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China blocks Europe moves to free money for Libya [Copy link] 中文

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China blocks Europe moves to free money for Libya: envoys
Posted: 2011/08/30
From: Mathaba            

Already having stolen an estimated $150 billion of Libyan government money the west is trying to pressure China to release another $5 billion

China has held up moves by Britain, France and Germany to get a UN sanctions committee to release five billion dollars of frozen Libyan assets to buy emergency aid, diplomats have said. The United States had to threaten to seek a full UN Security Council resolution last week to get South Africa to end its hold on the release of 1.5 billion dollars in frozen Libyan regime assets.

This time China's UN mission is seeking authority from the Beijing government before approving the bid by the European nations to get "humanitarian aid" to Libya.

However, the Secretary General of the International People's Conference Organization to which the Libyan General People's Congress is a member, has told Mathaba that any moves by China to allow the frozen assets to be released to any other than the GPC as elected by the Libyan people, would be illegal and a justification of outright theft.

The IPCO Secretary General said that Dr Baghdadi is still the head of government in Libya and that all such decisions can only be made by the convening of the Basic People's Conferences across Libya and that there is "no doubt" that they would not approve the releasing of Libyan people's assets to the western "bankrupt aggressor" nations.

Secretary General confirmed that the Libyan government is far from over, it convenes twice yearly and would be convening right now if it was not for the dire war situation brought about by the "NATO and Al-Qaida invasion" of Libya, and re-affirmed that "so long as Muammar Qaddafi is alive and the Conferences have not convened, then the situation remains unchanged as to the government."

Britain wanted to release about one billion pounds (USD 1.6 billion) of Libyan currency printed by a British firm, British officials said.

Germany has asked the sanctions committee to "to authorise the release of up to one billion euros from assets of the Libyan Central Bank frozen in Germany," said a spokesman for the German UN mission.

"It is our objective to make these funds available to the Libyan people, as soon as possible, in particular for humanitarian assistance," the spokesman added. Observers point out however, that the "humanitarian assistance" would be given exclusively to the rebel side, and not the population which make up the legitimate government of Libya.

France has also asked for more than one billion euros to be released, diplomats said.

Normally such requests are passed by the UN's Libya sanctions committee if no objection is made for a three day period after an application is made.

None of the missions commented on whether the applications had passed but UN diplomats said China had put a block on the European requests.

A freeze on assets by Muammar Gaddafi's regime and entities linked to the government was ordered by the UN Security Council in February and March as Gaddafi stepped up his deadly crackdown on opposition protests. All 15 Security Council members sit on the sanctions committee.

South Africa held up a US application to release funds in US banks for more than two weeks because of concerns that it could imply recognition of the Libyan rebel government.

South Africa and the African Union has not yet recognized the rebel national transitional council nor have the vast majority of the member states of the UN.

A deal under which a US request did not mention the rebel government by name avoided a vote on a full Security Council resolution to have the funds freed.

The UN Security Council is to discuss Libya today.
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China must join hands with South Africa and all African nations

to halt the rape of Libya and the impending African holocaust!


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China blocks Europe moves to free money for Libya

China's position,
getting from bad to worse.

at this rate, China will only have Mugabe for trading partner in Africa. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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The west stole Libya's money how exactly? By freezing it so Gadaffi couldn't steal it and scarper leaving his people in deep poo? Nope dormant one, the west will release those funds as promised because it's cheaper than giving aid for one.

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P.S; China can't block anything, let alone that! I'd hazard a guess that if China did actually block that cash from reaching the NPC, any Chinese wish to participate in rebuilding would be flushed right down the toilet!

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dam, the west is a shameless thief. it wants to steal every last penny from any honest working man. the west seems truly like a cancer

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