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Is the Death Sentence wrong? [Copy link] 中文

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Plug and Play

When I talk about the hardcore savage criminals who deserve the death penalty

I am referring to the likes those men / women who kidnapped little Medeleine who was holidaying in Portugal with her parents.

Do you think her parents did it, as some newspapers reported?

Maybe, but never that as nothing is proven yet and little Medeleine is still not found.

Question is, what do you think happened to young Medeleine?

Is she dead?  Has she been murdered?

Or is she suffering, tortured and held as sex slave like those recently discovered cases of daughters, girls kept in dirty backyards and secret hideouts (hehe .... the gweilos are pretty creative it seems in inventing those secret hideouts and holes to keep their sex slaves) for 20 years, constantly raped and tortured by the captors without being discovered ?

Are you thinking of them, the victims? Or are you only concerned for their captors those bastards - whether they should be executed or not?

Tell me, tell us !

When asked what they least admired about the West, they replied
MORAL DECAY, PROMISCUITY and pornography which...

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Whampy Panky "The Executor"

How are you Panky?:)

How are your cats?

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All life has meaning and purpose

so to me it would be a waste to kill anyone. We can learn something from the most hardened individuals.

To study the mind of such people will gain insight to how and why people do and think what they do.

Such information can be useful to try to understand and address problems and prevent future harm.

(have nothing against a good butt kicking

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The most humane execution is with a Nitrogen mask.  The recipient actually feels euphoria in death as thebrain is starved of oxygen whereas death by hanging for example is medieval.

I was always against the death sentence not least because innocent people sometimes went to the
gallows but this is less likely now with DNA testing.

Human rights extremists will say that state murder in cold blood is wrong in a civilised society and makes
the state just as bad those who commit heinous crimes.

But you have to ask yourself first how you would feel if one of your own family were brutally murdered-
would you want an eye for an eye ?

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History has many.....

Originally posted by plugandplay at 2009-9-26 13:08
No - I have talked to my family members about such possibility.

They are all C hristians and none is in favor for the death penalty.

I am in favor to spent more money on

- better protectio ...

examples of God fearing people who were not afraid of ordering executions. Just take a look at your beloved Philippines or your also admired "free" system country; USA.

Actually cristians are the worst when it comes to executing the others!

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