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Heavy taxation needed on cigarettes [Copy link] 中文

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Today is my 7th non-smoking day. My new year's resolution is to kick this habit which I've spent 2 years and a half with.

The government draws hundreds of millions from tabacco consumption (probably a major driver of domestic consumption{:soso_e113:}). However, if we see things from a future perspective, tabacco consumption will definitely lead to excessive loss of human resources (which translates into money), surge of medicare expenses, and increasingly limited room for hospitals.

If heavy tax was to be levied from tabacco products, and provided it breaks even against the current tabacco revenue, fewer people would puff and the society would be healthier.

Surely I'll do my part first and stick to my promise -- quit smoking. But if the environment gets more health-oriented, people won't find it that difficult to stop a bad habit, will they?

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I like that picture and comments. Chinese governments have enough wealth within to REMOVE smoking entirely with at least 2000% increase in taxes on local productions and 5000% tax levies applicable to foreign brands of smoke.

The proportion of smoking in China is NO longer different to OPIUM pandemic addiction_bugs; and 2nd_hand inhaling_smokers are most vulnerable victims of cancerous attacks, but who will pay the health bills in the end? China will bear the end result of sick & dirty smelling Chinese, absolutely, 100 million or 500 million or 1000 million!! Perhaps, this is the resolve to nail the population down to 300 million living Chinese in China.
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seneca Post time: 2012-1-10 20:12
Beware of simplist "solutions" to intractable issues!

If you raise the tax, someone will see a loo ...

exactly, but a quicker fix than raising tax universally is to turn China smuggling-free

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Heavier taxing may help a little but there will always be group who will smoke even if they
have to grow the tobacco themselves.
In the USA tobacco was protected for longer than it should have been once it became crystal
clear that it was THE major cause of lung cancer. The states that depended on the income from
their tobacco farmers and industry lobbied mightily to protect this industry.
I would hope that if China does tax the hell out of tobacco they would find replacement crops
and industry for those provinces, such as Yunnan, that depend on tobacco so much.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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in tems of addiction potential, tobacco is rated as highly or worse than heroin and crack cocaine

taxation, as others point out, is not really a barrier, though is a good source of revenue for the government.

it is really quite surprising how much people will spend on tobacco even when impoverished

I have even seen people 'butt scabbing" (picking up cigarrete butts from the ground and smoking them) - this was apparently common in WW2

In Oz, we have banned smoking inside buildings, except private residences. Also, no smoking on public transport.

In terms of quitting - a recent study reported that the patches were as effective as placebo

There are two medications - vareniciline and bupropion - both have a small risk of mental illnesses, especially if the person already has one

I think China has the highest smoking prevalence in the world amongst men - about 50%, from what I read

From what I gather, very few Chinese females smoke

actually, a very effective device was invented by a Hong Kong Chinese called an "electronic cigarette" in the mid 1990s.

the device is endorsed by the american college of public health physicians, but not by the FDA at this stage.

basically, "vapour" is inhaled from a small battery powered cartridge filled with vegetable oil, nicotine and flavouring to produce "smoke", which is actually a vapour. It more or less exactly mimics smoking a cigarette but is odourless

it is not messy, like smoking and best of all, it is cheaper

people who use this device swear by it
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lebeast Post time: 2012-1-11 18:22
in tems of addiction potential, tobacco is rated as highly or worse than heroin and crack cocaine

t ...

I have an electronic cigarette (but don't use it)  ........

It is not the same, and if you try and quit it is the same cycle as normal cigarettes ..........

One thing I hate about the debate on smoking is non-smokers who do not understand (as you rightly point out) how seriously addictive smoking is ........

Poor farmers will not quit smoking because the tax is raised, they will buy less food or grow their own tobacco (not illegal in China) ........

The core is to stop picking on those who are already addicted and focus on the next generation who are not .........

Education is very important is this problem and slowly in the west this is sinking in ........

My parents lived through WWII and both smoked. My mother smoked when she was pregnant and our house was full of smoke ..........

I developed and grew up in smoke ..........   

For me it was the best thing I ever found when I was a teenager. It was an epiphany when I had my first cigarette, and also I have given up for periods of one-year or so in the past. It never leaves you alone though and I function much better with smoking than without .......

It is parents that need to be educated. Pregnant women should NOT smoke and children should grow up in a smoke-free environment ...........

I have a love hate relationship with smoking. I hate it , but without the smoking I become more tense and aggressive .........  

And everyone knows that I am always happy and polite  ........   

Right ............      

What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left  -   Oscar Levant

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once, when my father sold his home, I took a picture off the wall and the underlying wallpaper was a completely different colour.

I got a table from him and when I washed the smoke odour off, the liquid ran brown..

he gave up only due to major health problems

unfortunately he has a degree of emphysema which I expect will gradually worsen with time

it is an interesting point about tension and argy-bargy you make...often it is due to withdrawal

(beast ex machina)

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