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Why do Westerners hate Muslims? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by ilearnabc at 2010-11-3 18:40
Do you know how many innocent Iraqi civilians were killed during the US invasion of yours?

Yes and I've condemned it from the start.  How does that relate?

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Inside Job

9/11 was an inside job.There were no planes.Watch 911 Taboo,September Clues,South Tower Anomalies
III,Theory of Ghostplane and other truth classics.

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Gotta have a bogey-man to keep fear alive and them in power safe
The Brotherhood of Knights of the Mystic Sea

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Analysing the Fiend

I once saw a documentary about crocodiles.The narrator mentioned that the crocodile's brain was smaller
than it's largest tooth.He also mentioned that because of this the croc behaves like a machine and in a
predictable fashion.Put anything between it's jaws and it will bring them together with awesome force.

The Fiend is rather like the croc both as regards to it's brain size and the predictable way she behaves.The
merest mention of Is lam sends here into a frenetic and bloody feeding frenzy.The old worn false arguments
and myths are trotted out for the millionth time.These threadbare illogical neocon mas are propagated
as gospel truth.The fiend also shares with the crocodile a stony armour plated exterior.Not the slightest
trace of humanity or compassion or tenderness.What kind of monster is turned on by cowardly drone
attacks on women and children ? What kind of monster approves of turning the Middle East into a sea of
trinititite or putting bullets into the heads of all the men ?

The fiend is also rather robot like.She is here every morning and every evening.ged and persistent.
Completely programmed and indoctrinated.No amount of logic and fact can penetrate her metallic cranium.
Endlessly blaring her employers' brutal litany of hate and venom,she is impervious to such trivial things as
the truth and decency and human rights.No deviation from the path of ziofascist feminazi orthodoxy.Sodomy
and gender role reversal and genocide and war on the poor is good.Tradition and culture and family are

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D o g

The syllable above has been deleted from the previous post.

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Originally posted by JFenix at 2010-11-3 16:36
I can't get past their attitudes towards women.

Since when are you qualified to talk about muslims?
You don't know a sh-t about Islam, you make no distinction between Islam in Persia, Arabian countries, Indonesia ...
By your ignorance, you stigmatise 23% of the world's population without trying to understand why they see you, the USA, as a threat. We actualy all see the US as a potential threat and it is deserved. The US foreign policy set the world in fire.
Despite the permanent mess done all around the world by US pharmaceutical, oil, agricultural, weaponry or financial lobbies/industries, despite the huge financial crisis and the stupid environmental policy Instigated by your country, you still not accept to be hated?
Well, it is maybe the time for introspection.
You "hate their attitude toward women"? Well, we all hate the attitude of the US toward the world.
Let me give you an exemple... Right now,  Monsanto and the US conduct dangerous genetic engineering trials in India which violate all the local democratic and ecological norms. It put in danger whole areas and their population. What do you expect to get in return? Love from India?
Bla bla bla... "I hate their attitude toward women".
Bloody 2 neurones Americans...

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You seem to be on a mission to denigrate Islam. There is no justification for your behavior and I don't want to argue with you about it anymore because there is nothing more to be said. I've said it all before and so have other people. People aren't buying what you are saying and you are making us Yankees look bad.  

fredius said:
Well, it is maybe the time for introspection.

I agree with that. You need to ask yourself why you are doing this. Is it to get a lot of responses and the attention that comes along with it?

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