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Originally posted by liuyedao at 2010-3-28 18:57

Based on your logic, then why Australian treat the England Queen as a head of state?

I predict emucc will curse dirty words again, for this is too difficult for him to answer.

Or maybe h ...

I assume, no matter how many times he explains it to you, you won`t get it.

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Originally posted by Alex2010 at 2010-3-28 19:42
I assume, no matter how many times he explains it to you, you won`t get it.

Probably, for he continue to mumble on how a Pacific nation should be loyal to a European monarchy.

Worse, that is practiced even after the poor British orphans dumped by the Brits to Australian continent.

I still don't get it, is it a form of masochism?

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Reply #54 seneca's post

I don't know whether European nations are more 'diverse' than Chinese are; I do agree they are speaking in many more tongues than the Chinese do.

Apart from 56 different nationalities.

The Han Chinese all speak different "tongues".

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Reply #56 seneca's post

The Mongolians write in the Ui ghur script, the Uighurs have been ordered by the Party

I don't where you get your info and history.

China will be happy to leave it to Ui ghurs to choose what scripts they want.

As for Mongols, read

Chinese dialects.  Ask the Hainanese, Guangdongese, Shanghainese, Fujianese, Hubei-ese, etc.  whether they understand each other or not.

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These are only the dialects I know of or have experience with

And there are so many dialects that I have never heard of, or experienced with

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So the Mongolians in China keep their traditional scripts, unlike those in Mongolia who have to experiment with Soviet and Latin scripts.   And yet, Han-Chinese are accused of not keeping (?) the Mongolian language???

Writing systems
Main article: Mongolian writing systems
Mongolian has been written in a variety of alphabets. The traditional Mongolian script was adapted from Uyghur script probably at the very beginning of the 13th century and from that time underwent some minor disambiguations and supplementations. Between 1930 and 1932, a short-lived attempt was made to introduce the Latin script in the Mongolian state, and after a preparatory phase, the Mongolian Cyrillic script was declared mandatory by government decree. From 1991 to 1994, an attempt at reintroducing the traditional alphabet failed in the face of popular resistance.[87] In informal contexts of electronic text production, the use of the Latin alphabet is common.[88]

In the People's Republic of China, Mongolian is a co-official language with Mandarin Chinese in some regions, notably the entire Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The traditional alphabet has always been used there, although Cyrillic was considered briefly before the Sino-Soviet split.[89] There are two types of written Mongolian used in China: the traditional Mongolian script, which is official among Mongols nationwide, and the Clear script, used predominantly among Oirats in Xinjiang.[90]

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