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Can China become a bilingual country?   [Copy link] 中文

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I've been studying English for many years, and I'm still frustrated by the difference between the huge number of English learners and the tiny number of English speakers in my country.

I really crave an English-speaking environment here. Can this be possible? How?

Personally, making English the office language would be preferred. Chinese languages can be used in families and among friends. But even in foreign companies, people still speak "broken", passable English. What a shame!

Anybody knows how can this country be transformed?

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hey, by saying "office language", i mean the language used in offices and on official occasions. I didn't mean that the government should make English the "official" language of the country,... like the case with Hong Kong or Singapore where official documents should be presented bilingually or multilingually. I know it'd be too romantic to hope that.{:soso_e100:}

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To: OP

This is a very unwise and sad idea I have to say.

To all people who really love their country and culture, they are always proud of their own mother tongue, which is considered most beautiful and superior language in the world. If peoplel don't love their own mother tongue, how can they love their own culture?

Why do Chinese people have to speak English especially in China? Is China a colony of Anglos, where the native people were deprived of the liberty to speak their mother tongue, i.e. aboriginal people in Australia.

I don't swoon for French couture, perfune, scenery, etc., but I admire French people's  devotion  to their mother tongue, and they are determined to defend their purity of French. Former French President even refused to speak English in a UN summit, according to a report. France is one of the developed countries in the world where the people wouldn't like speak English. Japanese speak poor English too. Do any other people  in the world look down upon them about that?

Vice versa, do most Americans speak Chinese or other foreign languages? If they don't speak any foreign languages, shall they be ashame of themselves? Many laowais speak Mandarin, but their accent and expressions are rather clumsy in my Chinese ear. Shall they be ashame of themselves?

English is  a medium/bridge to communicate with other people. If people can understand, that is okay for me. Many Chinese speak poor English, but we are  cleverer than those laowais who are virtually mute and deaf in China when it comes to grasp a foreign language.

I feel proud that we Chinese drove away those greedy colonists and invaders, but would like to suggest that our mindset shouldn't be colonised by Anglos. Chinese should enhance our national pride and confidence via learning our culture including our beautiful language as China is emerging as an economic and military power, and wish the day of Chinese cultural power is coming soon. I bet!

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80% of the EAST ASIAN - (New Middle Kingdom) is DOMESTIC, and the remainder 20% is EXTERNAL.

Internal New Middle Kingdom, there is COMMON LANGUAGE known as the PUTONGHUA - however there is 2 types of writings, the "complex characters" used by Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It's rich with "philosophical clues". The second is used by Mainland China, Thailand, Malaya, Singapore and I understand Vietnam is also teaching "simplified characters".

Korea seems to have terminated Chinese writings, while Japan, Vietnam, Thailand uses their own "aphabetical" type writings. The Koreans is bigger with the CHRISTIAN CULT system, while Hong Kong, Singapore lesser so.

The major dialect of ECONOMIC strength is CANTONESE, FUJIEN, KOREAN, JAPANESE.

Globally, ENGLISH controls almost 30% of the global GNP - mostly the British Club core, and the American "english underclasses" state. The English language seems to be the GLOBAL COMMON LANGUAGE at the moment, (replacing French in Europe, and Putonghua in East Asia)

The language with powerful economic value includes GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH.
While there is a lesser language but STRATEGICALLY important, Russian, Portugese, Italian languages!


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I support 4#.
Really English is just a boarde to communicate with foreign countries . Our mother tongue is Chinese .Learning English certainly is hard work . I don't think it's a shame to "broken" English. On the contrary, should proud of speaking "broken" English. We try ,we are proud.

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This post was edited by mapleripple at 2012-1-3 12:55

well, let me say something about my sense of national dignity... when my friends and i were with a bunch of laowais (foreigners), we had the feeling of proudness, cos we could understand every single word foreigners said, but they couldn't pick up anything from our conversation... in other words, if China becomes BILINGUAL (by that i never mean ENGLISH ONLY), we guys have the upper hand... {:soso_e113:}

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