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America they don't want you to know   [Copy link] 中文

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the truth is Wang, you only "care" about "natives" in other countries

you are a self-serving creature, with many handles

(beast ex machina)

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for some reason you got away with that filthy curse on the mods
(beast ex machina)

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seneca Post time: 2011-10-1 05:00
You think you are 'clever'?

Step one: Look in the mirror.

Oh seneca, you are such a witty darling
Life is mostly froth and bubble, but two things stand like stone. Kindness in anothers trouble, and .courage in your own. Annon.

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COLONIZING & EXTRACTING WEALTH from the so-called New World immensely enable and lifted off

Western Europe into prosperity, science&technology and population growth, from 16th century on,

pretty much to this day.

While Russia stood to gain similar benefits conquering resource-rich territories eastwards from Siberia all across

over to Far-East, and stands as the world's largest nation today.

All came, of course, at the expense of native people

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延陵堂 Post time: 2011-10-2 21:02
alot of things missing in this puzzle such as u.s funded civil wars, terrorism,  installing dictator ...

    My good friend,

     Good old brotherCrooks are far from broke, but apparently  they are kind of hungry again!

    That's why they are out there playing their centuries long die-hard good old hunting game all over again!     

     Obviously -          {:soso_e171:}     {:soso_e155:}

                      Syria is next?  for good old -   OIL   OIL   OIL

    Two of a few main things that the ruling global elites in U.S. [and their fellow brotherhoods in U.K, Canada,  

Australia/NewZealand] won't let you mess with -

- Military Industrial Complex (in order to control of the world they must have this in their monopoly, by all means necessary)

- Energy Resources ( oil, gas and other natural energy sources are traditionally their business on land

   throughout the world -they acquired by force)

These two sectors are like their indispensible right & left hands.

It's exclusively theirs, and their only.        {:soso_e113:}    {:soso_e113:}    {:soso_e113:}

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newyorkerjoe Post time: 2012-3-29 08:07
My good friend,

this puter sure is one tricky doohickey

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chinsyou Post time: 2011-10-1 01:26
So you think you know America?


         You are absolutely right , but the difference though is that, why is it that Uncle Sam's good old U.S is

the one and only nation (among a group of Anglo nation such as Canada, U.K, Australia and New Zealand),

that does not have fair and square social democratic system, in terms of education, health care, welfare, etc?

because Other Anglo nations are overhelmingly Anglo majority (over 90%),

    but United States on the other hand is Anglo minority with less than 15% of total population.

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