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Vietnam-China sea spat escalation [Copy link] 中文

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Yes, Christians are honest, hard-working and peaceful people. If onlz others were the same...

Seneca, while you typing this words, did you feel ashamed????????? I believe you are from Australia, tell me about how the whites take control of the country? Maybe you can say, the aboriginal are the invaders, they should go back to UK........Wish the burglar ransack your home and beat you up and before they leave they tell you "I am Christian, i love peace but if..........."

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Stick to line please......

"Christians are honest, hard-working and peaceful people. If onlz others were the same..."

How many wars fought involving Christian recorded? And how many wars was the Christian as the invaders?

Thanks for teaching me english, you want me to teach you chinese?

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-6-11 00:00
Do the Chinese communists actually know where China stops and Vietnam begins?

Have the Tang maps been adapted to the new geopolitical situations since?

I noticed, on CCTV, the other day, that the Chinese boundaries border right next to VN and the Philippines, to name but a few. Now where's the justice in that. I'm sorry China, but I disagree with your myopic stance on this, all the while saying you want peaceful resolution but claiming the coastline, up to and almost including, other sovereign nations. Where, I must ask, with all fairness and no animosity, does China get off!

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China should take a proactive role in solving the South China Sea issue. The best solution based on

1)China gets Xisha Islands
2)China gets Macclesfield Bank while Philippines gets Scarborough Shoal.
3)China and Taiwan-province of China gives up claims to the Spratly Islands to the ASEAN.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-6-17 13:51

How many are taking place right now, with "Christians" being one of the parties involved???

How many Maoist murder campaigns have been waged over the past 70 years?

How many St ...

The Maoist - not a peaceful peoples same with the Jews

The Communist - I guess they are busy making tons of money rather than fighting

Stalin - Come on, give me a break. He is fcuking dead man

The Crusaders and the Colonist from Spain, Portugal, The Dutch and The British Empire - Aren't they all came from a country believe in Christianity? They use all kind of excuses to invade, to steal, to kill, to rape and a lot more. Are you denying these is all false????

Oh yeah that's the past.

Present time - War on terrorist :- Afghan, Iraq and now Libya

Another fcuking excuses to steal oil. Did Christianity teach them "if you can't get what you want, steal it in whatever means????? I am sure the answer is a big NO but these peoples who rule by them turn to a blind eyes and still support the system. Correct the way you behave before you start teaching lessons here. Respect is for you to earn. Don't talk bullsh**t

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Now about DOC deal

Any body know much about DOC deal between China and ASEAN. And know about attitude and longtitude

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Now about geographic

200 from LAND is belong what?
territory of whom?

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