  If yes, how assured is India that its technology suffices for full control since launching a nuclear missile is different from launching a space probe.

And if no, did India buy or customize the firing control system from what the US had supplied it? If yes to this question, how assured is India that the system doesn't contain a software hidden in any part of the hardware which can be triggered remotely to bypass any safety feature that India's engineers might think they have covered?

Let us take a scenario that cannot be fully excluded. Say one day a sinophobic defense secretary of the US decides to nuke China without direct retaliation on the US and by making India a patsy or the one holding the smoking gun.  What easier way than to use a satellite bird overflying the Indian subcontinent to send a signal to the firing control system of India's nuclear-tipped Agni-V or later version to make a preemptive launch on its preassigned targets in China?

Let's say at that point in time, India is still innocently thinking it is merely doing a test run to launch the new version into the Indian Ocean but the moment it is roaring up into the sky, the lights start bleeping because the missiles have now gone off-course and are heading north east to the friendly neighbour's cities where twenty million people live and work.

I hope India's authorities are reading this carefully and will come out quickly with a clear and convincing statement that they understand the full implication of the dangers.  Even Lord Vishnu will agree one shouldn't play with fire.

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markwu Post time: 2012-4-22 20:21
Let me add one more equally chilling point.  

Did India develop completely in-house the Agni-V firi ...

Its Beijing and Shanghai after Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Indian Army's official signboard along China border

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Most of our missiles and nuclear war heads are scattered in the mountains across China. Even if they attack Beijing and Shanghai, which will be a sad scenario, we have enough power to turn half of their land into scorch earth in a matter of minutes.  

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stealth Post time: 2012-4-22 20:31
Its Beijing and Shanghai after Hiroshima and Nagasaki

I don't think so.

But they specifically mentioned Beijing and Shanghai really pissed me off.

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markwu Post time: 2012-4-22 17:21
Let me add one more equally chilling point.  

Did India develop completely in-house the Agni-V firi ...

There is nothing to worry for China

We cannot control news media here, they even told that the Indian army made a coup attempt.

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