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China will ban entry of foreign men by 2020   [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by chinapatriot at 2011-8-14 10:56
I predict that by 2020, China will ban foreign men from entering China, except for special cases.

The reason is that too many foreign men are marrying Chinese women and that there will be 10-20  ...

I really don't think this is a problem.....since all my Chinese Friends tell me we always marry ugly Chinese women.... NOT TO WORRY...only the pretty will be left...
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banning foreign men is a good idea. im behind it

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Originally posted by 延陵堂 at 2011-8-17 12:57
banning foreign men is a good idea. im behind it

China must do this soon because there will be no more women left!

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some comments here are just nonsese !!!

99% of Chinese woman and Asian woman . .marry foreign men .. for ONE SIMPLE REASON and one simple reason only ...

to get foreign passports !!!! .. Please don't talk about love and blah blah blah .... These woman are merely prostituting themselves for a foreign passport ... i see these mixed relationships and it makes me sick  .. to see what these woman put up with just to get a passport and foreign citizenship ...

as for half castes .... i feel sorry for them . .they are neither here nor there ... there are negative terms for these babies for a reason ... and in all societies .. they are always looked as a  curiosity ..

.. and no matter how the world changes .. somethings will remain the same ... they will never be accepted ... in any part of society ...

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Reply #13 callitasitis's post

They are PROMOTING "Close Door" policy.

This message appear quite long time ago.
It's a tendency to promote isolation.
I study the matter, and discover this would APPROXIMATE the time in 1730 to 1840 when China has HUGE trade and gold payment surplus with the rest of the world, but mainly EUROPE.


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Yeah, ban foreign men and China will finally become the farmer's paradies it was 50 years ago...

Seriously, closing borders never solved problems - it only caused problems. Especially China should know this: until it closed its borders during Ming dynasty, China had been on par with Europe and was even more advanced in certain fields.
So closing border is a problem itself - not a solution by any means.

In addition... what's the problem if Chinese marry foreigners? Of course, some young Chinese men don't find wives - but that's mainly because less girls are born than boys, not because of those few women who emigrate. So in that case, it would be better to solve the problem from the root and support families with babygirls.
Fortunately, the Chinese government is smart enough to understand this and indeed does give parents of girls certain legal advantages.

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Reply #1 chinapatriot's post

false patriot,

China is more likely to ban overseas Chinese like you  than to ban American males into China.

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