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Has America Become an Oligarchy? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by ganzhuolin at 2011-11-1 00:20

It has been since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created. It is a private cartel of independent banks that pretty much runs the US economy...and, by extension, the world's...

That is correct ganzhuolin  , core of the problem can be traced back to creation of Federal Reserve.

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Originally posted by vorgal78 at 2011-10-31 20:09
And in related news.....

CEO of Qantas Alan Joyce recently gave himself a 70% payrise to around 5 million while at the same time denying his engineers a payrise of 13% over 3 years. Barely more  ...

You might find this article interesting Vorgal

Let Them Eat Cake: 10 Examples Of How The Elite Are Savagely Mocking The Poor ... y-mocking-the-poor/

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Originally posted by robert237 at 2011-10-31 07:10
... 1980 as the article says.
His big promise was the "trickle down theory". As it goes, if we coddle the rich they will
get even richer and as a result the money will 'trickle down to the common man"
All the commoners in America were eagerly waiting to get trickled on.
40 years later we're still waiting for the super rich to start trickling.

Yes Robert , trickle down theory is a such fraud , one other thing irk me too but it is rarely mentioned.

Theory that if we give tax relief to wealthy than they will create a jobs.
There is something very sick in this theory and I heard it from have nots too till recently , parroting it like it is some kind of gods given law.
I think Bush used and abused this theory more than any other clown in white house , thing is if you give  tax relief to middle class they will create jobs too but nobody ever mentioned that.

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Google refuses to remove police-brutality videos, it says

In its most recent Transparency Report, Google states that it has received multiple requests from law-enforcement officials to remove videos.

揥e received a request from a local law enforcement agency to remove YouTube videos of police brutality, which we did not remove. Separately, we received requests from a different local law enforcement agency for removal of videos allegedly defaming law enforcement officials. We did not comply with those requests, which we have categorized in this Report as defamation requests.?

The report covers January to June of this year, and catalogs removal requests from a variety of sources. The report states that Google complied with 63 percent of the 92 requests for content removal and a 93 percent of the 5,950 requests for user data. Writing in The Atlantic, Rebecca J. Rosen says that the lack of detail in the report 揹oes more for making government transparent than it does more making Google itself transparent.?

The company says it releases this information to 揾elp in ongoing discussions about the appropriate scope and authority of government requests,?and referred elsewhere to the need to reform the  Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

During the period, Google was asked to remove 757 items by the U.S. government, eighty percent of which were motivated by allegations of defamation. In all, the U.S. government filed 5,950 requests for information on Google users, making it the third-highest, behind Brazil and Germany.

One request, however, does not necessarily relate to one case. As the Wall Street Journal points out,  a defamation case in France between a married couple resulted in 180 items from Google Groups removed.

A map of government removal requests is here.

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Originally posted by vorgal78 at 2011-10-31 20:09

Big business is applauding his decision to keep the Unions in their box
Tells us a lot about what the 1% think of the 99


wrong forum.

most of the people in this forum hates unions

people in this forum mostly think they are queen bees. hahahahahahahahaha

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I'm not a fan of Unions myself. That said individuals have zero power to negotiate with business whose answer is always "If you don't like these condition then eff off."
The reason it relates is simply that the only option for the 99 to find some even footing with the 1.
Alan Joyce would prefer to put thousands of customers world wide into dissarray than afford his workers a paltry payrise and improvement in conditions.
He is pushing ahead with his move to shift Quantas off shore to save money for shareholders......the hundreds of jobs here in Australia do not matter to the bottom line.
Workers who have given the company 30 years of their life
Joyce has given the job 5 years and himself a payrise of 70%

It's a bloody disgrace and if we have another Eureka stockade because of it I won't be surprised.

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The economy of the USA certainly resembles an oligarchy.  Lobbyists exert much influence on lawmakers, usually to ensure legislation that favors large corporations and financial powers.

There is a degree of meritocracy, in that skilled managers can sometimes rise to high positions, and eaarn outrageous salaries to protect investor interests.  True, offspring of the elite are usually positioned for easier entrance to positions of higher income, but raw talent can allow for positioning in the 'economic aristocracy'.

The recent government bail-out of the Wall Street Weasels, and high-profile criminal trial cases, have shown that 'justice' is often a function of what one can afford.  The petty criminal has much more to fear than does the white collar criminal.  

Much of the current complaint in the 'OCCUPY' movement is inspired by a growing awareness of just how deep is the division between the monied class and the 'common people'.  Also, the obvious bias of our legal system is now more widely observed than in the past.

Corruption has tainted the perception of unions as the legitimate voice of employee advocacy.  Organized crime made significant inroads, sometimes controlling union finances, and access to work.  The only difference between the two poles on this scale of corruption is that the one end opperates at the behest of the official power elite, the other, is extra-legal.

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