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Can you accept online love ?   [Copy link] 中文

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I would say, online love or long distance love works out great but the rate very low because it just happens that way (sad)

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online love? hm. is it a love then? only online?


for me relationship have to be between two people, sharing the good and bad moments in everyday life

if I'm looking for such a relation, then "virtual love" would only holding me back, because I can not share feelings between "reality lover" and "virtual lover". I'll always chose the real one.

I haven't got "a lot" of women, because I'm steady in my affection and love, but some of them I met on the net.

I had a wife, that I met in the virtual world, and we pretended to be a ideal match, decided very fast  for marriage. It was not good idea. Month after month we saw more differences between us, parting, separating... until we decided to divorce after She cheated on me and had a lover (when I was on international business travels).
Maybe if we stay witch each other for longer than those few months, we could know each other better, and the affection wouldn't cover our differences. Maybe.

Now, I promise to myself to be more careful ;)

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My 27.12.2006 Post......

Falling in love through internet ???? Sure! It's just a new face to the age old question of love at first sight! In today's terms it is love at first site. Like any relationship though, you may know you are in love, but it is still going to take some time to develop it.

Can you meet someone great on the Internet? Sure, but there are also a great many people who lie about everything; their appearance, age and status. Online relationships don't allow you to see their regular life, nor can you see personal behaviors that may disturb you.

You may talk to someone ten times a day, you may chat for hours on instant messenger and feel as though you've never met someone who connects so well with you, and, well, to be honest, that much is true, because other than the actual words being used, every other part of that conversation is a figment of your imagination and is going to fit whatever idealistic image you have in your head. Who adds the emotion, the tone of voice, the laughs, the facial expressions, the background, the feeling to every conversation? the reader does.
So, it is not the individual that you think you are in love with, it is YOUR imagination, YOUR image, the way YOU hear words being spoken to you, the expressions, the emotions that YOU add into written words. You think you are in love, and maybe you are, but it is with something that may not be  reality.

A man will claim to be in love, to have a million feelings, to say everything a woman wants to hear because the internet, to a man is simply a bigger meat market. 85 percent of the time, its about nothing more then "fun" with men online. They'll say anything, do anything, travel numerous distances, and its all just to get a woman for fun. With a woman, she truly wants love, she's truly looking for it, desires it, craves it, and is easily blinded by the man who claims to have it for her.

Falling in love over the internet can happen. May be some people dont believe it but its true. It's possible, but it's very, very unlikely, and it's more likely to be infatuation than love. It IS however, possible to be both infatuated and in love. Many people confuse the two. Note that infatuation is not the same as love or lust.

BUT if you do decide to meet this person make sure you have a friend that is watching from somewhere in case something goes wrong, cause you never know these people now days.

DR's Advice : Proceed with caution.

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Online love doesn't sound impossible. I've known several people that met each other online and got married afterwards. Having an online relationship is very hard considering you need to keep the relationship stable which is definitely harder through the internet. Your partner has no idea what you're doing and which can cause misunderstanding and assumptions. So therefore, I'd say its a somewhat good idea but at same time, Not the best idea.
Speakuh charese?

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"I've known several people that met each other online and got married afterwards" - sure, I know too - me

... I also know some people that met in that relations who divorced - me


but I think, that internet is useful "announcement board" tor those who are looking for a partner.
board, not the place to live in.

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It is not reality.

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ekkopal Post time: 2011-7-19 15:30
It all depends on how you define the word "LOVE". If having a good impression to someone you never m ...

Same experience guy here it's good to take it as a good memory.
What's on your mind...

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