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U.S., Britatin and Israel preparing to attack Iran... [Copy link] 中文

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Iran: Here we go again?

Couldn't have said it any better....!!!! Another excellent article to chomp over... proving that the world is run by mad dogs, englishmen and rabid zionists...and the rest of us utter fools for putting them in office...

Published on Thursday, November 10, 2011 by
Iran: Here We Go Again?
by Gwynne Dyer

“We will not build two (nuclear) bombs in the face of (America’s) 20,000,” said Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in response to an International Atomic Energy Agency report this week that accuses Iran of doing just that. He called Yukiya Amano, the head of the IAEA, a US puppet, saying: “This person does not publish a report about America and its allies' nuclear arsenals.”

Well, that’s true, actually. Amano will never publish a report about America’s nuclear weapons (only 5,133 of them now, actually). He hasn’t said anything about Israel’s, Britain’s and France’s weapons of mass destruction either. And his report is largely based on information fed to him by Western intelligence agencies.

But apart from that, Amano is as impartial and free from US influence as you would expect a career Japanese diplomat to be. Only cynical people will see any resemblance to Colin Powell’s performance at the United Nations in 2003, when the US defense secretary held up a test tube and assured us all that Iraq really was working on germ warfare.

Iraq was allegedly working on nuclear weapons, too: former President George Bush’s famous “smoking gun,” which also subsequently went missing. And on the basis of this “intelligence” about Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction,” the United States and its more gullible allies invaded the country. Hundreds of thousands died, no weapons were found, and nothing was learned. Here we go again.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The same intelligence agencies are producing the same sort of reports about Iran that we heard eight years ago about Iraq’s nuclear ambitions, and interpreting the information in the same highly prejudiced way.

Many people in the West realize that they are being hustled into yet another attack on a Middle Eastern country, but they don’t really worry about it too much. After all, it will only be air strikes, and we all know that an air-only war is practically casualty-free for the side with air superiority. Look at Libya, for example.

But how many citizens of the United States or Britain know that Iran has ten times as many people as Libya? Maybe one in ten, maybe one in twenty. How many know that Iran is a partially democratic, technologically proficient state with no history of attacking its neighbors, not a tinpot dictatorship run by a vicious loon? About the same number. How many realize that the war would not end with a few days of air strikes? Practically none.

The interesting exception to all this is Israel, where people do know those things, and where there is a vigorous debate about whether attacking Iran is a good idea. A lot think it is not, and that also goes for both of Israel’s intelligence agencies, Mossad and Shin Bet. Meir Dagan, the recently retired head of Mossad, said last January that an attack on Iran was “the stupidest idea” he had ever heard.

So Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak, who do both want to attack Iran (or rather, have the United States do it for them), have gone public. If the Western powers don’t act at once, they warn, then Iran will get nuclear weapons and Armageddon will be just around the corner.

There are two things wrong with this proposition. One is the evidence. If you believe it all, it shows that Iran wants the knowledge and equipment that would let it build a nuclear weapon very quickly if necessary: an Israeli nuclear threat, a military coup in nuclear-armed Pakistan that brings young Shia-hating officers to power, whatever.

The evidence does NOT show that Iran is actually building a nuclear weapon now, or has any present intention of doing so. And having the knowledge and equipment that would let you do so fast in an emergency is entirely legal under IAEA rules.

The other problem with the accusations against Iran is the logic behind them. Building a nuclear weapon now would be extremely costly for Iran in terms of economic sanctions, global diplomatic isolation and the like if it became known. But it would be completely pointless from a deterrence point of view if it remained secret.

Deterrence is the only logical reason that Iran would ever want nuclear weapons, since it would be suicidal for it to attack anybody with them. As Mahmoud Ahmadnejadi pointed out (above), it would have at the most a few nuclear warheads. The United States has thousands of them, Israel has hundreds of them, and even Pakistan has dozens.

If Iran’s leaders were completely logical in their thinking, they wouldn’t waste a minute thinking about nuclear deterrence. They’d just rely on the fact that their military can completely shut the Gulf to oil traffic and bring the global economy to its knees if anybody attacks them. However, they are still a lot more rational than their Western counterparts – or at least than their Western counterparts can afford to seem in public.

You heard about that recent exchange between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and US President Barack Obama that went out on an open microphone? Sarko said “I can’t stand (Netanyahu) any more. He’s a liar.” And Obama replied: “YOU’RE sick of him? I have to deal with him every day.” What about? One gets you ten that it’s about bombing Iran.

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I didn't think that chinese were so concerned about jews.

I never run across that before with chinese I met here.

I usually assume they are  white supremacists who predominantly have that kind of attitude.

Where did you move to and at what age?

I dated a chinese for years.  His parents came from china.

Different times back then you know.  He told me how they taught him to appreciate the US because when they were growing up, life was so much harder in china.

He told me that his mother couldn't go to school for a year because there was no more school.

Very similar story with my grandparents who came from war-torn countries.

They appreciated the safety and opportunities here and were very proud americans.

I work with a guy whose parents came from vietnam.

He told me that his father told him also to appreciate what he has here.

But that was a generation ago.  You know things were just different then.

Cause if you're coming from a situation where life is truly harsh - such as war torn yugoslavia, all those injustices you speak of are nothing in comparison to what they left behind.

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Originally posted by ganzhuolin at 2011-11-10 22:51
Couldn't have said it any better....!!!! Another excellent article to chomp over... proving that the world is run by mad dogs, englishmen and rabid zionists...and the rest of us utter fools for put ...

Yes ................

We are the good guys ..........

And you are the bad guys syndrome ..........

We respect all your rights ..........

Well except ...........

List starts here  .............      


I think I need to go back to watching John Wayne movies where massacring Indians was .........

Well just fun ...........   

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The US is not going to go to war with iran.

Don't be ridiculous.

The main problem I have with iran is they have a nutjob as a president.

There was so much hope when Khatami was in charge.  

Sadly, he was unable to bring about the reforms he pushed for.

We know iran has been fighting a proxy war with us in afghanistan and iraq.

I have to blame bush for that.  We could of engaged with iran on afghanistan.

After all, before 9/11, the iranians were staunch enemies of the taliban.  Both russia and iran were financing anti-taliban rebels for years.

Now its all flipped as the US is seen as a bigger threat.

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Originally posted by Pirate89 at 2011-11-10 22:46
I am from China originally.  But I am going to move back to China permenently in two weeks.

I have studied a lot of financial markets, economics, geopolitics, and the US foreign policies.  So I can see the true color of US controlled by Jews and its European allies.  The USA can't fool me anymore.  That is why I like to speak the truth about USA.  


Amen to that!

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#82. Of course there is no free lunch.  Why would there be?

But you are wrong about yugoslavia.  it was germany that got everyone involved when they recognized croatia's fascist government.  
And of course the players themself.  Milo was not a good leader.  If you want to blame anyone, look at milosevic.  He failed to keep his country together.

So did you learn to hate jews while living in the US?

Never met a real chinese that thinks that way, just curious.

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