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China's poor people   [Copy link] 中文

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How sad.......

Yang Weihao, a 9-year-old boy with a mask, holds a balloon while standing on a street in Hefei, capital city of East China's Anhui province on August 29. Yang's mother and aunt take him into the city to beg for donations for his medical service fee. Yang has to wear the mask to prevent the infection of his severely injured face which was badly burned by a straw fire in a farmland in his home village of Jieshou city, Anhui province on June 4, 2011. Yang's family has spent more than 200,000 yuan on the hospital treatment and cannot afford to provide any more money to complete Yang's treatment. They are begging for the fee of corrective surgery for Yang's left hand. Yang has to keep a ferula wrapped in cotton yarn in his mouth to prevent his lips from fusing together. Before Yang, a 5-year-old boy named Wang Gengxiang, who also wore a mask and suffered from severe burns, drew public sympathy and received donations after his story was posted on the Internet. [Photo/CFP]

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Ok, ok, China is really a poor country.
So please tell KKK not to  ask China to re-value its currency upward,
and please tell Amerikkka, UKKK, KKKangaroo Land, KKKanada, KKKiwiland
and all KKK controlled EU countries to open their markets wider for China's exports
so as to help aleviate crushing poverty in China.
If you refuse, then you're a HYPOCRITE !!!

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Please don't shoot, I'm just a babe.

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migrants workers in China

Quote: " There are more migrants workers in China than the entire workforce of the United States. The migrating laborers work for low pay, often under horrendous conditions, in factories, at construction sites, in mines and on railroads and roads. They work in restaurants, die in coal mines, make bricks, peddle bicycle to deliver coal and pick up trash. They follow jobs from city to city. One worker told the Times of London, “We do the dirtiest and hardest work and everyone despises us.”

Reference: ... =11&subcatid=72

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It will take a long time... this is a huge population.

No country has even been able to eradicate poverty, well, almost in Germany and Scandinavia, but those are as close to welfare states as one can get,

One should be heartened by how far China has come since the demise of the Gang-of-4.
Let the dice fly high

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The top pictures are mountain people?? :)

China's poor people - that's ok.  Many countries, in fact, all countries have poor people.  That's with our world and society today -- there will be rich people as there will be poor people.

More important is they have PEACE.

Like Cestmoi said, China has a huge population and being big country it shouldn't be surprising that it takes time to spread and distribute wealth.  

Look at it this way, even for those materially rich working in the cities, they will tell you that their lives ain't really good.  Except for a few lucky ones, perhaps, most too have to struggle, day and night, to upkeep their lifestyles.

How many of you are those working in the cities?  How's life ?

When asked what they least admired about the West, they replied
MORAL DECAY, PROMISCUITY and pornography which...

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Who said China is a rich country????

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Heu, dudes, please, please please, cry for the chiense poor, they truely deserve it: it's hard to see that police will close the schools wher you hope your children will study and get a chance to improve their live, at least better than you, but please please please: dont tell me that china poors problems is due to flood, typhon, earthquake or other sh.T..ok?

China had alrady 30 years to give all the chinese people a minimum decent living, now the situation is just: pooor are still poor, and even poorest, while rich more and more rich: recent studies shows that the gap betwen poors and rich exploding in China. So please, sing me another song!

If you dont copy that, then just spend 1 minute in your life to think about this phrase: the poors are the ressource of the richs.

If there are poors in China (I talk about the country who is to become the first economy in the world, the country that has nuclear power and still developp it, as the uno was still send food to the poorest places in China until 4 years ago.) yes, if there are poors in China, if their situation dont change, it's for only ONE reason: to keep richs privileges. and all the others beautiful theories are just sh.T

A country that builld aircarriers and aiming 1200 missiles on another country (taiwan, another excellent example of disgusting gap between poor and richs), but send police to prevent poor peopels childrens to go on school in the big cities have a big problem.

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