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China's Hu urges navy to prepare for combat   [Copy link] 中文

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China's Hu urges navy to prepare for combat

By Robert Saiget | AFPTue, Dec 6, 2011

Chinese President Hu Jintao, seen here in April 2011, has urged the country's navy

Chinese President Hu Jintao on Tuesday urged the navy to prepare for military combat, amid growing regional tensions over maritime disputes and a US campaign to assert itself as a Pacific power.

The navy should "accelerate its transformation and modernisation in a sturdy way, and make extended preparations for military combat in order to make greater contributions to safeguard national security," he said.

Addressing the powerful Central Military Commission, Hu said: "Our work must closely encircle the main theme of national defence and military building."

His comments, which were posted in a statement on a government website, come as the United States and Beijing's neighbours have expressed concerns over its naval ambitions, particularly in theSouth China Sea.

Several Asian nations have competing claims over parts of the South China Sea, believed to encompass huge oil and gas reserves, while China claims it all. One-third of global seaborne trade passes through the region.

Vietnam and the Philippines have accused Chinese forces of increasing aggression there.

In a translation of Hu's comments, the official Xinhua news agency quoted the president as saying China's navy should "make extended preparations for warfare."

The Pentagon however downplayed Hu's speech, saying that Beijing had the right to develop its military, although it should do so transparently.

"They have a right to develop military capabilities and to plan, just as we do," said Pentagon spokesman George Little, but he added, "We have repeatedly called for transparency from the Chinese and that's part of the relationship we're continuing to build with the Chinese military."

"Nobody's looking for a scrap here," insisted another spokesman, Admiral John Kirby. "Certainly we wouldn't begrudge any other nation the opportunity, the right to develop naval forces to be ready.

"Our naval forces are ready and they'll stay ready."

State Department spokesman Mark Toner said: "We want to see stronger military-to-military ties with China and we want to see greater transparency. That helps answer questions we might have about Chinese intentions."

Hu's announcement comes in the wake of trips to Asia by several senior US officials, includingPresident Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

US undersecretary of defence Michelle Flournoy is due to meet in Beijing with her Chinese counterparts on Wednesday for military-to-military talks.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao last month warned against interference by "external forces" in regional territorial disputes including those in the South China Sea.

And China said late last month it would conduct naval exercises in the Pacific Ocean, after Obama, who has dubbed himself America's first Pacific president, said the US would deploy up to 2,500 Marines to Australia.

China's People's Liberation Army, the largest military in the world, is primarily a land force, but its navy is playing an increasingly important role as Beijing grows more assertive about its territorial claims.

Earlier this year, the Pentagon warned that Beijing was increasingly focused on its naval power and had invested in high-tech weaponry that would extend its reach in the Pacific and beyond.

China's first aircraft carrier began its second sea trial last week after undergoing refurbishments and testing, the government said.

The 300-metre (990-foot) ship, a refitted former Soviet carrier, underwent five days of trials in August that sparked international concern about China's widening naval reach.

Beijing only confirmed this year that it was revamping the old Soviet ship and has repeatedly insisted that the carrier poses no threat to its neighbours and will be used mainly for training and research purposes.

But the August sea trials were met with concern from regional powers including Japan and the United States, which called on Beijing to explain why it needs an aircraft carrier.

China, which publicly announced around 50 separate naval exercises in the seas off its coast over the past two years -- usually after the event -- says its military is only focused on defending the country's territory.

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China's Hu urges navy to prepare for combat?

Under leadership of great leader Hu China can beat sh!t out of any agressor.

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It’s reasonable. We have focused on developing economy under the “Low Profile” strategy for more than 30 years. And now, our GDP has grown up to the second largest in the world. But with economy developing, our military building is still sluggish and can't match our economy status, China’s interests are left to ineffectual protection, the South China Sea is a good example. Many unscrupulous countries like Vietnam and the Philippines, they captured our fishermen, invaded our islands, stole our oil resource. If this can be tolerated, what can not? China must give these overconfident guys a lesson whether for national dignity or interests.
Before taking actions, however, we should ask a question, why dare these small nations provoke China? The answer is simple: America, the world’s strongest military power. So if China wanna give the Philippines a beating, we must prepare to fight with the US at first. The US is the overlord of the world whose power is being gradually eroded, and China is just the next challenger. Viewed historically, every major exchange of power accompanied by warfare. The US unlikely to easily give up its power, and China, of course, also aren’t satisfied with second place. So the conflicts between the two countries are inevitable. The possibility of a overall war is zero, but local conflicts can be expected, thinking about America’s deployment in the Philippines and Australia and a series of military exercise with Japan and Korea. Maybe the South China Sea is a suitable battlefield.
In the dog eat dog world, you must weapon your fists to protect your interests from invading. China own the strongest land force in the world, but the development of its navy is sluggish. All may be quiet, but it is dangerous to forget war! President Hu’s words just came at the right moment. The veteran leader Deng Xiaoping once said we should “hide our capacities to bide our time and do something worthwhile.” And now, it’s time to “do something worthwhile”.

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Always remember that the greatest element to win a war is to give the enemy a big "SURPRISE". Keep the enemy guessing! China's PLA Navy could turn out to be the "surprised element" to win the war for China if ever the possibility of a war is eminent.
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The true colors are shining through-

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Army sets up strategic planning unit.

Updated: 2011-11-23 07:20By Guo Ji (China Daily)

BEIJING - A strategic planning department was set up on Tuesday by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) as the army is rapidly modernizing itself for more sophisticated operations, the PLA Daily's website reported.

The report said the function of the department, which will be administered by the General Staff Headquarters, include: studying of critical strategic issues; drafting plans and reform proposals for the PLA's development; submitting suggestions on the allocation of the PLA's strategic resources and examining and evaluating the implementation of the plans for the PLA's development.

Luo Yuan, deputy secretary-general of the China Society of Military Science, told China Daily the move is in response to increasingly sophisticated military operation in the future that might involve multiple combat forces and headquarters.

"The new department will become an authoritative and comprehensive planning center," Luo said.

Guo Boxiong, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission, and Chief of the General Staff Chen Bingde attended the ceremony that marked the establishment of the department.

The conference came one day after President Hu Jintao met representatives to the Seventh Party congress of the PLA Academy of Military Science.

Hu urged the military academy to closely follow military development trends throughout the world, examine the development of the Chinese army, and pay more attention to the study of strategic issues.

Zheng Yangpeng contributed to this story.

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China Should develop her military, the world needs a counter to the USA, the USA has it too easy at present. but please do not spend like the USA who cares more for bombs than it does for people
I'm a little bit wrong and your a little bit right.
Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

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