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Should I leave the China Daily? Do you want me to go away? [Copy link] 中文

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wrs553 has at least three different accounts and identities in CD. He often pretends to be an American, although it is completely obvious that his English is terrible.

Also, wrs553 often makes obscene, dirty posts to girls, including bragging about making a Korean girl pregnant.

wrs553 is also know as "sammyd" and "ufo180," and "rustum." Because he is not a native English speaker, it is all too easy for me to identify each of his obscene, insulting personnas by his writing is always exactly the same--full of the same sentence forms and the same errors in English...always the same. He never progresses..

He is obviously immature and mentally diseased, and I am sure that everyone is weary of his ugly, obscene posts. Because of Chinese people, like him, I am coming to understand that CD is for Chinese people to practice Chinese among themselve and converse only about Chinese culture and topics, that native English speakers and people from other cultures are not welcome here.

If the Chinese people of CD want me to leave here--I WILL--then, wrs553, and all of his many false identities can take my place at giving insights into various love and relationship problems. I'm sure his insights would be more informative than mine.

I will discontinue on an English language website that I have been building for the China Daily people, that is specially designed to help Chinese learners of English, a site to help guide them in their learning.

Also, I had been writing many articles that are related to the various problems of living--everything from job dissatisfaction to how to develop confidence. Included would have been a lot of information on dealing with stress and anxiety, which many universtity students and career people are confronted with, everday.

I am sure that wrs553 will gladly take the time to take my place with that, too.

So, if all of you want me to leave, I will. Let me know!

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maple2626 has been deleted
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Please dont!!!

Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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I think

Staying or leaving is entirely up to you...not the long as you post your mssgs. with respect, nobody will ask you to leave. But putting on the shoulders of the other members of this forum your decission is not correct. You are, or should be, adult enough to decide alone. You were free to join, you are free to quit.

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I am also adult and free enough to give others the freedom to vote.

It is also a VERY important part of American culture not to stay where not wanted.That is something that President Bush is ignorant of, or he would get America out of Iraq, and he would resign the presidency!

Enjoy this freedom to vote, hehehe!

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Take it easy!

Hi, Blue Tiger

We can't live to the expectation of others. This is a forum free for people to share their experiences and ideas. There could be different views or even arguments. If you believe what you do is a contribution and is beneficial to some of the people here, be determined to go on. Do whatever you would like to accomplish. Stick to your principles as long as they harm nobody.

In addition, this forum could be a place for cultural exchange. People from different places are welcome to join. It is through the interaction with other people that forum users get insight, widen and broaden their perspectives. This is what it really counts.

Take it easy. We can't block the mouths of others. People can judge themselves what are right and what are wrong. As long as you have built up friendship with some of the people here, it's good enough. Pay no attention to other noises; don't bother too much.

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hi, stay here!

Hi, blue tiger:
         The greatest of all avenues to learning____to wisdom, adventure, pleasure, insight, to understanding human nature, understanding ourselves and our world and our world and our place in it------is in reading your posts, i think!   hehehehehhehe,^_^

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Hi, blue tiger
  If you ask me what I think of your posts I will answer they are excellent! To tell the truth, you and a few other good posters do make this forum attractive by giving your constructive and creative and impressive and diversitive minds. Though you meet some controversy I am sure you can always fell the great comment and kind support from a lot of posters including me. Also I am sure you got a lot a blessing for you and your fiancée from a lot of posters and a big amount of them are Chinese. Never doubt that you are really a super-star in this forum who is a smart American and who always has goodwill and goodness to china and Chinese people. If you leave this forum, it will be a huge loss.

I believe most of Chinese people get a very good impression of America and Americans due to your personality and character and view of life that presented in your posts. They can realize that a common American is far different from his government (many Chinese have a veiled word to American government just like many Americans do). They can see an average American dare allege he dislikes his government even in a street, which is embodiment of democracy. Also, they know that many Americans are peace-loving just like you.

  There are always all kinds of people all over the world so it is not obvious that a few Chinese dislike your advices to Chinese guys on how to cultivate a good sanitation habit (such as teeth washing) and they are too sensitive to a criticizing (such as they have narrow minds) from a foreigner instead of realizing they should change their shortcomings and choose a healthier way of living. Also, some of your compatriots and some other foreigners argue against you, this is very normal.

My suggestion is don’t take some posts too seriously. You get some oppose and you may just take it easy, you can think they are just jealous or narrow-minded. You can sing a Eminem’s rap song named “without me” to yourself “this is like…, so everybody just follow me, because we need a little controversy, it feels so empty, without me…”.

You can create your own website called Chinese girls and Chinese boys, as your major is psychology you can help a lot young people dealing with their problems such as how to find their Mr. Right and how to be self-confidant etc., so the atmosphere will be quite different from

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