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Rough justice in America .............. [Copy link] 中文

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what is really funny was Steven Colbert's attendance and subsequent interviews -- especially the wavy finger bit!

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they should simply keep their movement separate is all ...

too many farts in the wind!

A @@@ing contest is just that

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Originally posted by blueskies88 at 2011-11-9 20:11
The movement seems to have been hijacked, what does gay rights and all have to do with the crooked American political system?
The trumpeters have arrived en force!

I personally think that the institution is so experienced now with their psycho-disrupt techniques that the protesters will be splintered and made to wonder what the hell they were doing there in the first place .........

Sadly ...........

I think this will fizzle out ...........

Wasn't that Tea Party thing supposed to be something new and it just got hijacked  .........  ?

Or was that just more bull in the first place  ........

I have not really looked at that  .........

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The Tea Party formed as an opposition to Obama.

Nothing revolutionary about the Tea Party.

They offer us nothing new, just the same old conservative arguments that got us all into this mess to begin with.

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Originally posted by blueskies88 at 2011-11-9 19:48
I saw the video -- filmed after the fact ... the doors were already locked. Therefore it is only a partial story. On the video, the gal who was talking said it was a protest. An elder lady called h ...

Thanks for some reasonable serious account of it, blue.
Meanwhile, from China Daily itself, about ridiculous stuff in China.
China is to strengthen supervision and punishment on the illegal acquisition of meteorological information by foreigners [...] "Illegal meteorological surveys and data collection, or other activities have infringed China's sovereignty, hurt normal international co-operation [...blabla] and threatened the country's security," said Zheng Guoguang, vice-minister of the CMA.

To say it with Ganzhoulins words, "is this for real?"
Yes it very much is, unlike the twisted citibank incident.

Talking the current weather in international communication from china is a violation of both the 1988 Law on the Protection of State Secrets, and the 1990 Measures for Implementing the Law on the Protection of State Secrets.

And mentioning this whilst in China (I'm currently on a trip outside) or as a Chinese is itself a Violation of both. Meaning you can be arrested (supposedly) for that, or secretly abducted without trial, or put under house arrest.

Enjoy and have fun to keep twisting and exaggerating things about the US to make it look similar to what is very real in China.
您买象牙 - 您杀了大象! - “用现代文明标准比划中国人,是严重的种族歧视行为。”
„Ich ficke wo, wen, und wann ich will, hast du mich verstanden. Auch du könntest ficken, aber du kannst es ja gar nicht, deine deutsche Genauigkeit... verbietet es dir“. Jean-Claude Juncker

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Yes, true....

Originally posted by JFenix at 2011-11-9 20:14

Its power of the PEOPLE.

Gays are people too.

All them thair corporate, bankster types are also people....RICH people...!!!

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I agree with your asssesment

the tea party thing was just another bunch of smoke and hot air

both leave nothing behind them now but party guests having something to do and crazed sports fans

and the one percenters have the best social psychologists and fifth column elements at their command!

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