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China demands U.S. Congress people to stop supporting Dalai Lama [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by broken_heart at 2011-7-10 11:37
Wellcome to            


China demands U.S. Congress people to stop supporting Dala ...

This is a Joke...right...You can't be serious...China is demanding something from Congress....

Looks Like somebody is tasting their own PISS....

China better hope Hope the American People don't boycott products Made In China....Then whats going to happen to China's economy...
Never Let Anyone Outside The Family Know What You're Thinking.

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Dalai Lama is a stupid fool. You don't be a stupid fool like the ""  535 greedy, selfish, power hungry assholes ""  AMERICAN CONGRESSMEN below :

The problem with this reasoning is the fact that "the country" (US) encompasses about 310 million or so people while a mere 535 greedy, selfish, power hungry assholes make policy for the entire country, and do not taste this "brutal reality" that you speak of. Do you really suppose that the very politicians which ----ed this country up through disastrous monetary policies are going to knuckle down and do the right thing?

Do you suppose that I should just roll over and "take this bitter medicine"? Not very ----ing likely. End the Fed. Burn the tax code. No more foreign aid. No more jackassing around in the Middle East. A real easy solution to Social Security would be to stop stealing money from my ----ing paycheck and I'll stop worrying about not getting it back at a loss after you used it for free for forty ----ing years you thieving sons of @@@es. I am tired of the assumption that Americans do not want to face reality when the fact is we are not being properly represented by those in positions of power and authority in this globalist ponzi scheme.

Last minute "concessions" mean ----ed over Americans every time. Whatever they turn out will be a shameful excuse for leadership, let alone a satisfactory and fiscally sound policy regarding the debt ceiling. ... ption-and-deception

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Originally posted by Revolutionar at 2011-7-13 00:32
sans kong is not just without manhood, sans kong is also without comprehension. hahahahahaha

No, sansukong is ok I think. It's just that the party line he follows isn't for all of us, despite what may be expected. China demanding the US congress is like a baby demanding beer! China doesn't seem to have the ability to acknowledge that the US congress does as it wishes, whether, or not, China demands anything. The DL is one man., only one and I'd have thought that China has bigger problems to deal with. China'd be better to ignore all of the hoopla they give him, thereby negating ain't rocket science, it's politics!

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Reply #63 seneca's post

I strongly believe that a sewage rat has more self-respect and self-esteem than you

have. You are a pathological liar, a parasite and a coward. If you still possess some

self-esteem, you should have packed and leave for where you come from.

If you think you are good enough, then you should not stay put in China to

beg for a living! You have long over-stayed your welcome.

If Chairman Mao were to be a liar as you have insulted the Chinese by calling him that,

China today would still be under occupation by foreign powers. He was instrumental in

kicking out the foreign occupying powers from China!!!

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