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Will Apple’s next tablet be the ‘iPad 3’? [Copy link] 中文

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The air is thick with rumors about the next iPad, with All Things Digital’s report that a launch event is coming in the first week of March.

Over at the New York Times, the report is that it’s not clear if the device Apple’s said to be introducing in March will be called the iPad 3.

According to an unnamed (and brave!) Apple employee who spoke to the paper, the next iPad will be essentially the same size and shape as the iPad 2, but with a better screen.
Anyone else having echoes of the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S?

If the changes to the iPad aren’t revolutionary, it’s possible that its name will reflect that as well. There’s already been speculation that the tablet will be called the iPad HD or, as CNet said — perhaps somewhat tongue-in-cheek — the iPad 2S.

The rumor that the new tablet, whatever it’s called, will have a better screen is still the speculated to be the biggest difference between the new iPad and the current one. According to the unnamed Apple employee, the screen will be “truly amazing.”

Another rumor has surfaced on the blog for Repair Labs, a Web site that fixes Apple products, saying that sources in China have sent them pictures of the next iPad’s casing. The pictures, they say, hint that the next tablet could have a bigger battery with a longer life, a different camera and at least hints at the fact that the screen would be different.

The case photos also seem to cast doubt on the rumor that the iPad will be a little bit thicker, the blog said.
Time will tell, of course, how many of these rumors bear fruit and rumors will only start flying faster as we get closer to the rumored launch event.
Life is what you make of it

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does anyone even know the difference between these things?

iPhone 1 or iPhone 5, 1Pad1-3..

all you are relaly doing is trying to show off how you have the newest and gayest gadget, only become the little doof tool you were just laughing at with an old iPad the next month

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Lono_Sainoa Post time: 2012-2-15 11:08
does anyone even know the difference between these things?

iPhone 1 or iPhone 5, 1Pad1-3..

If you have teenage children I suggest you quickly give them the latest Apple products.
I've made my living, Mr. Thompson, in large part as a gambler. Some days I make twenty bets, some days I make none. There are weeks, sometimes months, in fact, when I don't make any bet at all because ...

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i grew up on apple products, in the mid to late 80's

i began using them professionally for publishing around the time the 1st adobe photoshop came out

i really loved apple, i loved everything about them

i got my first PC in the early to mid 1990's, using Windows 98

i liked the idea of being able to build my own computers

i stopped using apple products in late 90's because of their incessant pandering to big businesses at the expense of the user experience  

i stopped using apple about the time the first Writable CD's came out

i had a blank CD, and an Apple computer, and i put them together, and was immediately attacked by a barrage of warnings and threats and messages calling me a shytbag pirate thief and lowlife deviant criminal, and that if i breathed the wrong way, apple was going to throw me under the bus, then sell me down the river, and that steve jobbs would in fact come to my house with handcuffs to spit on me as the police carried me away to prison for life

screw apple, i said to myself

i immediately took out the CD, and walked away from apple computers and wouldnt touch one since

and then ipods came out, and i thought i'd give them a chance, but the same thing was happening, and they made you reformat all of your MP4's and MP3'  to their own little format

why bother with such narcissism, i wondered, when there were so many universally compatible products on the market

and then of course theres itunes, the program they think you have to use everytime you want to use your apple product, which is just trying to sell you crap,

and they seem to continue calling everyone on the planet dirty little shytbag thieves and lowlife criminals

all the while, blowing smoke up the anal orifices of hollywood and music industry executives/tyrants

and piracy, all the while never crossed my mind

but their behavior towards me caused me to become completely apathetic to their cause, and in fact, they have come to represent everything i loathe about the world

apple is the big business tyrannical evil they originally fought against   

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i think the only reason i even needed a blank cd was so that i could save some of my favorite songs from being lost due to scratches on other disks..

but screw the whole lot of them

i have not bought a single cd or piece of music since then

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except for UB40.. but i dont blame the UK

and Chinese and Asian & SE Asian music

but nothing from America

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Frankly I cant tell Ihone4 and Iphone4s!{:soso_e149:}Maybe I am an amuater.

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