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Gazareth,  nice stuff.  I guess I’m just like you.  The need to play is overwhelming.  I have many bands I play in too.  All different styles (Trip-hop, jazz, classical guitar/bass duo, prog-rock, punk), and I DJ some weekends also.

My main band SORE is two friends and I. We started playing together when we were sixteen (all of us are in our late 20s now).  We decided back then that we would never sell a CD.  And we never have.  We give away a free CD to everyone who exits one of our shows, and the costs are easily covered by door charge.  We play, on average, about 70-80 shows a year.  So we have played a lot of shows and given away lots of CDs.  It has worked well for us.  Our shows are always packed and we get lots of airplay on the college and university radio stations.  And we never have to worry about advertising - its all word of mouth.   We put on a great live show.  Without any bullshit rock star attitudes, or light shows.  Just a really kick ass, high-energy show!! Loud too!!!

So we don’t have a website BUT I put up a few tunes here.

just click the play icon and the tune will start playing. (it looks like triangle pointed sideways)   May I suggest listening to “I’m Sorry”?

Jarmain – the drummer and I both own our businesses so we can take as much time as needed – when we need it.  However the guitarist is still going to school, and isn’t sure what his schedule will be like.  But we are trying to convince him.

If you or your friend is interested, we don’t expect anyone to work for free, we’ll pay good salary and all costs –hotel, food, and we’ll even throw in few beers every night.  We are looking for someone to:
1.  Translate for us.  My Mandarin is horrible.  And I don’t think they even know how to spell Mandarin (*-*)
2.   Book at least a month of shows - 20 or more is fine  - over a 30 - 40 day period.  The area doesn’t matter.  But booking multiple shows in one city is a good idea to cut down on traveling time.
3.   Have a really good, kick ass time – hehe-this is not optional.

You don’t have to have make any promises but if you or your friend show any interest it will go a long way into helping us convince the guitarist that there is someone thinking about helping us out!!!  You can PM me if you want and I give you my email.

Thanks again

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that's really interesting

i'd PM you my -mail address

now in china live shows are mainly punk or metal, as people wanna be high just.  if you can give a high-energy show, you rock. people just prefer hard and loud muisc.(or just i mainly go for live punk or hardcore show)...

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Beijing scene sounds fun!

3. Have a really good, kick ass time

answer quote.
this is for sure i agree, this is what music & life  is all about - sums it all up well.

sounds like Beijing would be perfect for a spacial verb concert.
none of the quiet songs, just straight out rock?
Our website is getting updated this week, so we will put up some complete least one fast one.

heres something i just found,

you can get one of our songs in a ring tone
( they spell our name differently, but the intentiin is there................)

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guess our school network sucks, i can't see the link you give.

whatever, now many young people in beijing really like loud music, but also there are some like folks or latin....but for sure a punk or metal show will get more people.and people also like foreign bands, especially those people who do the the music. it's a chance for communication for they.  

last time when sonic bastard come to beijing, the manager and the singer of joyside just has come to see them play(both old school),they also exchanged their cds.

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can you help me ??

my english is very poor
i take part in  china daily .i want to improve my english!
canyou give a hand??

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try this one, it is our mid-set quiet song, it was recorded live, ( bootlegged )  totally packed audience

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Thank You Everybody

This morning when I checked my email, I was surprised to see so many nice emails from people who visited the link I posted a few days ago  (I guess you got my email address from one of my other posts…very smart!! ).  AND again when I logged on to ChinaDaily Forum, there was also lots, and lots of personal messages for me.  

In one day, my bands songs were listened to over 600 times!!!  No one else outside of this thread knew of that link.  So thank you very, very much.  And yes - I will post more songs to that original link

Also many of you expressed interest in joining the band as a tour manager.  I’m very sorry, but I have already contacted one person and he or she will be the only person I contact…sorry.

Plus many of you asked to hear samples of music that I use to DJ with.  When I DJ, I almost always use my own songs that I create throughout the week and use on the weekends.  So here’s the link to my DJ club tunes:

Once again thanks a lot

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