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Online Railway Ticket Booking Brings Difficulties to Migrant Workers   [Copy link] 中文

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LCSULLA Post time: 2012-1-7 08:15
If it is english that you're trying to use,
that should be kind of
shamefur dispray,

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HI @fredius, people have to learn and pick up the tabs as though they are seeing new BMW or Benz or VW or Toyota or luxurious apt/houses in Australia, USA and UK or immigrations. These bosses would not even stop hopping despite of having a single leg left  to get to "them" at first sight! What is so bloody difficult to assist your own fellows who gave them a much bigger pie and rice bowl daily? All is it is a mere lifting of fingers and/or yelling over phones like you would see them daily.  NO excuse at all, absolutely.

The system is implemented and it is there, hence it is up to each individual to pick it up. These workers are tough guys and not those spoiled kids you would see crying on spilt ice creams!

They (bosses/emlpoyers) do not understand CIVIC mannerism on home ground?  Please do not even ponder on immigrating to those of their dreamy & starry places else they bring forth disgrace and shame to the Chinese race in this world, mates. Tell us all that this statement is wrong, please!
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If the workers are migrant, that means they work in the urban places where there is internet.  If they are going on leave for the spring festival, that means they have applied to their urban employers for leave.

So the urban employer office takes down their leave applications, and at the same time this time, ask them whether they need train/bus tickets to go where on which day and return by when. To save time, they will also be asked whether they have a range of travelling dates and times if what they want cannot be obtained.  

Of course when the situation is simpler as are most cases where the employer declares a fixed period of dates closed for festival, then the dates of traveling are already fixed from the beginning.

Then with that collection of data, the employer office will make the online bookings for the traveling migrant workers working for the employer.

If necessary, the employer pays first and then collects the payment from the workers while issuing them the online confirmation/ticket.  It would be better if the employer just pays for the workers and keep quiet.

In case of difficulty getting the right dates of travel, the employer office shall also have immediate mobile number of the supervisor at site where the migrant workers are deployed. The office shall call the number to ask that the worker be told during lunch or dinner break and to get reconfirmation of new travel date according to what is still available in the same day. And then act on the new data immediately. If the work is a lot, get more secretaries to do. If still a lot, get the bosses to do as well. Only need to do this a few times in a year so please no complaining.

This shall be a service by employer for workers. So there will be no additional charges to the workers.

Meanwhile, the great exodus looms in a few weeks' time.  So, transport companies from rail to bus, boat to plane, should take special care to check all parts are in good working order, especially brakes, circuit breakers, tyres, carburettors, fuel injection systems, route software, and fog lamps. Drivers must be kept optimally fit, alert and careful.  These are things which can be done in advance.

Get them home safely and bring them back safely.

Long live the Motherland

(where's the flag emoticon?)

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If someone is too lazy or don't know how to wipe their arses clean, they'd complain the government is not doing it for them.  

Online-ticket-booking is a new thing aimed to make train-ticket booking easier for people and as it requires everybody to provide their ID information, it prevents the activity of scalpers. I'm shocked it became another reason to blame the government.  Ungrateful rats.

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NE_Tigress Post time: 2012-1-7 15:47
If someone is too lazy or don't know how to wipe their arses clean, they'd complain the government i ...

1. Apparently, you, full of pride and prejudice, distinguished yourself from us - the ordinary Chinese.

2. Sometimes, I like to communicate with those migrant workers. I like to listen to their talking about their children, their family, their hometown. I earn more than those migrant workers. Maybe I get more legal salaries than Netigress too. But I still repsect the migrant workers.

3. I don't buy a train ticket yet. If I couldn't get a train ticket, I would have to go back by flights. Actually, I don't have much money and I like the rail travel, though I came and went back from Gansu to Shandong by flights in the past months. The train hard sleeper going and back ticket: nearly RMB 800 while the flight going and back ticket: nearly RMB 3,000. I also wanna save money.
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