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theres not a whole lot we can do other than to take out as many gwailos as humanly possible when and if they invade.

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Originally posted by magnetic1974 at 2011-4-5 05:47
The US and its western allies France, and England are just like virus and disease and if you are weak they will attack you if you have no immunity against them..

Every civilized nation on the planet should teach their children these facts so that they do not become complacent.
No Virgin Girl in America

American can not live without SEX.

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there is so much china can do

in 5 year we are going to have more then 25 steath fighter. improve version of j20 base on the rate of improve tech in chinese military.
4 or 5 normal superspeed aircraft carrior both as for plane and missle i am thinking hello a wake up call to the world we are not to be mess with.

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Originally posted by NE_Tigress at 2011-3-28 22:20

You even had your a$$ kicked hard by the Vietnamese guerrillas and had 580,000 of your cannon fodders lost their lives there. You lost more than 4400 lives in Iraq and over 1000 already in Afg ...

Somebody didn't read any history. The entire Vietnam war was fought with arms tied up while still ending with a temporary accomplishment of goal for a truce between north and south.

Later aggression on either side after America has left wasn't America's fault.

Originally posted by expatter at 2011-3-28 22:52
After the PVA kicked the US out of N. Korea in just two weeks ..........

The US shipped 34 atomic bombs to S. Korea ............. laughed and said bring it on .........

China is too b ...

Right, the fact that UN forces were spread thin due to the fast advance into NK, along with a surprise attack by the Chinese totally wasn't a factor.

Originally posted by NE_Tigress at 2011-3-28 22:57

The Paper Tiger can only scare the weak and unprepared nations.

Right, in this case, the unprepared nations were UN. China attacked without declaring war.

Originally posted by expatter at 2011-3-28 23:22
Can almost count itself lucky in a funny sort of way ...........

The technological embargo against China means that China has had to invent ..........

First of all vast majorities of Chinese military hardware are not indigenous. Secondly, US was helping China develop the super-7 project, but in 1989, the tech embargo was placed for you know what reason.

Originally posted by expatter at 2011-3-29 01:11

Do you know how many people you Americans killed in Korea for politics ........... ?

Do y ...

It is called national interests. The soviets/communism were a real threat back then, and thus warranted intervention.

I would go on but its 4AM and I'm tired.

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China can protect itself. however. this does not mean that the axis of evil (usa, canada, australia, japan, south korea, europe) will not continue trying to make China the next Libya.

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As a member of the Axis of Evil...

...I can assure you that we are basically broke. We are not going to invade China with anything more than a few tourists. The only people talking about an invasion of China are some China Daily posters???  

However, it seems your government is more worried about its own citizens causing problems. As one poster said, China is so huge. So many people. If there are social networks and activists, who knows what could happen, especially in light of what is happening in the Middle East and in the past in your country?

But, are we, the Axis of Evil, responsible for activists in China? What would we gain if they succeeded like in the Middle East? A crippled giant of a country with huge economic impact on our Axis-of-Evil economies. A vast military cache of weapons which could end up anywhere. Massive illegal immigration that would swamp Asia and beyond. Yes, it is not middle-class Chinese who are trying for more say in government and less corruption, it is us, the Axis of Evil, who want to destroy our economies, endanger our security and swamp our societies with refugees (Sarcasm warning, for those learning English).


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