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Cheese eating surrender monkey Europeans flocking to Mommy-US Dollar [Copy link] 中文

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Cheese eating surrender monkey Europeans flocking to Mommy-US Dollar

November 16th, 2010 by maxkeiser

MK: How sick and pathetic. Europeans, fearful that they might have to work for a living, are hoping to score some points with their colonial master America buy buying lots of US dollars. The PM vigilantes will turn your cowardice into Gold and Silver at great prices.

crash jp morgan buy silver

article from MAXKEISER.COM

I was just watching Max Keiser,
This guy pulls no punches and tells it how it really is in the Amerikan banking industry or should I say Mafia.

There are now moves by some of the U.S public who still have some money left to trade it in for useless paper money which will really irritate J.P Morgan.

J.P Morgan will soon be destroyed due to fraudulently ing securities  for silver that it does not possess.
Is J.P Morgan too big to fail?

Well let’s just see if it is, there is now an internet movement to make sure that J.P Morgan Mafia Bank crashes, due to it’s highly questionable practises.
If 100,000,000 U.S citizens buy 1 ounce of silver then it is bye bye J.P Morgan.

Another move that is being made is not to invest in gold unless you  physically own that gold as this is how the FIAT currency is backed up by fraudulent claims of a specified amount of gold when in reality there is maybe only 10% of the said quantity.

I don’t see a good outcome for the U.S citizens as the Federal Nazi U.S government will just open up those 600+ new concentration camps under control of F.E.M.A and anyone not compliant with the new laws that will be put in place will be processed as anti-Amerikan.

Sit back and watch.

JFK was assassinated just as he was about to put in place executive order 11110, giving the U.S a silver standard to replace fake paper monopoly money promissory notes.

Those same GANGSTERS will not think twice about rounding up citizens for proving the fraud, or maybe in their words financial terrorists! That will be the new name for anyone who purchases one ounce or more of silver purely because the banks don’t have that said resource to back up the purchase of the said resource.

Oh by the way just after the sh!t has hit the fan expect the internet to go down due to people putting in the citizens executive orders against the Gangster corporations.

Also they may bring forward the false flag alien invasion that they have in the back of the cabinet so expect a pandemic haemorrhagic fever type of virus which is to be tagged with some of the man made swine/bird/human flu virus. So don’t accept any W.H.O immunisations for any such outbrake as W.H.O are part of the organisation that manufacture these viruses. All products of the ZIONIST thinktank courtesy of  Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger for the placement of a Zionist controlled world and a global corporatocrasy.

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I still don't get it......what does this have to do with France in special?
Patria est ubicunque bene/Obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit

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