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Vietnam-China sea spat escalation [Copy link] 中文

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It will be wise for both China & Vietnam to ignore the s_hit stirring but to sit down in a cool-headed manner
to negotiate an agreeable outcome.  Any kind of war will slow down or derail China’s development.  At the
same time, Vietnam suffered so much already & is equally foolish to engage in conflicts.

Before taking any drastic action, anticipate the dire consequences that may follow.
Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-6-12 11:28 AM

K a s h i ??? What's that? Where is it?

Its in T b t. Its the holy mountain for Indians just like Baekdu for Koreans

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@ 37

Kashi=Kaxi=Kashgar, China's westernmost city and starting point of the Karakorum highway which connects China with Pakistan. It has nothing to do with Kailash (Rinpoche).

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Yes, the white man is to blame for all disputes involving China, both within China and with its neighbors. Everyone can see that.

Honestly, what do they actually teach you at school? Are you people actually stupid enough to believe this childish propaganda? Grow up! Your internal and external disputes are your own business. Ma is right. China is only united through hatred today. It's a primitive tool which is bound to fail in the end - but it will create a lot of death and destruction in the meantime. And that will have nothing to do with those you choose to hate. China needs to find a new story, and fast. Unfortunately one Party states find the Us versus Them nationalism just too easy to exploit, so there's only one way this is ending. It's sad really, but the brainwashed are simply too brainwashed to see what is obvious to everyone else.

Here's hoping for a truly prosperous Chinese future where the real spirit of the Chinese people can flourish - not one centred on a primitive nationalism of hate.

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@ 43

  1. So, is Kashi a Chinese town, a Teabedan spot for pilgrims or a Tourkestani city with a rich Mouse lim culture?
Copy code

Yes, it's a Chinese town but not in Teabed (your word). It's also not in Turkey, which other name is Tourkestan (again your word) and also not in T urkmenistan (not your word).

Take a proper map and check it. Next time you pay more attention to what your geo teacher tells you or, if he doesn't know, let him know what a fool he is.

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