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Blaming China is of paranoia: Time Magazine [Copy link] 中文

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oh yes indeed funny...

just how funny ev'ryone's lookin at china these days  

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Originally posted by Baiquen at 2010-11-3 21:32
Well education doesn't need to mean university. In Australian more places were promised for TAFE (like university except for useful practical skills) and apprenticeships as an education overhaul. O ...

The manufacturing industry as we knew it is gone.  I don't think we can get it back.  Moreover, the same will happen in china eventually.  People will demand more and more wages and they will price themselves out of the market.  What we need now is some creative problem solving.  I wish I had the answers.

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"My way or Guantanamo Bay"

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Originally posted by Baiquen at 2010-11-3 21:48

>implying manufacturing is all low skills based

Who said anything about getting those terrible low paid jobs back? The idea is to promote high skilled technical manufacturing jobs. This c ...

They weren't so 'low paid' here.  Not if you were in a union and had been there for some time.  My nephew just recently lost his job.  He's been there for almost 15 years and was making decent money.  To add insult to injury, his wife just left him with the kids.  He never graduated high school.  I'm worried about him.

But yeah, I agree with moving towards high skilled technical manufacturing.  I'm telling you, alternative energy is the industry we need to invest in.

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It is your place to labor in the sight of the Emperor of Mankind.
Serve the Emperor!

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Be specific. US lost what jobs to China???????

China did not take jobs from US.   The jobs taken away are from Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, etc.

All those jobs were outsourced to these low-income countries, or ex-low income countries.  But a LOW-rising China took these jobs because Chinese labour is cheaper than all these low-income countries.

US has itself to blame for the jobs lost

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Blaming China

I think the story is a lot more complicated the pundits of the media and the idiotic fools that have been running for office care to understand.

China is pleased to get any help available.

That big corporations have out-sourced jobs should be of no surprise to anyone, They are driven by their bottom-line not social and moral ethos. If the textile mills went to China it was because competition from the cheaper prices of the first to out-source their labor forced the rest of them to do the same. Before China, it was Japan that saw manufacturing companies move out of the US -- it was supported, in part, by ideology, the intelligentsia wanted to rebuild Japan into an interdependent capitalist society that would find another way to accumulate its resources rather than by force. The same was true with the Philippines -- long before most everyone's time on these boards. Then Taiwan, Indonesia and now China and others.

The attitude of the idealists who made it easy for big corporations to out-source and thereby deliberately not regulate the kind of labor force or other political and social ethos, were interested in creating a global market and global interdependence on capitalist trade, presumably making these Nations more responsible and less dependent on taking their needs by force. In stark contrast was the lack of out-sourcing of jobs to Nations like Germany, which has always had a highly competent work-force which demanded parity for their efforts and could because they were already part of the global capitalist market.

The politicians and their media always have to have a bogey man. They don't bother to consider the history and the reasons.

The power brokers have conversely stuck to their plan all along, now that these out-sourced countries are all players in the big capitalist market place, they feel justified in forcing them to bend to the wills of their notions of social ethos, hence the HR bashing.

There was no concern over the jobs in the US with its already high standard of living, they reckoned education and technological distance would keep them viable. Then they discovered a plateau. It was a lot more complicated then they reckoned. So now they pull out all stops to bring the thing back into their control. But the lack of regulation and care in our system has led to one disaster after another.

Rather than explain all of this to the American people and actually create a viable plan, they have foundered in knee-jerk notions of creating new industries, letting the big corporate thieves and banksters with their schemes  them all a bunch of garbage. The politicians are really too stupid toget a handle on any of it and have resorted to cheap sound-bites of rhetoric driping in fear and loathing.

Obama's administration talked a big idea but had very poor follow-through, hamstrung by the garbage that has filled and choked the nation already for far too long.
The Brotherhood of Knights of the Mystic Sea

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