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China's poor people   [Copy link] 中文

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You'll become a star here if you DO deingrate China and Chinese people here.

Because many sour grape foreign losers, many of them live and work in China, need a place to vent their bitterness, hatred toward the country where they found a job or a home (wife).   

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Originally posted by Ny321 at 2011-10-1 11:12

Quote: " There are more migrants workers in China than the entire workforce of the United States. The migrating laborers work for low pay, often under horrendous conditions, in fac ...

And don?t forget that they are discriminated against by the city people who think that they are better than the farmerworkers.

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I believe that china can do it

I believe strongly that if anyone puts their mind to a task they can achieve anything they desire. It maybe difficult to achieve higher standards, but the challenges are there but, life is never easy. Standards are created when a majority of people have similarity, for example if most people drive a certain car, than that car becomes the countries standards. To improve a standard of living, first the country must determine what to improve. In the case of public transportation in China, it has excellent high standards. Sanitation is always a good area to start. Compare the everyday use of toilets. Improving the common to toilets to jet toilets with compressed water and design it such a way that with every flush the water pressure also cleans the toilet, would benefits the cost of water for the user and the amount of waste the state has to clean.

Another standard that can be focused is public mobility, being that a Chinese person in China should be free to move or go anywhere without visas or restriction.

Another standard is textiles. I know this area can vary due to tastes and styles but China use to be a leader in this with silk, but I believe the future is micro fibers and nano technology. The idea is every Chinese personshould be wearing clothing with micro fibre technology which is design to be anti wrinkle and stain resistant. The idea is if enough people wear a very well thought product the image of Chinese people begin to change.take for example an idea that the Chinese person now wearing clothing that is design with high quality and the world wants it. Now the idea has changed being that every Chinese person has access to it, while people outside of China does not. This idea can only be achieved by the price is so expensive to people outside of China while it is affordable to only Chinese people.

Now if you are to take a look at other countries this is how they behave. That is because countries tend to care of their own people first before the outside. This is quite normal. Understanding this concept will help Chinese people improve their standards. Prices are used to manipulate ideas. So if the products price is too low, than the product is highly accessible and therefore becomes valueless. Crises sometimes effect prices to goup. When the prices go up, it is called inflation, which means not everyone has access to the product. It is sometimes desirable to have this scenario, so you can drive workers pay in that sector. When workers have more money, they have more money to spend. Earning and spending is a circle, which can be measured based on how much they earn. The more they earn the bigger the circle, the faster the circle rotates. Good business leaders understand this, and when achieved the proper momentum the money will always come back to the workers.

There are some excellent business leaders around that the state should help them grow as they will take the public with them in their success. Sometimes it is needed that the state helps companies with good morales succeed. There is nothing wrong with that because we are all having the common goal, and that is to make this place a better world regardless of who you are or what your nationality is. Sometimes you will encounter entities that thrive of disruption and destruction. These entities are bad, and should avoid interacting with them, because you will end up feeding their motivation.

To make everyone successful ultimately means helping everyone earn more money or helping them to have access to better standards. One just must be able to analyze what everyone uses and go from their.

Here are some examples, dental care, health care,sanitation, public holidays, mobility, living space, nature, sex, food safety, drinking water, air quality, tax exemptions, tax collection, civil law,

I hope that helps.

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Originally posted by Ny321 at 2011-10-3 09:40
Some of you  here seem to have misunderstood me.

The real purpose for me to post these stories is to poke the Chinese authorities to
do more for millions and millions of poor people in  ...

Chinese authorities is not doing anything to help to alleviate poverty in China ??

In 1978 the per capital income of average Chinese was merely US $178.

Today the per capital income of average Chinese is about US $5,000 and rising !

So he average income of Chinese people has increased by about 3000 % since 1978!!

So that's nothing in your eyes ? Which country has achieve such stunning economic growth in such a relatively short time ? You want higher income for average Chinese ?? Dont you worry, it'll rise high & high beyond your expectation, but you go tell KKK countries to keep their markets open for Chinese exports so that it will happen even sooner than you think.
Please don't shoot, I'm just a babe.

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5000 versus 50000+

in any case, numbers denominated in paper tokens are misleading

the question is really what claim over labour you have

it is indeed a pyramid of slaves
(beast ex machina)

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Originally posted by NE_Tigress at 2011-10-3 10:09
You'll become a star here if you DO deingrate China and Chinese people here.

Because many sour grape foreign losers, many of them live and work in China, need a place to vent their bitterness ...


Wonderful reply

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