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The Best Jilin Province Attractions
Jilin Province is abundant in tourist resources, including various natural scenery and unique cultural landscapes. About the wonderful natural scenery, situated in east Jilin Province, the Changbai Mountains Natural Reserves is a piece of marvelous land for its towering. The rime is a natural phenomena turning up in the bank of the Songhua River during severe winter. There are also numerous historical sites. Puppet Emperor's Palace, the residence of Puyi (pǔ yí 溥仪), who is the last emperor in the Qing Dynasty, witnessed t he history that Japanese Imperialism took the northeast of China by force and carried out fascist colonial rule. Banruo (bān ruò 般若) Temple, the largest Buddhist Temple in Changchun, is a place to enjoy the wing-buildings in ancient style and experience the religion of Buddhism. The Koguryo (gāo gōu lì 高句丽) Historical Site in Tonghua City has been included on the UNESCO's World Heritage Site List, containing the archaeological remains of three cities and forty identified tombs of Koguryo imperial and noble families. There are many wonderful attractions in Heilongjiang Province the travelers could go.

The Capital of Jilin Province: Changchun City
Changchun (cháng chūn 长春) is the capital of Jilin Province and was formerly the capital of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo. And it is a Beautiful forest city, with an urban green-cover-rate of 40%, is standing in the front row among the big cities in China, and an ideal place for the citizens to live and work. The scenery is really beautiful in all the four seasons with light green in spring, Luxuriant green in summer, a riot of colors in autumn and snow white in winter. The best attractions here are such as Jingyuetan National Forest Park (Jìng yuè tán guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 净月潭国家森林公园), The Museum of Imperial Palace of Manchu State (wěi mǎn huáng gōng bó wù yuàn 伪满皇宫博物院), The Changchun World Sculpture Park, Banruo Temple and so on.

In the south park of Jilin Province: Tonghua (tōng huà 通化) City and Baishan (bái shān 白山) City
This part has not only the perfect nature resources, but the meaningful historical scenery. What’s more, the border scenery is appealing. Visitors flock to marvel at sights such as the Yalu River, folk customs, Road of Ginseng, Volcano Lake in Changbai Mountains and ancient City. The best attractions here are such as Changbai Mountain Scenic Area (cháng bái shān fēng jǐng qū 长白山风景区), Wang Swan Scenic Area (wàng tiān é fēng jǐng qū 望天鹅风景区), Dragon (Chinese Dragon) Bay National Forest Park (lóng wān qún guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuá 龙湾群国家森林公园), Koguryo Cultural Relics Scenic Area (gāo gōu lì wén wù gǔ jì jǐng qū 高句丽文物古迹景区) and so on.

In the north part of Jilin Province: Baicheng (bái chéng 白城) City and Songyuan (sōng yuán 松原) City
Due to the advantaged geographic location, convenient transportation and telecommunication and abundant natural resources, especially the grassland and forest resources, there are many national nature reserve in the region and the wonderful scenery wouldn’t let the travelers down. The best attractions here are Chagan Lake Nature Reserve (chá gàn hú zì rán bǎo hù qū 查干湖自然保护区), Xianghai National Nature Reserve (xiàng hǎi guó jiā zì rán bǎo hù qū 向海国家自然保护区), Momogo National Natural Preserve (mò mò gé guó jiā jí zì rán bǎo hù qū 莫莫格国家级自然保护区), Tahu Ancient Town (塔虎古城) and so on.

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In the East part of Heilongjiang Province: Jilin (jí lín 吉林) City
Jilin City (jí lín shì 吉林市) is the second large city in Jilin Province and also the only city that has the same name with its province. It is rich in its tourism resources. Songhua Lake (sōng huā hú 松花湖) is recognized as the national tourist zone, the Jilin Rimed Trees are praised as one of the four nature wonders in China, and the Longtanshan Deer Farm (lóng tán shān lù chǎng 龙潭山鹿场) is ranked as the national scenic spots in China. The Beidahu (běi dà hú 北大湖) Ski Resort is regarded as the largest and most advanced skiing ground with the most advantageous natural conditions for skiing. The Jilin Meteorite Museum (jí lín yǔn shí bó wù guǎn 吉林陨石博物馆) has on display many samples of iron meteorites and stony iron and well as one of the largest stone meteorites in the world. And The Beishan Park (běi shān gōng yuán 北山公园) is considered an optimum venue for its summer lotus flowers and winter "rimy pines" which combined the wonderful natural scenery and cultural ancient temples.

In the southwest part of Jilin Province: Siping (sì ping 四平) City and Liaoyuan (liáo yuán辽源) City
In this part, the mountains are beautiful and exquisite. Hada (hā dá 哈达) Summit of Changbai Mountains connects all the mountains, which looks complex and steep. There are fascinating natural scenes and interesting cultural artifacts throughout this region. With the bright lakes, green trees and clear water, it's an ideal place for tourism. The best attractions here Yehenala Ancient City (yè hè nà lā gǔ chéng 叶赫那拉古城), Mountain Gate Tourist Resort (sì píng shì shān mén fēng jǐng qū 四平市山门风景区), Yitong Volcano Group (yī tōng huǒ shān qún 伊通火山群), Hancongding National Forest Park (寒葱顶国家森林公园) and so on.

Eating in Jilin Province
The Changchun Restaurant in the Changchun city serves local refreshments, cold dishes, dumplings, Luandun (luàn dùn 乱炖), Jilin-style dishes, Shangdong (shān dōng 山东)-style dishes and southern dishes with Sichuan and Jiangsu flavors.
Among the famous dishes prepared by this restaurant, braised bear's paw, ginseng soup, banquet dishes shark's fin, swallow's nest duck and ginseng velvet ball are popular with diners.
A sample menu of local delicacies in Jilin City includes ginseng chicken cooked in sand pot, steamed white-fish soup, fresh raw fish dish, assorted frog fat, braised bear's paw, clear soup in hot pot, and bean curd bags.
Many years ago, a frog accumulates transparent fat in the ovary. The fat can be cooked into a very nutritious and popular dish because of the high protein, hormone and vitamin content it contains. The assorted frog fat dish, prepared with the frog fat as the main ingredient, is very popular among diners.
The "Changbaishan (cháng bái shān 长白山) Treasure Banquet" includes famous dishes with unique local flavors which are prepared by very experienced chefs with special local ingredients like ginseng, bear's paw, venison, Feilong (fēi long 飞龙) Bird (Flying Dragon Bird) meat, frog fat and monkey-head mushroom, all of which are conveniently available in Changbaishan region. The Feast consists of more than dozen dishes, cold or hot, meat or vegetarian, all prepared with special local ingredients. These dishes are not only praised for beautiful color, pleasant smell and delicious flavor, but also known for their nutrition and tonic value.
The details in Local Food of Jilin Province are such as Ginseng Chicken Cooked with Maotai Wine (rén cān jī hé máo tái jiǔ 人参鸡和茅台酒), Braised Deer's Tail (hóng shāo lù wěi bā 红烧鹿尾巴, Pou Sheng Yu (pōu shēng yú 剖生鱼), White Pork and Blood Large Intestine (bái ròu xuè cháng 白肉血肠), Da Cake (dǎ gāo 打糕) and so on.

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