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time to start..............

If you can sing at, you;re half way there
what about getting a cheap guitar
and get the chord  and voice coordination working.
you can always evolve to Drums when you get the space and money another time

biggest piece of advice i can give you a note book, and start writing down every bit of inspiration you think and feel.
one day, it would be very valuable to you - for song writing.

Who plays in Joyside these days?

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my roomate has a guitar, but as i keep long fingernails, so it's hard for me to play it...also i don't think i'm gifted.

about drums, yeah, i'd try my best to involve .now i just wish i can find a boyfriend just playing drums. like the guy from L C O Y,but he has g girlfriend already,shame....

d'u buy joyside's new album Drunk is Beautiful? i bought it, it was a really nice one. you can find some short piece of their music on and there is no big change in the band,just the drumer is changed. now it's a guy who is from my academy....he is nice. singger is bianyuan always, but if i remeber the guitarist is always xingshuang

i do write lyrics a lot, but for music, er.....i'm very good at drawing.... but i really don't know how to write the music down with 123...

are you in a band?

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. When thier is will, there is will be drummer some day, or...........i have seen people with long fingernails manage some pretty cool bass playing...........

I cannot find my Joyside Cd, but i'll note here if it is car is a big black creature that seems to consume Cd's.

my recording band ( i have two others ) is currently spacialverb,

the website is getting revamped and we hope to have that sorted out very soon.

noted also, hang on the box have also revamped thier website and have new music on offer.

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so you really have a band, you are the guitarist?
what kind of music your band play? if next time you have a play, lemme know, i'd come.   

btw,will you go for the 23 js performance?

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good thread!! :)

I have been reading this thread for while now.  Very informative!!!.   The underground music scene seems to KICK ASS in China.  Can’t wait till I’m there!!!!

Does any body here listen in to?
-Drive Like Jehu
-King Crimson
-TOOL    !!!!!!!!!!

If you’re not listening to TOOL your missing out big time!!!! TOOL is GOOD!!!

I’m planning on moving to Beijing next year, but before that, my band wants to tour China for a month. Seems like a good way to see the country before I move there.
I’m not sure how a Canadian underground band would be liked though??

I just downloaded lots of JOYSIDE mp3s  --- really cool music!!!
How many albums do they have and what are the titles??   I want look for them here in Canada.

Does anyone here trade MP3s via email or MSN??


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so close, yet so far

Jarmain, you;re right, I am the guitarist.

I won't be able to get to Beijing in the short term, because I live and work in newzealand.
BUT, it is one of those "must do" things, and will try to get their sometime, maybe bring the band.

if i tour with spacialverb,
here is an example of spacial verb song.
This one is cut down for a coke advert lenght,,

try this link

i could do a solo tour...just me and the guitar but..........?
( my solo stuff is very different - i use the slide more-often)

Callamike, do you have awebsite, tell us more about your band.

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about the tour

last time when sonic bastards and disturbance came to beijing, their tour manager (the same girl) is just a friend of myn schoolmate. she is still in uni, but she is realy free as she is in her 3rd year or what. she did the tour manager job for fun not money. it won't be hard if you just want a tour in china for fun not for money.  you only need a manager who know people doing with the live music or bands....and sometimes a translater(if your manager's english isn't that good)i really want to do tour manager job for fun if i'm free(at least you won't need to hire a translater with me,ha.) but as it's just my 1st year in the uni, guess i'd be free only during vacation....

whatever, if you want to know any more information about a tour, i can ask that girl for you maybe.

joyside just have one album Drunk Is Beautiful i think, but there are 17 songs in it. they sale cds online, but i don't know whether you can get it out  china.....

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