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Should China apologize for poison dumpling? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by timbatu at 2010-3-29 21:17
China should sincerely apologize to Japan in this case.

It also helps business.

yeah,china took two years to investigate  the poison dumpling that's stupid.
china should apologize for the poisoning and to the innocent japanese(not including most japanese animal)
but what american and japanese did is always atrocious and disgusting. they launch the war to the poor country in order to rob resource and rape women.

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Originally posted by satsu_jin at 2010-3-31 20:43

Opinion on this board does not reflect opinion of the general public. I'm working with Chinese and Japanese people and even asked them to look at some threads on this board. Reaction - there  ...

they are AFRAID u cut them out from the contracts
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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the case compare with the War of Resistance against Japan , how do you feel ? and in the war, the Yaponchik test the toxic gas in Chinese....kao !

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Originally posted by expatter at 2010-4-1 02:59
I have found that this board is a meeting of left and right.

The left are wrong and the right are right.

End of story.

If you are a westerner and you agree with the Chinese system in any w ...

What also surprises me is the number of people who claim to be 'middle of the road'. On the middle of the road is a constant traffic jam and you can find people from Pol Pot to Le Pen, from Italy's Movimento Sociale to America's far right.

Many 'middle of the roaders' are stauch rightists who do neither tolerate other people's opinion nor do they ever partake in any useful discussion if they cannot control the outcome. It's all part of their democracy.

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Reply #55 swin_gggl's post

you always missed the CRITICAL causes.....
only the symptoms....
sorry for you, WAKE UP, don't make the same mistake....

The Japs, are design by their culture, to go crazy!
There's ZEN for you......
Resources block made them crazy....

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QUOTE: :"It's all part of their democracy."

Yes that word covers a whole basket of fruit and nuts.   

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Originally posted by emucentral at 2010-4-1 04:11

And those of us in the middle, who are neither left or right wing extremists, continue to be labelled as right wing by those fools of the left.


Thank you for confirming my point.

If you are on the left, then you are a ‘fool’, if you are on the right then you are in the middle and therefore, ‘correct.
Let us take a look at your ‘middle ground’.

Even though this is 2010 and China has made unbelievable change, which I am sure you would not deny, the conversation is still, the GLF, the CR, 1989 and the ‘so-called’ elite 60 million party members. Nothing China does in 2010 can ever move it away from this. Now I would call that right wing, not middle ground.

I would add that the political system in China in 2010 is by far the best government the Chinese have ever had, and was voted for through the deaths of millions who fought for it, and believed in it to make it happen. Your ‘so-called’ middle ground conveniently dismisses these men and women of extreme courage and valour.

Any singular incident in China is always seen as the direct work of the government, and any incident within a minority is seen as a guarantee of the disaffection of the whole of China, even though there are paid elements (plenty of proof available) within Chinese society to create these incidents. And no, I am not referring to singular incidents which involve a border shooting.

The word communist still incites text book fear and hatred even though the west at one time became the partner of the hated Joe Stalin and thus created the post WWII scenario which led to the current Korean situation. The ‘middle ground’ would be the death of millions in Asia (Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos) and wholesale slaughter in an effort to rid the world of a political ideal. Not because there was a direct threat. In the same manner as the Christians slaughtered each other in the name of God. The ‘middle ground’ is the espousing of tolerance and fairness whilst spreading death to all who do not accept their values and concepts. Even in this modern world this ‘middle ground’ continues it slaughter of innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of freedom and justice. All Iraqis and all Afghans are considered as members of the fabled terrorist group which is so allusive to the best forces the west has.

Where do these righteous ‘middle ground’ people emanate from? They emanate from a culture which killed millions in their greed for land and resources. They emanate from a culture which wiped out millions in the name of God, spelt greed, they killed for fun and sport and wiped out whole populations for their own ends. In the modern world it just takes the word ‘sorry’ to put this right and that is the end of the matter. The ‘middle ground’ is a worship of self and concepts, and a loathing for anything not the same.

The ‘middle ground’ is the hundreds of white Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders etc., that I have met socially who pay lip service and human sentiment to PC and the word ‘sorry’ in public, yet casually share jokes about niggers, Abbos, Islanders, Indians or Pakistanis’. These same people share your sense of humour and love racist comedians as you do, and openly acknowledge their racism whilst in their own peer group. Esoterisky, was just such a guy, talking above love, justice, truth and sharing whilst underneath just another bigoted racist. Yet, in public the ‘middle way’ talk of the wonderful work and social programs and caring they are providing for their indigenous minorities, and I know these countries as I have lived in some of them.

A racism that is inbred and self-righteous.

That is the ‘middle ground’ that calls anyone who doesn’t follow their homicidal, hypocritical ideals, a fool.

So be it, but it sounds like ‘emu droppings’ to me.     

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