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America they don't want you to know   [Copy link] 中文

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many american caring man


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Finally, there's HOPE on the horizon!  

As December 21st, 2012 less than a year away ....,

- when  according to ancient Mayan calender -  
a new era of world begins,

native Mayans of South America and other native people world-wide are looking forwards to

this milestone event as -         

                                                         'a message of hope'



               ------------      a message of hope for native people worldwide       ------------

native_girl, south_america.JPG
native girl, FarEast Russia.gif
native girl,canada.JPG
native girl, alaska.jpg
sioux_girl, native_american.JPG
comanche-girl-native american-usa 600-x-495.JPG
cherokee girl, oklahoma territory.jpg

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and the twat that posted a thread about a "curse" on the mods if they deleted that thread

WANG!!! You are from Beijing!!!!!!
(beast ex machina)

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Fair dealing benefit and prosper both sides, in other word, its a two-way deal, not one-way.

   As an American, I have lived and traveled throughout Europe extensively for several years.

I will tell you what I saw; I saw a whole lots of Muslim, Arab, North-African, Middle-Eastern and Jews .

[ Statistically speaking, there are several ten millions of them living in Europe]

And what I don’t see there ?!

I have yet to meet a single native American there, so far!

[ I’m sure there may be some, but I don’t think its more than a handfuls]

Statisitcally speaking, there’re around half a billions people of European descendants living in the continent of America,

(boths North & South).

So I have this burning desire to ask a simple and rather curious question -

Are Europeans ( people in Europe) ungrateful for not so being accommodating to Native-American folks in Europe?!

Here’s the fact -

[........ Native American population  in continent of America 500 yrs ago -  10 to 15 millions

          European  population in Europe  around that time - 20 millions

             Native people today  - 15 to 20 million

             Europeans today ( in new world + Europe)  -  1 BILLIONS ......]

(statisitcally speaking),

There’re around half a billions people of European descendants living in the continent of America -

New World.

How many native Americans living in good old Europe today?

Folks,  What's your take on that?

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Wondering how many of these posters visited America (one more time)

Last year a Shanghainese friend visited America, lucky girl, she visited New York, Boston,  
Chicago and LA, her satisfaction for her great experience made her to convince her colleagues  to visit

all together this year, planning to add Las Vegas in their next journey.

Sure, i am talking about those regular chinese who are friendly without lower complex who carry hatred

in their veins.

In my case, I visit America often. Last time i took Air China (great airplane) and the hostess handed me

a  China Daily newspaper, the first thing it came to my mind with the CD paper in hand was this forum,

this kind of threads and the trolls called posters.

Anyway, another thread to bash, "what a surprise"
Denial, according the psychoanalysts, is one of the most primary mechanisms of defense. It consists in the attitude of denying or minimizing obvious facts of reality with which the individual can´t  cope or whose irresponsibility is unable to meet.

And I agree.

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