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'NATO committing genocide in Sirte' [Copy link] 中文

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intriguing interview.

It is like opening a can of worms!

Excerpts of interview :

"Press TV: Some concerns that have been raised here about how the revolutionary leader is not dealing with things is the fact that we heard reports of bodies being found purportedly belonging to mercenaries in their words but a lot of people are saying, 'Is that true?'

"Dr. Tarpley, when you say that there is resistance still and there are supporters for Muammar Gaddafi, who do you think his fighters are? Would you agree that they are mercenaries from other countries?

"Tarpley: My experience of Tripoli about six weeks ago now attending one of those large demonstrations - pro-Gaddafi - on the Green Square was that there is a very substantial base of support which cuts across these tribal structures.

"It is based on politics; it is based on the welfare state, the social safety net that Gaddafi has created, lifting Libya from the most impoverished in Africa to the most advanced country in Africa, beating up Russia, Ukraine and Brazil in the United Nations Human Development Index.

"But these massacres, the atrocities that we are seeing that are generally attributed by CNN, BBC and Aljazeera to the Gaddafi forces, I would look again. You have got a figure there. I am talking about Belhadj, Abdul al-Hasadi, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi. His signature is mass murder. He has left a trail of bodies across the globe.

"Right now you can even see on Aljazeera that they are singling out Black Libyans or indeed anybody Black. You can be from Fazan in Libya or you can be a guest worker from Mali or Chad or some other African countries and you are going to be prosecuted and hounded and maybe lynched and executed by these NATO puppet rebel forces. I think it would be time for Hasadi, Hasidi, Belhadj.

"The current military governor needs to be arrested and put on trial for genocide and also he is heavily implicated in the killing of [Abdul Fattah] Younis, of the previous military commander of the rebels, who was assassinated at the end of July and it is an assassination in which [Mustafa Abdel] Jalil and [Mahmoud] Jibril are presumably also complicit.

"The finance minister, [Ali] Tarhouni, is complicit in that assassination. So we have got a gang of murderer thugs and it is time, the very minimum for the United States to stop giving them billions of dollars; stop giving them heavy weapons; stop giving them diplomatic support; stop giving them this media support and again I predict that once the Congress gets back from their recess, this will be the mother of all scandals which will break out here on the banks of the Potomac. ...."

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we have seen a lot of Tarpley stuffs.

which one of the tarpley stuff has panned out?

I have seen lots of Al Jazeera stuffs over many years.

everyone of Al Jazeera stuff is of very high quality.

and Al Jazeera has no problems with Belhay

al jazeera interviews Belhaj, middle of the page.

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The Qaddafa tribes men will be rare as most of them are being killed in tripoli.I dont know about sirte as the rebels are not entered yet in the city.

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Reply #4 aziz's post

Tripoli fell without a real fight.
Sirte will also fall without  a real fight.

it is not Stalingrad. hahahahahahahahaha

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al jazeera began as a true arab voice BUT ...

after being acquired and infiltrated by western imperialists, their running dogs and the globalist elite, it is a tool to suppress the truth, spread lies and disinformation to pave the way for genocide and barbarism. the aims of these action is NOT mindless but cold, calculating, brutal and deadly. these diabolical acts are planned and executated by men of intellectual. that's why it is chilling and frightening.

Originally posted by Revolutionar at 2011-8-31 21:47
we have seen a lot of Tarpley stuffs.

which one of the tarpley stuff has panned out?

I have seen lots of Al Jazeera stuffs over many years.

everyone of Al Jazeera stuff is of very high ...

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