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中国部分名胜古迹英语表达 [Copy link] 中文

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故宫 The Forbidden City

乾清宫 The Palace of Heavenly Purity

坤宁宫 The Palace of Earthly Tranquility

御花园 The Imperial Garden

九龙壁 The Nine Dragon Screen

天坛 The Temple of Heaven

回音壁 Echo Wall

祈年殿 The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest

颐和园 The Summer Palace

佛香阁 The Tower of Buddhist Incense

石舫 The Marble Boat
十三陵 The Ming Tombs
雍和宫 Yonghe Lamasery

中华世纪坛 China Century Altar

秦始皇陵The Emperor Qin Shihuang's Tomb

天安门广场 Tian'anmen Square

华表 Ornamental Pillars

人民英雄纪念碑 The Monument to the People's Heroes

毛主席纪念堂 Chairman Mao Memorial Hall

人民大会堂 The Great Hall of the People

十七孔桥 The 17-Arch Bridge

铜牛 Bronze Ox

谐趣园 The Garden of Harmonious Interests

长城 The Great Wall

居庸关 Juyongguan Pass

北海公园 Beihai Park

故宫博物院 the Palace Museum

革命历史博物馆 The Museum of Revolutionary History

天安门广场 Tian’anmen Square

毛主席纪念堂 Chairman Mao Zedong Memorial Hall

保和殿 the Hall of Preserving Harmony

中和殿 the Hall of Central Harmony

长城 the Great Wall

午门 the Meridian Gate

紫金山天文台 Purple and Gold Hills Observation

紫禁城 the Forbidden City

周口店遗址 Zhoukoudian Ancient Site

太和殿 the Hall of Supreme Harmony

少年宫 the Children’s Palace

烽火台 the Beacon Tower

清东陵 Easten Royal Toms of the Qing Dynasty

民族文化宫 the Cultural Palace for Nationalities

劳动人民文化宫 Worker People’s Cultural Palace

北京工人体育馆 Beijing Workers’ Stadium
护城河 the Moat

仙人洞 Fairy Cave

黄果树瀑布 Huangguoshu Falls

西山晴雪 the Sunny Western Hills after Snow

避暑山庄 the Imperial Mountain Summer Resort

龙门石窟 Longmen Cave

苏州园林 Suzhou Gardens

庐山 Lushan Mountain

天池 Heaven Poll

蓬莱水城 Penglai Water City

大雁塔 Big Wild Goose Pagoda

华山: Huashan Mountain

峨眉山 Emei Mountain

石林 Stone Forest

西湖 West Lake

白马寺 White Horse Temple

白云山 White Cloud Mountain

布达拉宫 Potala Palace

大运河 Grand Canal

滇池 Dianchi Lake

杜甫草堂 Du Fu Cottage

都江堰 Dujiang Dam

鼓浪屿 Gulangyu Islet

观音阁 Goddess of Mercy Pavilion

归元寺 Guiyuan Buddhist Temple

甘露寺 Sweet Dew Temple

黄花岗七十二烈士墓 Mausoleum of the 72 Martyrs

华清池 Huaqing Hot Spring

昭君墓 Zhaojun’s Tomb

毛泽东故居 Mao Zedong’s Former Residence

周恩来故居 Zhou Enlai’s Former Residence

越秀公园 Yuexiu Park

岳阳楼 Yueyang Tower

南湖公园 South Lake Park

中山公园 Zhongshan Park

漓江 Lijiang River

寒山寺 Hanshan Temple

静心斋 Heart-East Study

黄鹤楼 Yellow Crane Tower

黄山 Huangshan Mountain

天下第一关 the First Pass Under Heaven

桂林山水 Guilin Scenery with Hills and Waters

秦始皇兵马俑 Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses Figurines

鼓楼 drum tower

西湖 the West Lake

泰山 Mount Taishan

庐山 Mt. Lu

八达岭长城 The Great Wall at Badaling

居庸关长城 The Great Wall at Juyongguan Pass

慕田峪长城 The Great Wall at Mutianyu

司马台长城 The Great Wall at Simatai

北海公园 Beihai Park

白云观 The White Cloud Taoist Temple

北京孔庙 Beijing Confucius Temple

国子监 The Imperial College

潭柘寺 Tanzhe Temple

圆明园 The Ruins of Yuanmingyuan

中华民族园 Chinese Ethnic Culture Park

世界公园 Beijing World Park

桂林山水 the Landscape of Guilin

杭州西湖 the West Lake of Hangzhou

苏州园林 the Gardens of Suzhou

安徽黄山 Mount Huang of Anhui

长江三峡 the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River

台湾日月潭 the Sun and Moon Lake of Taiwan

河北承德避暑山庄 the Summer Mountain Resort in Chengde, Hebei

陕西秦始皇陵兵马俑 Terra Cotta Warriors

半坡遗址 Ban Po Villige Remains

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