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Why US ignore "Revolution in its own backyard"? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by shameless at 2011-10-18 19:11
snail's pace I'd call it hehe,
friend seneca @ post 31 figures "Occupy Wall Street" created copycats...
poster 31 seem unaware that Kong Kong people went to the street to get  ...

Yes ..........

Takes all sorts  ..........

It does  ...........     

Especially some people who just guess or speculate ........  

Or don't even know  ...........   

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Originally posted by SMITHI at 2011-10-18 18:47
Does get bit crazy indeed expatter.................:)
i say one thing , i think one thing and some people (like Spermeca) interpret it as something totally different. As if they know me and my ...

Well I certainly get the feeling sometimes ........

That he thinks he knows a lot ........     

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MSM coverage of issues

I have no insider information regarding how our current major news sources decide what to cover.  I believe that it is $$$ that will usually be found at the root of most decisions.  TV news has become more like entertainment, driven by viewer ratings, thus more attractive to advertisers.  What is marketable thus being more critical than issue-driven coverage.  Same for print media.   

I am aware of more national and local news coverage of the OCCUPY movement, that is seen in the past week or so.  There is still a degree of divisiveness in the reporting.  Participants are often depicted as coming from the fringes of society.   

I see people who declare themselves as having a sense of betrayal.  Among the young, and the not-so-young (myself among the latter), there is a belief that justice is a function of wealth.  Our local news will daily have reports of the 'common' ciizen prosecuted for thievery.  But to date, the Wall Street Weasels who have damaged so much of international finance can continue their lives, free of accountability.

Besides, the parade of clowns, masquerading as the Republican Party's selection process for presidential candidate, is far too entertaining.  Unfortunately most Americans don't see it for tragi-comedy.

Time will tell if this movement 'stays the course', and like the Civil Rights Movement, and the Anti-Vietnam War Movement, will result in a transformative change.  At the very least, more of us are coming to doubt the integrity of those in whom we have placed our trust.  It is my hope that the apathetic can be motivated to see beyond the side-issues in OCCUPY, and hear the primary message: oversight of the investment industry needs strengthening, and scoundrels need to be punished.

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500 yrs of ignored revolution in its own backyard..

Originally posted by barbarianmo at 2011-10-18 14:00
Anglo-Americans controlled US ignore its rightful Native People in its own backyard for centuries

                   Anglos always enjoy helping theirself on what is Not thei ...

So you think Wall street protesters the only ones who get rip-off ?

Ripping-Off on Native Americans, for 500 yrs and counting,........... !

     In North America [ USA,Canada ], Anglo-Americans, as founder of the nation & reigning ruling-class, claim

an exclusive right to all the natural resources coming out of the land - oil, gas, coal, etc.

Anglo-Americans controlled-Corporations  basically operate these businesses.

Oil drilling from America alone is providing 65% of America's energy thirst. ( Yes, imported oil accounted for

only 35% of our needs).

And thats $1.5 billions dollar a day of oil coming out of their lost land.

Federal government's expenditure on all tribal native people in America is just around a billion dollars a year.

You do the maths, and that's how the native people, on their very own land, are getting ripped-off !

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Originally posted by AmishMike at 2011-10-19 08:58

So you think Wall street protesters the only ones who get rip-off ?

Ripping-Off on Native Americans, for 500 yrs and counting,........... !

Indigenous Australians, which are Aboriginal of Australia are even worse offf.

Primary exports:
Coal, iron ore, gold and alumina.
In 2009, China became Australia's largest export market, surpassing Japan.

Australia exported 266.2 million tonnes of iron ore to China in 2009,
an increase of 45.2 per cent over the same period.

Land grabbers  don't have a good name anywhere hehe..

PAKISTAN: Christian village attacked by Muslim land grabbers
Thursday, 13 October 2011, 10:18 am ... m-land-grabbers.htm

     In North ...

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Originally posted by crimochina at 2011-10-17 18:49
1. freedom speech is nothing new
2. they are not ignoring it they are trying to slant the coverage though

the people who are arrested are released soon after, they are not taken to "black jails" disagreeing with your govt is legal in america. but you must follow the law  ...

Follow the law?
Well Germans during ww2 just followed the law (German law at a time) , law at a time classified Jews,Slavs  and gypsies as subhumans.

Now if you are not allowed to protest against laws and corrupt order because law said so than I say that is not democracy but controlled animal farm

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Follow the law?

The USA was a driving force behind the post-WW II trials of vanquished 'war criminals'.  One thing that came out of those experiences was the concept that an individual (even a sworn combatant) had the moral obligation to disobey an "unlawful order".  Now the definition of "unlawful" has been a very fluid concept.  Usually it has been determined situation-by-situation, according to the ascendant power.

It has always taken great courage to oppose one's State Policy, even when it is blatantly contrary to traditionally recognized values.  It is, however, by many people taking individual action (or inaction), regardless of the overall effect of such behavior, that eventually great changes can be attained.  

I was in childhood when our Civil Rights movement began.  The courage of a few individuals who stood up to a societal wrong eventually became a tsunami of change that swept away both practices and actual policies that had sanctioned racial discrimination.  Beatings, imprisonment, ostracism, etc.  were experienced by those who stood up.  Many did not survive to see the triumph of their opposition.

In parts of the USA, people are violating public ordinances in an attempt to motivate our citizenry to halt a corporate oligarchy from stealing the wealth of the nation.  There is no telling where this effort will eventually arrive, nor what changes it may inspire.  But the struggle is legitimate; and laws that might limit the message of the protestors will be broken by those with the courage to act according to their conscience.

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