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A real mainland China - poor city people and rich city people   [Copy link] 中文

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greatlady Post time: 2011-12-17 23:05
I was trying to say that those ppls to be up earlier to market as it is free offer from government ...

sorry, maybe I should not say like that.


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superkylin Post time: 2011-12-17 22:40
Are we gonna to beat other countries in Gini Coefficient? whee...we score high! we score high!


sorry if I disappoint you, but it's "just" 41.5.

What a miserable performance, to be beaten even by a developed country as the USA by 3.5.
To be honest, the only industrialised Country to have managed that though.
(And that with them not even really scoring at absolute poverty contributing,
just relative poverty, I admit)

Congratulations then.

Wut's up with Yurop,
even some Balkan S**thole as Bosnia and Herzigowina scoring a meager 34.1?
What a dissapointing performance of the Balcans to match up to central European Clichees,
wtf is wrong with them?

The last places pretty much exclusively occupied by Europen Countries,
Sweden and Hungary both scoring not even 25.

The EU really seems to lack leadership really badly, It seems.
A lot to do for us to match up to world Standards in this Discipline!

As on Topic,
do the average wages of them per hour times the hours spent waiting surpass the value of the vegetables, or not?
I've seen quite a lot of people pretty much everywhere stupidly perceived freebees at inproportionate costs.
But also depends on own perception on priorities.

I surely would not have built some of my own furniture myself if I did not enjoy Woodcrafting.

Only with the time spent on it considered as entertainment and recreation could it pay off for me, I guess.

gone slightly off topic again I guess.

And the vegetables are likely also even polluted,
but which, accessable to normal civillians, isn't?
您买象牙 - 您杀了大象! - “用现代文明标准比划中国人,是严重的种族歧视行为。”
„Ich ficke wo, wen, und wann ich will, hast du mich verstanden. Auch du könntest ficken, aber du kannst es ja gar nicht, deine deutsche Genauigkeit... verbietet es dir“. Jean-Claude Juncker

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The problem is that too many rich people in our society made their fortunes and wealth through illegal and immoral methods in the past 30 years.

I totally agree on that one.
The widening gap between rich and poor is NOT a big issue, even if some people think it is. In fact, this helps China to rebuild the elite that was destroyed during the past century.
However, the elite should serve as a role model to ordinary people - and this is where things get messed up. In China, most rich people are acting rude, unsophisticated and outright arrogant and most of them got rich through illegal practices. What kind of society will develop when a society's leaders are like this?

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This post was edited by attilaattila at 2011-12-18 13:12

"The widening gap between rich and poor is NOT a big issue "

Yes the Gini coefficient needs to be raised , regressive taxation would be GOOD. For example above monthly income of 10k yuan the tax rate would be 0% between 5k-10k 10% 3k-5k 20% 2k-3k 35% 1k-2k 50% below 1k 70% , above 100k monthly income negative tax needs to be attached -10% ....

/end sarcasm

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This post was edited by superkylin at 2011-12-18 12:19
LCSULLA Post time: 2011-12-18 03:48
sorry if I disappoint you, but it's "just" 41.5.

yeah...very disappointing, {:soso_e115:} what about India? this country for us, is frequently mentioned when we talk about rich poor gap in China, or female discriminations, or racialism, or environment, or pollution and poor city plan..India is quite handy to quote

if we score higher than India, then I still see some hope, that we can beat others, cause there're lots of things we can do to catch up: set our cutoff point low, extra tax for yearend bonus, or maybe safety tax for firecrackers during spring festivals...and can also call for a social service tax for all the people take bus and subway to work?...we need to be creative

ps and I agree---
"But also depends on own perception on priorities."  

I saw in Belgium people also queuing(not that long though..they have less people i guess) to get free coffee from a newly opened star, coffee for them = vegetable for those, and also depends on how much time they have in a day to waste.

so i think-----

queuing time                       salary - value of free giveaways
_______________      X    _____________________            =  the cost of queuing  ?

free time of a day                          salary

when cost is low for them, they go for it

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wowzers Post time: 2011-12-17 14:39
Don't be too hard on her, English is not her first language and she often has a difficult time exp ...

What's "dangao"  
Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

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andr0078 Post time: 2011-12-18 13:01
What's "dangao"

Good Gweilo: My job is the ideological quality control

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