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Men without money are rubbish?   [Copy link] 中文

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I make quite enough money, but I think money is a dangerous thing. Especially in countries that knew/know poverty (but not limited to those!), like China, money has become a god. People'd do anytjing for money and the apparent status that comes with it. I'm totally not interested in making more money, unless it's to do something for people and animals in need. I'm no saint, not at all, but my attitude seems to be in contrast with my chinese family.

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Today, I bought a water heater and a washing machine with about 6600 yuan. I got today's interest of 37.55 yuan in my Yu'eBao account. I had supper in a resturant and bought fuits in a spuermarket on this evening. Apparently money is very important for our daily living.
Men without money is rubbish? Of course it's wrong.
Street cleaner earn very little. I have ever had talks with them. They would smile when they talk about their children in schools and universities, when they talk about their families. They saved very little in banks. We should respect these cleaners. Their harding working makes our city clean. Their harding working raises the family members behind them.
Many of the disabled work hard for a living. Privated business bosses work through the whole night, day and night. We respect these people as well as the cleaners.
Many corrupted CPC members and gov officials stole money from our public accounts. Many of them have fled away from China. Some of them still stay in China and in high-level position. They have huge amount of money, however they are the real rubbish for our nation and for their ancestors.
People without money is not rubbish. But we need to earn and save more and more money. Would we wanna have a better living? Would we live better than others? It's still a natural rule to win in the competition. Animals could suvive only when they are stronger. China lost from 1800s to 1980s in the global competition. We need to follow the natual rule, though we need to respect the poorer, though the laws and rules need to balance the rich and the poor. China need to raise productivity and go on developing industries, not raising the price of land. We need to work hard and to improve our living.
our life is full of sunshine

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468259058 Post time: 2014-2-6 21:11
Today, I bought a water heater and a washing machine with about 6600 yuan. I got today's interest of ...

The biggest problem that effect the stability of current society in china is lack of a mechanism to balance the wealth between the richer and the poorer, it's not the time that needs a few people being rich firstly to set a good example. If the gap of rich and poor don't be narrowed as soon as possible, it's difficult to form a new phenomen to respect the cleaner, the poorer,etc.

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It might be a thought for the more well off males to feign poverty to avoid the girls that live their lives like Super Mario jumping at all the coins in the sky.
If you are well of and just want to play with the good looking empty headed Barbie Dolls, flaunt your wealth, and they will appear in mass.
If you don't give a hoot, enjoy your real friends for the rest of your life, because they will always be there as a friend.
If you ARE a bit poor, you have nothing to worry about, you can probably be assured that all of your friends are only your friends because they like you, because you haven't got any money for them to
chase after. Who's friends would you assume to be more loyal and truthful, the street sweepers friends, or the bank managers friends. The bank manager will certainly have true friends around him, but he will also have brown noses beside him as well.

The day I stop learning will be the day I die. Maybe.

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This may be true but women who seek out men based on money and not love are also "rubbish".  I never reveal my salary or net worth  to women I just meet and I try to imply the house I live in and car I drive are not paid for but eventually they will figure out the truth.  By that time I will have figured out the truth about them.

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MisterPanda Post time: 2011-11-30 12:24
To be fair, money seems so much more important to young chinese women than it is to young western  ...

I would say its due to the fact that women have had more opportunities in the west to not be reliant on men.

When you can make your own money and support yourself - that's freedom baby.

Its the only way to live.  Have men in your life because you want them there.  Not because you need  them.

Being dependent upon males is so 1950's.....
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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