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how americans see chinese people? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by oldphart at 2011-1-25 18:40
I personally think that this particular post will only be made after being approved by countless Chinese government officials that want to make sure I don't make reference to a number of things that apparently are for
bidden,. ...


WOW, you must be surprised, huh?

damn commies!

Welcome to the forum, the US section is under siege from Islamic fundamental propagandists

could use some help here -- try reading a bit more
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Reply #27 mechanic's post

this guy, mechanic is a professionally paid islamic fundamental propagandist

he uses several screen names, including firstcause, mechanic, totothed0g, buddy35 and gotohell

he smears our forum with hateful racist crud in the hopes of inspiring mentally deranged young men to become 'freedom fighters' and terroise innocent civilians indiscriminately

A paid recruiter from Iran
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Wake up America

In his half-mandate speech (he has been President for 2 years of a 4 years mandate), the President of the USA told all Americans on television that China had the world fastest computer in the Village, that the USA were now behind China for money put in research in 2010, for high speed trains, for wind turbines. He told the USA people in front of their TV set (some probably astonished) that it was time for the USA to catch up on research, education, renewable energies, like Old European countries like Germany or France, and China, have done over the last years. And he said it was time parents take control of their children to teach them value of hard work.
His message was a call to all Americans to wake up and approve his priorities, and also a credit to the Chinese government objectives of the last few years. I think it was also a credit to the USA President to not repeat the old argument of cheap labour in China as an excuse for the USA employment issue. Wake up America.
The President also made one reproach to China, without naming it: until all opinions are free to be expressed in the media, for all to read, on paper or Internet, no American will choose to live in China versus living in China. And the rest of the world will wait for China to be proud of its achievements to-date and to move forward on the last hurdles to be recognized and loved by all in the Village.

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We are not all blind

As an American, I think most people here are concerned that the massive debt we owe to China will come back to bite us. People were taught not to think of saving but to spend like there was no tomorrow. Speaking for myself, I see the Chinese as good hard working people and are not to be tied to the former government of Chairman Mao. The same can be said for the people of Russia who had no determination over the government but were slaves to it.  China has been a country for thousands of years and the US only 235 so you have proven longevity.  

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America spends 500 billion on the military every year. as if the cold war never ended for us. we will be 14 trillion in debt, social security will be completely depleted by 2037. baby boomers are now starting to enter retirement. 47 out of 50 states are in debt and cannot balance their budget. the senate are thinking of letting states file for bankruptcy.
its not that easy, our govt cannot be trusted. because of TARP, we now have 5 banks control 50 percent of American banking business. small banks continue to die off while the big one's will only get bigger.
what obama is planning is spend spend spend. that mean QE3 QE4 QE5 etc.. America will not stop printing money.  
we also have the highest corporate tax in the world. how does that spur business investments. the ceo of intel said it cost 1 billion more to open a factory in the USA as opposed to other countries. I am thinking he's comparing to China.
America need to save, cut wasteful spending, start exporting hi tech, but it wont happen because democrats and republican can never agree and thats why our country is falling behind.

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I think they must see chinese has a nose and two eyes.

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Originally posted by oldphart at 2011-1-25 18:40
Hello, I'm an actual american with no travel experience in China or the orient.
I live in the Mojave desert of California and have met many people of many cultures because, afterall, this IS Calif ...

I think you are talking about the 1950s of China? Ttry to learn more  man ! You've be  wholly out !

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