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Katrina's Hidden Race War [Copy link] 中文

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Katrina’s Hidden Race War

A shocking report in The Nation magazine exposes how white vigilante groups patrolled the streets of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, shooting at least eleven African American men.

While most of New Orleans was deluged in the wake of Katrina, word spread that Algiers Point was dry. The National Guard designated the Algiers Point ferry landing an official evacuation site, where flood victims were to be loaded onto busses headed for safety in Texas. Facing an influx of refugees, a group of heavily armed white residents sought to seal the area and to rid the neighborhood of “those who didn’t belong.” As the government collapsed, the city fractured along racial lines.  Algiers Point is largely white, while the rest of Algiers is predominantly black. Desperate people began heading toward the west bank, some walking over bridges, others traveling by boat.

While the media portrayed African Americans as looters and thugs, it is now clear that the most serious crimes were committed by gun-toting white males. Militia member Vinnie Rervel says he lost his Ford van in a carjacking the day after Katrina made landfall, when an African -American man attacked him with a hammer. Vowing to prevent further robberies, Pervel and his neighbors began amassing an arsenal. “For a day and a half we were running around getting guns,” he says. “We got about forty.”

Nathan Roper, another vigilante, says he was unhappy that outsiders were disturbing his corner of New Orleans and that he was annoyed by the National Guard’s decision to use the Algiers Point ferry landing as an evacuation zone. “I’m telling you, it was forty, fifty people at a time getting off these boats,” says Roper. The militia, according to Roper, was armed with handguns, rifles and shotguns.  “There was a few people who got shot around here,” said Roper. “I know of at least three people who got shot. I know one was dead ’cause he was on the side of the road.”

While white vigilantes killed an estimated total of eleven African American victims, local police have never conducted investigations.  So far, the crimes have gone unpunished.

Neither has there been any investigation on the matter of the charred remains found in a burned out car a week after Katrina hit.  Inside the scorched sedan, scattered across the back seat, were ashes, charred bone and clumps of burned flesh. Eventually, the remains were taken to a temporary morgue in the tiny St. Gabriel.

Relatives of the deceased (later identified as Henry Glover) claim the police allowed him to die and burned the car and his remains; the New Orleans Parish coroner has ruled the death “unclassified.”
According to witnesses, Glover was walking in the Algiers section of New Orleans when he was shot. When the two men tried to seek medical help for Glover, they were taken into police custody instead, where they were repeatedly beaten and berated.

While Glover bled to death in the back seat of the car, the officers did nothing to try to save him.  When the officers finally decided to free the men who had tried to save Glover, they held on to the car.  One witness recalls an officer saying, “The car is in police custody.”

Three days after Hurricane Katrina crashed into New Orleans, Donnell Herrington, who is African American, was shot with a shotgun. “I just hit the ground. I didn’t even know what happened,” recalls Herrington.

When two white men drove by, Herrington begged them for help. “I said, Help me, help me—I’m shot,” he recalls. According to Herrington, the response was hostile. One of the men told Herrington, “Get away from this truck, nigger. We’re not gonna help you. We’re liable to kill you ourselves.” After collapsing on his neighbors’ front porch, Herrington was finally taken to the hospital. Returning to New Orleans months later, Herrington learned there had been no police report documenting the attack.

Democracy Now! footage shows that dead bodies were left, sometimes for weeks, to rot in full view of Homeland Security, State troopers, Army personnel, private security guards, and police who “secured” the streets of New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina.

One reporter notes, “I was startled to meet so many people with so much detailed information about potentially serious offenses, none of whom had ever been interviewed by police investigators.”

Democracy Now! December 19, 2008
Title: “Katrina’s Hidden Race War: In Aftermath of Storm, White Vigilante Groups Shot 11 African Americans in New Orleans”
the anglos are rsponsible for ...

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If Allah wanted Katrina to desolate your homeland of sand, it would have -- but no worries, propagandist of the Islamic Revolution, there is nothing in your homeland worthy of further devastation, your forebears made certain of that, dream-on as so far your vision is only that of self-destruction, loser!

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Three cops convicted in Katrina shooting cover-up

Three cops convicted in Katrina shooting cover-up--AFP

WASHINGTON — A US federal jury convicted three current and former New Orleans police officers for shooting and burning a man in the post-Hurricane Katrina chaos.

Two other cops were acquitted at the end of the month-long trial. Jurors deliberated for three days before returning their verdict.
US Attorney Jim Letten hailed the split verdicts as a victory for prosecutors.

"Today's verdicts send a powerful message that no one is above the law, and that those who are sworn to protect our citizens are never, under any circumstances, relieved of their sacred responsibilities under our constitution," he said in a statement.

"Today is an important step forward for the courageous Glover family and the people of New Orleans, and an important move toward the city's healing and rebuilding."

The jury found former police officer David Warren guilty of a civil rights violation, resulting in death, for the September 2, 2005 shooting of Henry Glover. He faces a possible life sentence for that crime and up to 15 years behind bars for using a firearm during the killing.

During the trial, prosecutors said Warren shot the 31-year-old in the back from a police station's balcony.

After the shooting, Glover's brother and a friend flagged down a passing motorist, who took the wounded man to a makeshift police station seeking help.

But instead, police allegedly surrounded the men at gunpoint, handcuffed them and left Glover to die in the backseat of the car.

Current officer Greg McRae then drove off with the car and burned the vehicle with Glover's body inside using a traffic flare.

The jury found McRae guilty on two counts of civil rights violations. One count charged that he willfully used fire to destroy a civilian's property by burning and destroying Tanner's car, while the other said he willfully deprived Glover's family members of their right to seek legal redress for his death.

McRae was further convicted on one count of obstruction of justice and one count of using fire in the commission of a felony. He faces a 50-year prison sentence.

Lieutenant Dwayne Scheuermann, who faced the same charges, was acquitted on all counts. Lieutenant Robert Italiano was acquitted on charges of making false statements.

The jury also convicted Lieutenant Travis McCabe for obstructing justice by writing and submitting a false report about the shooting, for lying to the FBI and lying to a federal grand jury that investigated Glover's death. He faces up to 30 years behind bars.

"Instead of upholding their oath to protect and serve the people of New Orleans in the days after Hurricane Katrina, these officers violated the law and the public trust," said Thomas Perez, assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division.

"And while some officers broke through the thin blue line and told the truth under oath, others were rightly convicted for obstructing justice. Today's verdict brought a measure of justice to the Glover family and to the entire city."

Earlier this year, six police officers pleaded guilty to killing two innocent people -- a 17-year-old boy and a 40-year-old mentally ill man who was shot in the back -- on September 4, 2005.

The high-profile shootings on the Danzinger Bridge, which also left four others seriously wounded, became a flash point for frustrations over the inept handling of the chaos and violence which enveloped the city six days after the deadly storm flooded nearly 80 percent of New Orleans.

The incident also brought the New Orleans police department's troubled history of corruption, racism and abuse to the national stage.

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Yes, I know this long ago. There is a news black out in the US.

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Reply to kowalski's post #10

It's incredible that the police would shoot the man and let him die like that. I wonder, is there any reason given for them doing it? People generally take it for granted that in an emergency situation like this the police are there to help them. It's a bad situation if the people can't trust the police.

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Originally posted by kyosan at 2010-12-11 15:19
It's incredible that the police would shoot the man and let him die like that. I wonder, is there any reason given for them doing it? People generally take it for granted that in an emergency situa ...

New Orleans has a bad history of bad cops. What these men did deserves the full force of the law and quite a few more are awaiting trial even now.

What makes human beings become worse than animals when natural disasters strike, I honestly do not know. I look at history and it is full of such ugly incidents (inex. the Minoans, the crew of the Oceanos, stealing from or hijacking food shipments to starving people, and so on......).

It seems that all it takes is some adversity, added to ignorance and fear, to make the majority of humans lose their humanity.

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Glod Medal

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Sorry but you had to be there......Not just cut and paste 7000 pages...

New Orleans is a place where The White People call Afro Americans, Niggers, They always have and I'm  afraid they always will....
Never Let Anyone Outside The Family Know What You're Thinking.

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