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Hitler was a Godsend for Israel ..............    Close [Copy link] 中文

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Fiction. SS Patter. You are inventing things. I don't know Paul Gadd, full stop. The other name ha ...

You can try and wriggle out of it .........

They are your buddies  ..........

"In the news" ..........

You know that one because you write to each ........

And you call Gadd every now and again  ........

How can you deny these people are not your friends  ...........

LIAR ...........   

What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left  -   Oscar Levant

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seneca Post time: 2012-3-4 17:12
Let me count the few posts of SUBSTANCE you submitted in this humongously long thread (chapeau - y ...

YAWN  ...........  !

So boring and 'well' .......

Ordinary ..........  

You are some sort of semi-illiterate Boer  .............

A Yappee Jewish one most like  ..........

Never argue with a Yappee .......

They take you down to their level so you cannot win .........


Now this is a thread you might like .....

The topic is right up your street and spectrum of personal knowledge  ........   

Talk to China Daily > Are Your Children Safe. ChildTrafficking ………

“Serious question: Where can I purchase a couple of malekids, preferably under age 3, and more preferably, at a bargainprice”?  seneca[/quote]                         {:soso_e119:}

What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left  -   Oscar Levant

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Prediiiiictable behavior ..

I turned around ….. and the five cockroaches stepped in and showed us and the unsuspecting CD’s readers ….Who they arrrrrre …

Five fckkn back stabbers …
…..five mother ****ers coward ….. back stabbers ..!!

But I’m here, guys …
I’m back..!! …

Who wants to be the first to suck my cock ..?

SSpatter …SSmithi … Petera … King Kong ……
…… how about you Zglobal, d’you want to be the first one …??

On any Israeli forum … you would get the title of ‘the forum scavenger fish’ …. meaning by that, …. you don’t have a mind of yourself … you are not able to express a genuine personal idea or opinion (because you don’t have it … ‘may you’), … you are not able to draw valid arguments …..
Zglobal….. you feed on the poop of the other four … their feces are what nurture your brain, intelligence and rhetoric …. on this website ..

I don’t know what your nationality is…. but I noticed that you are all wrapped on prefabricated and worn up …second hand rusty slogans.
You are another victim of growing up on a system that prevents free thinking … or if you happen to be a weilo … you came from a home where culture and education were second and always defeated … by beer and alcohol low habits.

The worst insult that I thought I can write you is …. SSmithi is more intelligent and talented than you are …

And while we are at it …  
When UPS attempted to deliver King kong’s intelligence and talent to his house …. there was nobody home … so the UPS driver slid the envelope under the front door …
All you post as evidences is sh!t you drag from sources, which after a light check … turned  to be from a desinformatzia sewage hole on the WWW…

SSpatter, now you are going to lick it …. as though it was a lollypop….
… you promised to deliver a list of more than 100 countries that evicted the goddamned Jews (for whatever reason) … and since I learned to count up to 200 .. I went and counted your pathetic list..

You confused cities and regions …. with countries …
….. and I presume, I’m not the only one that reads this thread …. that was not intellectually absent during  their geography classes …. to notice it.

But, like my father used to say in reference to Kruschev (first part of the Cold War) … “”you don’t shoot that savage goy, ….. just because he doesn’t know what he is talking about ….!! Ignorance is not a crime ..””

Now SSpatter, let the lollypop go … pass it on to your wife so she can also have fun with a circumcised dick….
….take two spoons and a bib ..
You are going to need them …

The 109 cities, regions and countries where Jews were allegedly ‘evicted from’ are from  a low calories judeophobe Christian (I wonder what kind of fckkn Christians) website that smells like camel manure ….

A few strokes on the key board produced the following …
(Be’teavon … that is, bon apettite …)

Expelling Jews
I have been kicked out of better places than this is the slightly pathetic thing to say as you leave. If it happens once it happens. Twice might be bad luck. Thrice starts to sound like a habit. When it gets to dozens there have to be reasons, good reasons. The Bible Believers give us 109 Locations whence Jews have been Expelled since AD 250 Most of them are confirmed by Internet sources. In searching there are extras to be found. Records are out there in the history books and on line. It just out of fashion to notice these things. If you do take notice you are liable to get abused for your pains. From some people it is a compliment. Here are two sources on the reasons: Context of Jewish Problems
"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action."
Auric Goldfinger quote
Expelled the Jews in 415 AD. He also expelled the Novations and robbed them to boot. Tolerance was not in fashion at the time. It still is not.
The Library of Alexandria was destroyed about this time. In the late 4th century, persecution of pagans by Christians had reached new levels of intensity. Temples and statues were destroyed throughout the Roman empire, pagan rituals forbidden under punishment of death, and libraries closed. In 391, Emperor Theodosius ordered the destruction of all pagan temples, and the bishop of Alexandria. See also Hypatia which mentions it en passant.

554 AD Diocese of Clement [ France ] expelled the Jews. Unconfirmed.

561 AD Diocese of Uzzes [ sic ] expelled the Jews. Unconfirmed.
QUOTE ex The Catholic Encyclopaedia
The first Bishop of Uzès historically known is Constantius, present at the Council of Vaison in 442. Other bishops were St. Firminus (541-53) and St. Ferreol (553-81).....
About 570, Sigebert, King of Austrasia, created a see at Arisitum (Alais) taking fifteen parishes from the Diocese of Nîmes. In the eighth century, when Septimania was annexed to the Frankish Empire, the Diocese of Alais was suppressed and its territory returned to the Diocese of Nîmes. At the request of Louis XIV, a see was again created at Alais by Innocent XII, in 1694. The future Cardinal de Bausset, Bossuet's biographer was Bishop of Alais from 1784 to 1790.
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2.612 AD  Visigoth expelled the Jews. King Sesbut [ 610 - 620 ] did it. See

642 Visigoth Empire
They got aggravation about this time. Expulsion is not mentioned.
Visigoth says:-
The Visigoths scorned to interfere among Catholics but were interested in decorum and public order. The Arian Visigoths were also tolerant of Jews. Visigothic persecution of Jews had to wait for the conversion to Catholicism of the Visigothic king Reccared, and the same synod of Catholic bishops in 633 that usurped the Visigothic nobles' right to confirm the election of a king declared that all Jews must be baptized.
In January 587 AD Reccared renounced Arianism for Catholicism, the single great event of his reign and the turning-point for Visigothic Spain.
The Council of Toledo, organized by Leander but convened in the king's name in May 589 set the tone for the new Catholic kingdom.  Leander and the Catholic bishops immediately instituted the program of forced conversion of Jews. Catholic history traditionally imputes these persecutions to the Visigothic kings.
He turned down a bribe from the Jews.

18 February 654 AD TOLEDO (Spain)
Receswinth, King of the Visigoths, forced Judaizing Christians (converted Jews who still kept Jewish traditions) to swear loyalty to the Church or die. They were forced to spend Jewish and Christian holy days with the clergy, but could not be forced to eat pork. See

855 AD Italy See the  Catholic Encyclopaedia  
In Italy, as early as 855, Louis II ordered the banishment of all Italian Jews, and his order failed to have the intended effect only because of the distracted condition of the realm at the time. In Germany, where "Jew" was synonymous with "merchant", the emperors were long satisfied with exacting a special tax from their Jewish subjects; but finally Henry II (1002-1024) expelled from Mainz the Jews who refused to be baptized, and it is probable that his decree was applied to other communities.

876 AD Sens, France. See Persecution of the Jews in Europe

1012 AD MAYENCE [ aka Mainz, Germany ]
Emperor Henry II expelled the Jews, probably in reaction to an anti-Christian pamphlet which was produced by a new convert to Judaism, Wecelin (a former Cleric and Deacon). The Jews were allowed to return the following year. See

There seem to have been no Jews in England until the conquest by William of Normandy in 1066. He brought with him a handful of Jewish financiers from France. In the next generation, the communities grew much stronger and we find proper communities in several English towns. See Department for Jewish Zionist Education.

1180 January 9, PHILIP AUGUSTUS (France)
(The new king of France) arrested large numbers of Jews while his father, Louis VII, who tried to protect the Jews (though not always successfully) was still alive. All the Jews found in synagogues on the Sabbath were arrested. Philip agreed to free them for 15,000 silver marks.  See

From "France", after which Philip confiscated their land and cancelled the debts owed them. Since Philip did not control the whole of France, many Jews moved to other areas. In 1192, after expanding his kingdom to areas which still had Jews, he decided to allow them to return to his whole kingdom - for a fee and under strict conditions. See

1181 AD ABBEY OF ST. EDMUNDS (England)
A dispute broke out between William the Sacristan (Sexton) of the Abbey and his associate Samson. The Jews and the local townspeople sided with William. Unfortunately, it was Samson who came to power the next year as Abbot. In 1190, after the Coronation riots, Samson demanded that the Jews should be placed under his authority rather than the Kings. When they refused, they were expelled under guard.  See

King Henry II enacted the "Assize of Arms", ordering that all weapons in possession of Jews be confiscated on the grounds that Jews, who were supposedly protected by the King, would not have any reason for owning arms. The weapons were turned over to the King's forces. A direct result of this was that there was little they could do to protect themselves when riots broke out less then ten years later.  See

1255 AD Hugh of Lincoln drowned in a Jewish cess pool. A hundred Jews were hanged for their pains. See Italy and the Jews - Timeline

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1278 AD England
269 Jews are hanged. 680 were nicked for thieving so most of them got away with it. King Edward came in for 16,500 pounds from fines and confiscations which was seriously useful money. See Italy and the Jews - Timeline

1288 AD Naples orders the  first expulsion of Jews in Southern Italy. See Italy and the Jews - Timeline

1290 AD Edward I of England
expelled the Jews  because he was vicious or vice versa. The Wikipedia blames Edward. See also 16,000 Jews are expelled

1293 AD
Destruction of most Jewish communities in the Kingdom of Naples, cradle of Ashkenazi culture in Southern Italy, accompanied by conversions of Jews. See Italy and the Jews - Timeline

1305 AD
Pope Clement V is first pope to threaten Jews with an economic boycott in an attempt to force them to stop charging Christians interest on loans. See Italy and the Jews - Timeline Here we get a reason for their unpopularity.

1306  AD
France expelled the Jews. Philip IV of France  confiscated all of their property. A year later he got a grip of the  Knights Templar in France and robbed them too. See also
1306 January 21, FRANCE
Phillip the Fair, needing funds after his war with the Flemish, issued secret orders to ready for the expulsion of the Jews and the confiscation of their property. Any Jews found after a given date were to be executed.  See

1306 July 22, PHILIP THE FAIR (France)
Expelled the Jews from his lands after arresting all of them (on the day after the 9th of Av) and confiscating their property. Most Jews went to the next Duchy. Gradually, they were allowed to drift back.

1321 August 21, FRANCE
Jews were accused of encouraging lepers to poison Christian wells. This directly led to wide-spread and similar accusations during the Black Plague. This time, five thousand Jews were killed. At Chinon, 160 Jews were burned in a pit on an island outside of town. Eventually the King, Philip the Tall, admitted that the Jews were innocent. The island is still known as Ile de Juifs.  See

Expelled all the Jews from France without the promised one year's warning. See

1328 March 5, NAVARRE (France)
After the death of Charles the Fair, Philip's brother and successor, Pedro Olligoyen, a Franciscan friar, used the Jews as a scapegoat against French rule. All Jewish houses were pillaged then destroyed. Approximately 6000 Jews were murdered. There were 20 survivors.  See

1329  AD
A street with the name of Via Scannaguidei (Kill the Jews Street) was noted and is still in existence today.  See - he does not say where but it is in Italian.

1348 January 9, BLACK PLAGUE (Basel, Switzerland)
In reaction to the Black Plague, six hundred Jews and the town Rabbis were burned at the stake. 140 children were forcibly baptized. The victims were left unburied, the cemetery destroyed and the synagogue turned into a church. The remaining Jews were expelled and not readmitted until 1869.

Black Plague massacres began in Barcelona and Cervera.

Bern, Chillon, Zurich. In the Castle of Chillon on Lake Geneva, Jews under torture admitted to being given poison to place in wells around Venice.

1348 AD September 26, POPE CLEMENT VI
Issued a Bull contradicting the libel against the Jews. In it he stated that the Jews were suffering just like the rest of Europe. Other rulers issued similar denunciations, but to little effect.

1348 AD
The Black Plague–Jews are accused of poisoning the wells. See Italy and the Jews - Timeline You cannot say that they were beloved of their hosts.
If we all think alike .... then, nobody is thinking

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