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[Lianghui] Should prostitution be legalized in China?   [Copy link] 中文

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Chi Susheng, a lawyer from the northeast China's Heilongjiang province and a deputy to the National People's Congress, said that "prostitution should be legalized to prevent spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted disease, and cut down on crimes like rape".

"Prostitution has led to marked decrease in the cases of rape," she said, "and reality has proved that when prostitution was banned, the number of rape cases would increase dramatically."

There was a thread the other day discussing whether porn is good for China. It's related to this issue, but somewhat different. Would very like it if you can share your views.

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Why not? This lawyer has some valid points as to diseases and crimes. Just look at those countries with "red lights district". I don't see anything that can be said against them, apart from the "moral degradation" charges.

In fact, prostitution has been historically a part of the Chinese society. It's not until the CCP took power that it was "eradicated". Problem is prostitution can never die out, as long as there are humans, and as long as there are desires.

So why not regulate it properly?
We are all prisoners of our own device.

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Just don't think it is morally accepted in China if prostitution is legalized.

In fact, it isn't that strictly prohibited now than in the past.

Just let it remain where it should.

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this is a privilege serve the minority, not for the majority, I guess the authority would not share it with the mass .

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Additional to the lawyers valid arguments,prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world.It has always existed and will go on to exist...even in societies that strictly ban it like Arabic countries and China. Making it legal would benefit the prostitutes,but also the customers and even the state. Prostitutes would have to pay tax,get social benefits, a better control of diseases would be able, women trafficker and other criminal subjects that exploit poor girls would get a tough time.
You just can't get rid of this profession,so why not just make the best out of it...?! Especially if you think that China will have too many males in the not so distant future who won't find a wife or gf....what should they do? Rape?! Or better visiting prostitutes?!
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I am surprised to note the 'economic' tone shared among the comments above.... It seems that in this battle between 'governability ' and 'morality' (as what makes governability unnecessary), it is the latter that recedes to the former.... But I just cannot relinquish the idea that those who visit prostitutes should themselves be responsible for all kinds of possible consequences....

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