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Respected sirs I wish to state that  the hooch tragedy which has killed more than 150 people in Gujarat recently, I want to draw your attention about the another aspect of  that accident, I want to remind you that as we all know very well that our state Gujarat is already on the hit list of terrorists and because of the liquor prohibition policy of our state govt. daily thousands of bottles in trucks of English liquor illegally made in our neighboring states  and are supplied to our state. and whole of this network is operated by liquor bootleggers and mafias who can fall in to the hands of terrorists at any time and terrorists can supply a lot of poisonous liquor and can kill a largest number of innocent people any time and this will be comparatively easy and effective way for them. So I want to request you to establish the responsibility that who will be sole responsible for the accident if it takes place. Because directly govt is only responsible to first implement the liquor prohi. policy then to allow mafias to smuggle liquor in to the state, the smuggling of liquor is not possible without the cooperation of  corrupt politicians and bureaucrats therefore I request you to accept my this request as a PIL and give the right directives to govt. so any major accident can be avoided. Respected sirs I am giving you some more aspects of this policy so please consider my that letter also a request to you which is as follows:-
Respected sirs ,please consider the following points in the aspect of relevancy of liquor prohibition policy of Gujarat and  direct the govt. to rethink over it.. [1] Though the liquor prohibition policy is there in force in Gujarat but three times more liquor is being sold here compare to any other state of India .[2]Local gujarat govt. justifies this policy by saying that because this is the Gandhi抯 Gujarat therefore we implemented  this policy here, on moral grounds. But today we have to think that who they are to say that Gujarat抯 Gandhi or Gandhi抯 Gujarat. Gandhi is the father of nation and whole nation is Gandhi抯. Gandhi struggled for whole India and he never said that he is for Gujarat or Gujarat is for him so today we have to think that Don抰 we put question mark on his thinking by saying Gandhi抯 Gujarat.? And after all finally we have to think that Gandhi never taught us the lesson to move on morality by crushing humanity .[3] Still there are so many people here in society who don抰  drink so they like and support this policy. So the time has come to explain them that due to this policy the crime and corruption and diseases our society gets, they also can be victim of these things because this policy does not give any thing except crime and corruption to the general public of the society. [4] The transaction of millions of rupees has been criminalized which money moves within the liquor mafia and corrupted officers and politicians only. If this policy is demolished the same money will come in the market to the businessmen and even youths will get a new field to earn and get employment .[5] on the name of country liquor which liquor is being made and being sold here, millions of people are drinking that is made by car battary抯  acid, detergent soaps water, saltpeter(anum) or ( FITKARI),and Gud(brown sugar).Now it can be understood that drinking such liquor can be how much harmful. This liquor causes the liver diseases, tuberculosis, and other so many skin diseases also.[6] This is the totally failed and unsuccessful policy which violates our religious and human rights because we hindus think we have the right to worship our god Kal bhairav but we cant do so because liquor is required to worship the same god .but we cant get liquor because of this Islamic policy is implemented on our heads.   
Respected sirs I wish to state that there are 5 crore people living in Gujarat state of India in which about thirty percent people consume liquor. Still the liquor prohibition policy is in force there. Due to this policy now you can imagine how a big number of people is consuming the poisonous liquor regularly and how big damage the society is bearing due to this policy,  we  tell the people that this is the policy which does not give anything to society but only crime corruption  and diseases. We request all the electronic and print media to understand the seriousness of this matter and give the coverage to us and our voice. But we are neglected everywhere. only because we have no big funds to advertise ourself . but hereby I would like to request you to remind you that the time when they neglect us really they don抰 neglect us but they neglect a large number of innocent people of Gujarat who are bearing the torture of this policy and are drinking poison with keeping mum because they don抰  know where to go and whom to ask for their help, at last finally we look at you with the hope of some help from you. But your ignorance to us and such policy of killing the innocents with slow poison will make us more nervous. Therefore once again we request you to reconsider our request and to do needful.                                      Respected sirs, I want to say one thing about the liquor prohibition policy of Gujarat, that due to this policy the general public of Gujarat does not get any benefit but if this policy is demolished, and due to that the government gets the revenue from liquor business, by that money government can give at least one kg sugar every month to every poor or middle class family in the state, so I wish to state that please ask the govt. on the liquor pro. Policy, assessing the relevancy and profit and losses to the society . Because today the time has come to tell the people that this policy does not give any thing except the crime, corruption and diseases, deaths of innocents  to the society. And only corrupted bureaucrats, politicians, and liquor mafias are enjoying this policy, Therefore we want your help in this regard.  Respected sirs once again I request you in public interest please accept my this letter as a PIL and do the needful but I request you to keep my name and my address secret to you only. because either party A sitting in power or party B sitting in  opposition, no one want to demolish this policy because this policy is like a cow giving milk to them, no matter who is having turn today either A or B, tomorrow will be the turn of both of them will not like that my voice should be heard by you and they may try to crush my approach to you, so please I request you again to keep secret my identity to you only. I will reach to you whenever you order me, thanking you yours faithfully: jitendra sharma 130/1559 karnavati apptts paras nagar sola road naranpura ahmedabad 63 ph.27414007 dt28/07/09               
Letter to c.j.of guj high court (copy to you)

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