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China v/s USA military strength 2011   [Copy link] 中文

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China 3.jpg


Now look at the US military strength below. China's military is nowhere near US Air, Naval and land army power.

Capture 1.PNG
Capture 2.PNG

Comparison below


Indian Army's official signboard along China border

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Your numbers are flat and without depth. This kind of shallow measurement means absolutely nothing in the real world.

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                                            Sick man Sam!             {:soso_e119:}

Uncle Sam is a very sick man indeed.

Like many self-obsessed sick man, he doesn't know he is sick.

He is so very obsessed with control of the world, in the name of continual dominance of

Anglo brothercrook empire.

Do you know that -

U.S. military budget is bigger than all the next ten largest nations' military budgets combined?!

  If Uncle Sam were a man in real life, it's more like some sicko who has barely enough monies to

feed & cloth himself; and yet spending a big chunk of it on an expensive bazooka, and walking

around all over town, brandishing his bazooka in hand!!!



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Yes, the numbers are somewhat misleading I think and surely don't reflect the true balance in this equation. Also, not included are USN CG's and so on.

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These figures are from the thieves' own records which hardly reliable. China is not an violent country and as aggressive in killing people as much as the thieves in the u.S., but I think their defense capabilities had help force the thieves in the U.S. to accept some of level of peace and friendship with China at the time.

The thieves in the U.S. will not go to war with China unless these thieves can minipulate the Chinese to be divded among themselves, self destroy their own country, and only after the thieves verify that China have zero defense capability before any direct miliatary attack is being used.  As for now, thieves in the U.S. still rely on lies, propagandas, terrorists activities(using terrorist network such as the CIA) to destroy China's defense capabilities. Al Qaeda had adapted in using the CIA's style terrorists activities fight back for many Middle Eastern countries and I think war against the thieves is going to be this style for many decades to come.

What China need to do is continue to promote socialism by standing  against thieves' in the U.S. ideology of Selfishism, robberism, and destructionism while forcing the U.S. thieves to accept peace and friendship through the use of common sense back by displaying their military through a military parade. Since Vietnam, thieves in the U.S. had only been targeting very helpless nations so as long as other country can prove their defense capability to a certain level, peace can be maintain and thieves will be force to accept peace.

I am an Asian American. I came to Chinadaily forum hoping to share my experience, knowledge, and my point of view. And in return I want to get the same in return from friends from around the world.

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i beleive this very thread is the kind that is garanteed to bring out national pride and fear . it doesn t matter who has the biggest army or the latest weapons tech .any one of all the the super powers can kill the whole world.the idea of shooting nukes down is infantile cosidering todays technology modern weapons will detonate any way depending on where they are. even one bomb will wreak more destruction than we can tollerate or hope to clean up,and the likey hood of there being only one is so far remote as to be ludicrus. we have way to many problems already without making it  impossible to live on purpose. nukes are not an option.
every body writes on walls but me

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Hmoonhistorian Post time: 2012-1-12 07:02
These figures are from the thieves' own records which hardly reliable. China is not an violent count ...

Calling them thieves isn't exactly helping the situation or building a rapport. China IS a violent country historically. It's only since 1980 that it hasn't been, or don't you know your own history? (I apologise if you're noit Chinese).
Obama is downsizing the US military over the next decade so, of all folks, you should be saying thankyou!

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